Exfoliation helps to kick start the renewal system of your skin. It helps in removing dead cells and also helps in uncovering the fresher skin that is waiting below the top layer of your skin. So you should scrub, buff and peel your way to a much smoother with the variety of DIY Body scrubs. As you are reading this, your body is busy making new skin. A variety of different DIY Body Scrubs can be used. One of the most popular DIY Body Scrub is made with sugar. Sugar is very affordable and is relatively a much gentle exfoliator.

Body scrubs

This scrub has rose petals, cloves and orange zest which give it a strong aroma. At the same time the touch of sesame oil makes your skin feel luxurious. You could also try out the DIY Honey Scrub. This is one of the best scrubs and may be hiding right in your kitchen. Honey is one of the best humectants that nature has provided us with. It helps in drawing water into the skin, while at the same time the sugar buffs away all the dead cells very gently. As such this DIY Body scrub dissolves as it works. A touch of citrus to this scrub also offers an invigorating smell. Another popular one is the DIY Wake-Up scrub. If you are someone who depends on your cup of coffee to start off your morning, then you can put those coffee grounds to better use in this skin softening body scrub. It is a traditional treatment that is used in Balinese and Thai spas. It is a luxurious way to start off your day. This scrub also has peppermint which is known for its mentally stimulating properties. It also contains raw sugar crystals and olive oil, which moisturize and exfoliate.

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