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Double Finger Ring: New Statement Jewellery

Double Finger Ring: New Statement Jewellery

You cannot call your self a style Diva if you don’t own every kind of accessory that is there in the world. Every year the fashion world comes up with some amazing trends and trinkets. We are going to talk about one such trend-the double finger ring or the Knuckle ring.

Double finger ring

What Are Double Finger Rings?

Double Finger Ring or Two finger ring, like the name suggests are one ring which is worn on two fingers. Instead of stacking up rings, go for a ring that covers two or more fingers. Raise the Swag quotient and invest in these cool rings.
Depending on the motifs and style, you can make a wise choice. They can single handedly raise your style quotient by 100.

1. Nature Motifs

Nature Motifs
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If you like the flowers and leaves, then you can try a ring with similar floral motifs. The look is very delicate and fresh. They can be intricately designed or plain metallic.

2. Birds And More

Birds and more

Rings inspired by birds are a popular choice for those who love wings, owls or chirpy birds. They look really cute and stylish.

3. Thinking Out Loud

Thinking out Loud
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If you are a person of words and like to wear your thoughts on your ring or through accessories, then this one is for you. Bad, good, angel, love, whatever you like can be on your finger. A lot of your favorite singers like Lana Del ray and Rihanna have been spotted sporting these.

4. Symmetric Obsession

Symmetric obsession
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If you are in love with the geometric accessory trend and like your rings pointed or symmetrical, then this one will be on your wishlist. Clean, precise and fabulous.

5. Serpent Inspiration

Serpent inspiration
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A lot of women like to go all sassy with serpent style rings. The look really elegant and have a mystical air to it.

6. A Hearty Affair

A hearty affair

Who does not love tiny hearts on their fingers? Hearts are the most common and popular accessory motif. They are worn all the time in different forms, be it in clothes, shoes, hairbands or even rings. So a knuckle ring with hearts will automatically make its way into your hearts.

7. Macho Moustaches

Macho Moustaches

Moustaches are so macho and quirky. The fashion world has been going gaga over them for years now. They are simply irresistible and utterly desirable. So imagine a big moustache ring on your hand.(We know you liked what you saw)

8. Power Punch

Power Punch

A power packed punch or a lightning bolt ring sounds so cool. Wearing one with take your style up by many points. Make a powerful impact with these self-explanatory rings.

9. Chained In Style

Chained in Style

This one is our personal favorite. The linked rings are connected through chains and look really hardcore and pretty, all at the same time. They can be in a ring ring combo or a midi ring and normal ring combo. Whatever be the style, they are definitely at the top of our list.

10. One For The Minimalistic Diva

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For all you people who like to keep it low, there are some minimalistic styles that you can look forward to.

So the next time you go accessory shopping, remember the slogan- Double or nothing. We gave you a list of some styles, but feel free to experiment with different shapes and motifs. Definitely try out something like this shoe one.


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