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Christmas Makeup And Hair Ideas!!

Christmas Makeup And Hair Ideas!!

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Hey Fashionistas! Christmas is on its way. What we adore about the festival apart from the decorations, cakes and wines galore, is that one could dress up in the most fashionable way and wear the best makeup and hair too. So it’s time to get ready for the parties. Did you decide what dress will you wear? What make up you will put and what hairstyle you will make? Are you confused about your Christmas party look? Don’t you worry, we are here to help!!

We’ve got some hair and makeup ideas that will help you get ready for the Christmas parties. So, take a look at some of the most stylish, elegant and very easy Christmas makeup and Hair- do ideas we have for you. Go ahead and dress yourself up as a diva for the many parties or gatherings, you have been called for. These will match any outfit that you plan to wear.

So girls it’s time to party, to grab eyeballs and make the heads turn.


We have some fantastic ideas for you this Christmas to give that flawless and fabulous look. You are determined to make a mark with these ideas and rock this Christmas for sure.

Classic Red Lip

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The red lips is a classic and a perfect Christmas & party look. Attend the Christmas party looking all glamourous with bright red lips. When paired with an elegant evening gown, the look is at once sophisticated and gorgeous. 

Festive Metallics

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Metallic eyes are big news this season. One of the trendiest makeup looks it will go well for the Christmas soiree. It not only makes eyes look trendy but absolutely fabulous and breathtakingly gorgeous. Worn with a berry lip, the overall effect is soft and charming. For metallic look you can go for shades of copper, bronze, gold, silver.

Glitter Hint

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Nothing says party more than a sprinkling of glitter! But if you’re worried about wearing glitter, incorporating a small amount under the eyes might be for you. A subtle touch of glitter would work wonders on the eyes, and with nude lips they make a lethal combo for the Christmas party.

Au- Natural

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Like us if you heart nude make up then this look is for you. Go minimalist. Keep the look natural and nude. This look is perfect for the midnight mass and the Christmas lunch gathering!

Smokey Eye and Nude Lip Look

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If you want a sultry look that lasts all night, try an intense black smokey eye with perfectly groomed brows and a matte complexion. We love the intensity of a smokey black eye. Just be sure to keep lips nude!

Sultry Cat Eye
Sometimes the simplest option is exactly what you need. If you want a look that’s perfect for any outfit, any party, this pretty cat eye is the way to go.

Gothic Glamour

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Bold lips and heavy eye makeup is no longer a no-no. The too-much-makeup-look is the thing this winter. So try out this look for your next Christmas party. Go for smokey eyes and for the lips choose dark red wines, plums and magentas. Make sure to keep it matte to balance out the whole look.


Festive Christmas hairstyles are a great way to pull together all of the luxe and glamour of the holiday season. A gorgeous hairstyle will add the wow factor to your Christmas party look. You hairstyle needn’t mean hours of effort, these semi-simple all styles have the elegance without the fuss. Short or long, thick or fine, whatever be your hair type, these looks will provide you some inspirations for the festivities.

Get Wavy

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The stunning wavy hairstyles earned their popularity for their amorous look and shape. Sexy siren waves are a classic party look. Go for a low side parting and sweep your hair over one shoulder. It will make an absolutely ultra-seductive look for any woman this Christmas.

The wrapped Bun

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Buns are in trend this season. A sleek bun looks uber-polished. Use straightening irons to get your hair sleek and shiny. Pin half of your ponytail into a bun and with the remaining sections, wrap them around it in the opposite directions. Just adjust your final hair with some exquisite accessories like diamond pin or embellished net. They will definitely make an appropriate appearance for you this Christmas.

The Half Up Hair do

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Half up Christmas hairstyles are a feminine way to wear your tresses. A hair clip can be used to hold back the sides of your style while adding desirable crown lift. Wearing your hair slightly secured will keep your tresses chic on the go during the winter. As its Christmas, go glitzy on the clips to show off a party from the back.

The Messy Bun

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Here is perhaps one of the best and cutest hairstyles for a Christmas party. This chic updo is the perfect amount of holiday festive and romantic. The hair is tousled and shaped into an airy bun with a messy feel. Add some sparkle to your hair this Christmas by adding some jeweled pins into the messy bun

The Fishtail Braid

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Loose, messy, and chic- fishtail braids will never go out of style. These simple and easy-to-make braided hairstyles make you look instantly trendy, stylish and gorgeous this Christmas. These braids are one of this season’s chicest ways to work an updo.

Pony Tails

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Ponytails are one of the few hairstyles that are appropriate for every occasion, even during Christmas. Preferably worn with a side parting for a softer look and some gentle teasing at the crown, a simple ponytail can be the perfect look for a night out. It will stay in place so you can enjoy your night without worrying about your locks.

Top Knot

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Lastly the top Knots. They are this season’s hottest party hairstyle. The classic high bun look is back and fashionistas you can sport this elegant hairdo for this year’s Christmas party with utter élan.

All the beautiful ladies, we hope that with these makeup and hair-do ideas, you’ll look party-pretty in no time. So get into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the festivities!!

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