High Neck Designs For Indian Wear

High-neck designs in Indian wear have started to become highly popular since a couple of seasons. With more and more designers incorporating these styles in their collections, high-necks are turning into a wardrobe classic for men and women alike. The best example of the high-neck being so versatile was Manish Malhotra’s “Portraits” that was showcased […]

10 Corporate Wardrobe Essentials For Women

Corporate wardrobe essentials for Indian women ’90 percent of people will form an opinion about you within the first 10 to 40 seconds of meeting you’, says wardrobe consultant Jules Standish. The clothes we wear subconsciously tell people if we are one of them or if we are different, whether they should listen or ignore […]

Tattoos during Pregnancy – The Risks involved

The nine months of pregnancy is a special and emotional journey that all moms-to-be would want to commemorate and remember. Some capture these moments through photographs, paintings or writings, while some like to get their skin inked with a special tattoo. Getting a permanent tattoo is indeed a unique and somehow, beautiful way to celebrate […]

Finger Tattoos – A subtle Statement

Hands and fingers are one of the first things that people notice about you. Thus, not quite surprisingly finger tattoos have become extremely popular. Compared to other tattoo designs, these are smaller and delicate but they sure pack a punch. Ask any tattoo lover, he/she will tell you that finger tattoos provide the finishing touch […]

Inner Lip Tattoos – The Latest Tattoo Trend

The tattoo craze gained new heights when Miley Cyrus instagrammed a picture of her ‘crying kitty’ inner lip tattoo back in March 2014. You can rub it off as another fad but a lot of people out there are getting their inner lips inked. And if you’re planning on getting one yourself, it’s a good […]

All About Punjabi Brides : Trends In Jewellery, Outfits and Makeup

Punjabis are known for their forward thinking and fun loving nature. Their weddings are very much looked forward to as they are filled with so much fun. They have an legacy of setting trends with fashion and style. Punjabi brides look extremely beautiful on their wedding day, wearing their trousseau and beautiful jewelry. Here is […]