DIY Lip Balms

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There are many kinds of lip balm in the market, but it can be difficult to find just the correct one. What is the solution? You can make your own, of course! It is surprisingly simple to whip up a portion of lip balm or tinted gloss that is perfectly customized to match your taste. All you will need is a base of beeswax or any coconut oil, a tint, and a flavor, and you are done!

Coconut Rose Lip Balm: The rose petals in the small pots make a beautiful presentation. You can also substitute in any other favorite herb or flower.

Peppermint Lip Balm: There are many things that you will love about this peppermint flavor tinted balm, but the most favorite thing is the use of empty Altoids tin as the container.

Hemp and Honey: The best thing about this lip balm is the Manuka honey that actually has antibacterial properties, apart from softening your lips!

Kool Aid Lip Balm: Yes, we know what you are thinking, how can Kool-Aid be in a lip balm? It is true! Not only does it give the beeswax and coconut oil a pretty color, but you can also have tropical punch flavor.

Wedding Lip Balm Favors: Even if you do not want to make your own lip balm, you use labels over standard tubes for a pretty wedding favor.

Sparkly Strawberry Lip Balm: How can you add sparkle to your homemade lip balm? You can just add a bit of edible glitter. Make sure it is just a little bit.

Pink Tinted Lip Balm: This lip balm is very basic, it just has beeswax for a little bit of natural SPF and also has some melted lipstick for the color.

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