Dori Style Outfits in Fashion

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Fashion is ever changing. What’s in trend today may turn out to be an obsolete accessory in a few years time. Since time immemorial, fashion trends have been triggered by unexpected and spontaneous events. Since the advent of television, it has become an important driver of fashion trends. Today, most designers and fashion marketers rely heavily on the small screen and movies to promote their products. These have almost become synonymous with conventional promotion. The ease of accessibility has brought tens of channels to the living rooms of the people and thus, constitutes an important channel through which one can attract potential customers.

What is Dori
Dori Fashion

‘Dori’ is a distinct style of fashion that has been used in many variations of traditional Indian dresses. This is mostly associated with a distinct form of embroidery that includes floral patterns and exclusive textural decorations. ‘Dori’s replaces the use of hooks or zippers by introducing delicate threads or laces to hold two pieces of fabric together. ‘Dori’s can add a dash of spice to any traditional piece of clothing. Apart from revealing flawless skin, this accessory can be used where an elegant design is required.

The origin of this fashion accessory piece took place in North India. It is believed to have been influenced by the ‘choli’ that women wear in Rajasthan. Since most forms of ‘choli’ have straps at the back, this became an excellent alternative. This design can be very prominent and thus goes well with decorated sleeves and embroidery.

Trend Setters in fashion
Dori Style Skirt
Fashion trends rarely last for more than a couple of years. And even when it does, there is some form of change that is incorporated into the designs. Same is the case with the ‘dori’. Despite their overwhelming popularity in bridal dresses, changes have been adopted to keep the designs fresh, crisp and to avoid a sense of monotony. Besides, these have to sync in perfectly with the dress. The material also needs to undergo changes as well.

Dori Outfits in Trend
Dori’ outfits find exclusive use in designer lehangas and suits. Women prefer this to beautify their traditional and bridal wear. If executed properly, the ‘dori’s can add a dash of elegance and sophistication to your whole attire. Apart from the obvious chic appearance of a party wear, ‘dori’ is a staple accessory in bridal wear too. Wedding dresses most commonly use this design to showcase the beauty and elegance of a woman.

Dori Style blouse
A woman’s blouse can speak volumes about the fashion sense. It combines a touch of sensuality to the whole dress. Apart from the embroidery and embellishments that adorn the design of the blouse, the color plays a significant role too. To add the necessary ingredient of sophisticated, the back of these blouses are held together with laces of a complimentary design.

Dori Style Kurta
Kurtas shall always remain a favorite among Indian women. They help combine the ease of wearing an ensemble with a traditional appeal and yet comfortable and casual. Though these are not the ideal attire for weddings and other traditional ceremonies, kurtas can be designed to flaunt a woman’s body in subtle but tangible ways. Sophisticated designs of kurtas are often combined with ‘dori’ styled laces instead of being completely opaque.

Dori Lehenga
Formal lehangas can often be seen embellished with ‘dori’ laces. These also come with dashing colors and patterns that go well for an informal wear.

Dori style choli
Cholis are a favorite piece of clothing in Rajasthan. Worn typically with a long skirt, a choli is often brightly colored and carry exclusive designs. Most cholis come with strings made of satin and complementary tassels.

Where can Dori Embellished dresses be Worn
That’s a tough question to answer. There is definitely no specific rule regarding where exactly ‘dori’ laced dresses can be worn. Dresses with doris look good in almost every setup. For a heavy and a formal look these can be worn in weddings and formal traditional events. Even in corporate attire these can be incorporated in kurtas, tunic tops and dresses, as it looks extremely elegant and enhances the beauty of the ensemble.

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