Importance of Mehendi In Indian Weddings and Top Bridal Mehendi Designs For Feet

Significance of Mehendi in Indian Wedding Mehendi has great significance in Indian culture; it is an auspicious tradition and is prevalent across all Inidan regions. Some of the popular beliefs are: It is believed to be a symbol of fertility There is an age old saying that the darker the mehendi the deeper is the […]

Top Colourful Pakistani Henna Designs

Pakistani Henna designs have a distinctive style. They are elaborate and highly decorative, covering most of the skin on the palm, the back of the hand and sometimes even beyond that. Wedding functions andEid are incomplete without these lovely designs that adorn the hands and feet of Pakistani women. Pakistani Henna Designs Bright Red Bridal […]

Top Hairstyles For Indian Brides With Long Hair

Bridal hairstyles can be as simple and as elaborate as you can imagine. Upcoming and established hairstylists today, continue to come up with new ideas and ways to make the bride’s hair unique, appealing and comfortable all at the same time. With so many options available, it can be a little tricky to make the […]

10 Off-Beat Bridal Colours To Try This Wedding Season

Why Go for Unique Bridal Colours ? Be it vibrant red, rich gold, lush green or even calm white, the bridal colors of most culture has remained almost unchanged through decades. It is even more so in India, where colors are often associated with significant symbolizations. But times are changing and brides are now going […]

Top 5 Beautiful Indian Bridal Headpieces

An essential component of the splendid Indian bridal wear is ornamentation. In almost every region of the country, the bride is adorned with heavy gold and precious stone jewellery. And when it comes to jewellery, the elaborate head pieces are perhaps one of the most striking features in bridal look. Thus, it is not surprising […]