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Top Designer Handbags That never go Out of Fashion

Top Designer Handbags That never go Out of Fashion

Latest Trends in Handbags

Be it box style handbags in pop/ metallic colors, all-time favorite embellished ones or much formal neutral colored leather handbags for 9 to 6 look, it is all about making the right style statement. Handbag is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. It is most important that you have one in the right color. A special advice for all the ladies- you should always “invest” in a good handbag, even if you are just wearing a plain T-shirt with denims, a super smart handbag can be a game changer with regards to defining your style.

Latest colors in Handbags

Fashionable Handbags

Trends change fast. Style is synonymous to a person’s personality. People are paying much attention to season’s trends when it comes to signature styling and mix-match. With a wide range of bags flooding the market in varied colors, designs & pricing, it becomes a difficult to make a choice.
So, we bring to you what’s OH SO HOT!! This season in handbag colors to make your choice easier and tell you what are the must haves.

Work wise neutrals

Work wise neutrals
Chocolate browns, charcoal blacks, greys, all-time hit beige. At office, a chic leather tote in any of the above formal colors is versatile that can hold your iPad, phone, cash etc. In case you’re going out after work, don’t forget to keep a compact matching clutch inside at all times. And we completely admire the phrase ‘Work hard, Party Harder’!!


Sun is what we miss throughout the cold season! So, in order to have some sunshine around the corner this chilling weather, the designers suggest having at least one of these stunning and quirky neon handbags. So before surrendering to this trend, it becomes very important to keep in mind, to be careful when creating combinations. Neon’s should be matched with the same colored garments. Forget-me-not Tip: Don’t make a mistake of overdoing the look with all the elements of your dress up in neons. The key is balance. So, take them on lady…..YOU deserve to be the center of attention! This is one trend that is here to stay, and will brighten your mood up looking at the bright color adding life to your wardrobe. So invest wisely!

The Timeless Whites

White handbags
White is timeless classic, and this rule applies even for handbags. It is totally acceptable to wear white any time, no matter which month of the year. We will tell you, why you should own your own priceless one? A woman with a white handbag looks innately luxurious in the same way like a lady wearing a solitaire. It’s an undeniably elegant look for those who put in that little extra effort to carry it nicely. Adorn white in style coz it defines class. So go ahead, be a Spotless Beauty!

Color Block

If you already have a neutral bag in your closet, you need a fun color too. You can’t go wrong with this style, adding a single bold color.Pair these solid colors with basic neutral outfits in greys, beige, blacks or whites or just mix it up with complementing bright hues. It’s a perfect way to sneak in some flair in an otherwise plain dressing.
No “match-me-right” rules apply with color-blocking, so you can coordinate it with any of your outfit.

Pastel Perfect

Washed out pastel hues are the new neutrals when it comes to handbags this season. Work a blush-pink, powder-blue, or minty aqua green one onto your outfit, whether it’s an envelope clutch, roomy satchel, or a tote bag. Feminine handbag adds an element of casual elegance to any outfit be it versatile jeans-tee or high waist skirt -crop top or a dress.


Many national & international brands have started adorning handbags with colorful metallic finishes and creating an overall impression of having a mini treasure chest! Grab in your favorite color & mix it with contrast color dress or a neutral color, because heavy metal works with everything.

Its Black, Its White!

Black and White handbags
How can we skip the eternal black and white here? It’s a fashion trend that never ever surrenders its place to any other trend. It forms another league no matter how many of them come and go down the fashion cycle. This is a forever trend because of it being versatile. B&W play creates is an ideal accessory for both formal and casual options depending upon how it’s being carried.

What makes handbags especially spectacular and noteworthy is that they play a major role in the formation of the whole look as such. And hence its color can largely be a head-turning factor. So VOILA!! Now you can paint the town not just in red but in any color that you want.

Look good, feel good,because you are your very own damsel diva!!

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