How many times do you look at those dresses in your wardrobe and not wear them? Not even give them away? There is this strange emotional attachment that we tend to feel towards our clothes. And blame it on the ever-changing fashion trends, you just can’t afford to be seen in at least a few of them. Not because they look bad or too worn out. But may be because they are just too old school now. Or may be it is, after all, a combination of all these reasons. One option is that you can start wearing them at home and wait till they become the next rags. Or, you could be a little smarter and give them a whole makeover.


Don’t worry. It needs no rocket-scientist to be able to do that. Just use a bit of uniqueness, a tad of creative exercise and lots of patience to get the desired results. Let’s get started.


Remember that fashion never stops coming back. So, wearing your oldies in a new avatar might actually be a whole new trendsetting experience.

Turn To Some Latest Runway Inspiration


A designer print, an artistic detail, new ways of tying a bow or even new make-up trends can lead to highly creative ideas. Browse through the latest collections and launches so that you get a good idea of what will definitely work or what would be easy to incorporate in your old clothes to give them the latest feel.

Blend Two Different Styles

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Rough and delicate, luxurious and roguish, classic and contemporary. Have fun with the weirdest fashion combinations. A lace detail over denims and pearl details on Boho PJs work for a reason. The reason is the fearless flow of individual style.

Get Your Hands On The Most Unconventional Embellishments


Ever thought safety pins, feathers and plastic capsules could make a fashion statement? Well, they do! Ditch the conventional glitter and turn to something more interesting. After all, it’s about redesign, rework, revival. It is about refashion.


Sometimes, it so happens that a brand new piece of clothing gets damaged. Ouch! Don’t worry, you can still wear it, flaunt it and be sure that you are the only one to own that design. How? Recycle them. A twist here, a knot there, some bows and pearls. After all, Cinderella had turned her mother’s faded dress into a gorgeous ball-gown once!

Hide Stains With Embellishments
Sew buttons or beads over hard to remove stains. Clever and easy.


Make a tear look as if the designer did it
Turn it, twist it, braid it. Or hold it together with another accessory.

Rips Are Classic, In Their Rugged Old Way

That’s ripped jeans are turning more expensive. Why not grab the old ones instead and rip them at home? You could also refashion an accidental tear this way. Even in case of T-shirts.

If A Design Has Faded Or A Print Disappeared, Grab Some Fabric Paints


Creativity and artistic detail. Remember? And it could be just anything abstract too. The idea is to be appealing and as if the new design was the original one.

Lace And Tassels Can Fix Every Slit


And they are easier to attach, mess-free and can be very durable. You can also match them according to the way you are styling a particular outfit.


And don’t forget these hacks that will come handy in most unfortunate situations. Good luck.
Check if the fabric is strong enough to hold your DIY experiment


If the clothes are too old, the fabric could have weakened. So, check for tears and tolerance before starting to work on it.

Ensure That You Have The Idea Well Planned


Sketches do help. Even if you’re not comfortable with fashion croquis, you can at least have a layout before you to make things easier.

Keep A Box Of DIY Tools Handy


This helps in quick and easy fixes. Also, if the required tools are within easy reach, they tend to inspire you more often. You would be less likely to postpone an idea if everything is right in front of you, ready to be assembled.

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