Difference Between Green Apple and Red Apple And Its Health Benifits

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Red is the color associated with urge of hunger in our brain. Psychology says we feel hungrier after watching red color, which is why major food brand paint their billboards and containers in red. This theory also works while we pick fruits; red apple sale is more than green apples sale. However, green apples have higher nutritious value in them.

GREEN APPLES and RED APPLES the Difference between

Well to start with, green apples are green and red apples are red in color, but this is not where the list ends.

  1. Green apples have high fiber contents than red apples, which is good for our health
  2. Green apples or Red apples for weight loss: If you are on diet and eating apples, you better choose green ones as they have lower cholesterol level
  3. Green apples are rich in anti oxidant than the red ones
  4. Green apples are helpful in stomach related problems than red ones. Green apples help in constipation because of their high fiber contents and helps in increasing appetite
  5. Uses and Benefits of green apples are many vs. red apples
  6. you can get apple juice from red apples and eat them as table apples. However, you can use green apples for cooking, that is also why they are called cooking apples. Green apples are used to make wine from them. Yummy apple ciders are made from green apples
  8. Green apple nutritional benefits: Due to low cholesterol level, green apples are good for those with blood pressure problem. Green apples help in maintaining blood sugar and reduce blood pressure
  9. Consuming one green apples can make you feel energized when you are starving due to carbohydrates in them
  10. Green apples help in preventing you from many diseases. If you prefer green apples, chances for colon cancer and liver problems are lesser for you. Chances of skin diseases are likely less to happen to you if you eat green apples
  11. Green apples help in purifying blood because of trace minerals found in them. Minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium etc helps in meeting bodily needs for minerals. Green apples are also rich in vitamins. Presence of vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 etc in green apples helps in meeting body needs related to vitamins
  12. Anti oxidant present in green apples reduces the risk of cancer
  13. Chances of having Asthma are also reduced due to high antioxidant property of green apples
  14. Diabetic patients should prefer green apples as they help in maintaining insulin level
  15. Green apples are sour and acidic which is why they are preferred for cooking to balance the sugar. If you like, less sweet then green apples are the best. A variety of cooking apples are easily available in the market to suit your cooking and taste
  16. Apple ciders made from green apples helps in cooking. You can balance the sweet taste of any desert with green apple cider. In addition, you can also improve your digestion with apple cider
  17. Green Apples have many beauty benefits they help in nourishing the skin and improve skin texture. Anti oxidant present in green apples helps in maintaining suppleness of skin and gives you youthful appearance
  18. Due to acidic properties in green apple, they help in curing acne and hair problems such as dandruff. Due to this property, green apple juice or paste made from skin of green apples is used as facemask and scalp mask.

Green apples are popular for cooking and raw consumption. These apples are yellow and turn completely green after ripening. The red apples that we buy from local market can be stored for maximum two weeks in domestic refrigerator, while green apples can be stored for longer. The commercial storage of red apples is also quite difficult in comparison to the storage of green apples. Red apples can be stored for few months in controlled atmosphere; however, green apples can be stored for almost a year commercially.
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