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Easy Detox Plans For A Post-Holiday Weight Loss

Easy Detox Plans For A Post-Holiday Weight Loss


The holiday season makes you go on a binge mode, whether it’s a party or a simple family dinner. With good food everywhere it is tough to resist all that delectable stuff and end up giving into overindulgence. So, after the binging session, it is time for some healthy detox. Remember, the holiday hogging was just a phase and not someting to be continued forever. So here are some easy detox plans which will help you plan some post-holiday weight loss.



After overindulging, you need to give your stomach a break. It would be a good idea to wait till the hunger pangs strikes and then have a fiber-rich breakfast. This is to get your digestive system back on track. The mild flavors help in stimulating taste buds and don’t cause sensory overload. Adding pear would be a good antioxidant and high water content always helps.
Opt for an orange, a bowl of muesli, and skimmed milk if you are not into oatmeal, but remember, it’s the best option.



A green salad topped up with leftover chicken, or anything that is left over from the veggie platter would be nice. Make sure the salad dressing is low calorie and a small whole grain roll won’t hurt. Other options include sub sandwiches. They are full of healthy veggies, go easy on the sauces again and make sure you keep the quantity lesser than what you ate for breakfast.

Note: As you proceed with every meal in the day, make sure that it is lighter than the last one. That is why having a heavy breakfast is of utmost importance.



Here, you can continue with mixing some of the leftovers with some healthy ingredients. Keep about 500 calories for your dinner. For instance, if you have a salad or another small sandwich, it leaves you with enough calories left to have a glass of wine. Hence, you don’t have to give it all up in one go. Heaved a sigh of relief there, didn’t you?


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Don’t forget to eat your snacks between the three meals mentioned above. You are detoxing, not trying to become a supermodel. The snacks could be anything from an ounce of almonds, air-popped popcorn or an apple. You could also go for other dry fruits like raisins, dates, etc but don’t go overboard as not all of them are low on calorific value.


a. Coffee


Order your coffee with nonfat milk rather than with cream and sugar. Add some artificial low calorie sweetner if you must, but avoid sugar.

b. Ditch The Chips


Avoid any kind of chips, no matter what is written on the label. Diet chips don’t exist, almost not. If they do, you are really have to hunt them down. But till then, popcorn to the rescue, ofcourse, no butter goes without saying.

c. No Top Bread For Your Sandwich


Opt for an open faced sandwich, remove the top loaf. An open faced sandwich is just as satisfying as the one with double the quantity of bread. Isn’t the filling the best part after all? Now you get to have it without the top bread coming in your way.

d. Swap The Mayo With Mustard


We know everyone loves mayonnaise, but how good is it with 90 calories per tablespoon as opposed to mustard with 10 calories per tablespoon. It also adds a spicy bite, and it is yummy as hell.

e. Cut Down On The Rice Servings


Usually one ends up taking two rice servings with things like a stir fry, dal, bhajiya, or even a favourite vegetable. Cut that down strictly to one serving a day and you will notice that you feel lighter than usual. Stick to one serving at dinner and spend those calories on other yummy things later.

f. Comfort Food


Comfort food is a must have, isn’t it? No amount of weight gain can make us not want it. So we go for some healthier comfort food instead. Like fried chicken? How about oven frying it instead? Baked potatoes on bread topped with cheddar cheese are fine too, but make sure you have a salad to accompany that. Big fan of Italian food? Try oven baked lasagna with whole wheat lasagne noodles instead.

So that was our short roundup of everything you can do to detox after the overindulgence of the holidays. Hope this article helped. If you have any more tips to share, please do comment in the section below. We would be glad to have your feedback.

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