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Easy Tips on Wall Coloring and Rejuvenating Your Space !

Easy Tips on Wall Coloring and Rejuvenating Your Space !

It is said that walls can hear. But walls can speak as well, if you want them to! To define your space with a touch of your own individuality, there is nothing better than making your walls speak your own style.

The first step to rejuvenating your walls is to give them a perfectly suitable color with a dash of your personal touch. Color is a crucial factor which cans makes or breaks the look and feel of a house. Let’s jump into the puddle of hues and tints to know which one can bring joy, peace and beauty!

Crafting Colors

Crafting colors
Blend the colors of the floor, the walls and the furnishings by choosing colors that are complimentary or withing the same color group. This eliminates the contrast when seen as one piece. Glossy surfaces reflect light, thus expanding the space and making the room bigger and brighter. Smaller patterns on the furniture and fabrics are desirable than large patterns if you want to save yourself from closing a room.

Bright Shades

Bright Colors
Colors like pink, yellow, purple and orange are dazzling shades that have a jazzy and peppy look! The lighter tints of the corresponding colors can give a soft and relaxing feeling. However, the trick is to keep the shades subtle and moderate. High amounts of saturation imparts a gloomy look. These colors can make your room lively, colorful and vivid. It is best to accessorize with with whites and blues to ensure that the peace and serenity is not lost.

Calm Tones

Calm Tones
Greens and blues are ideal for rooms where you want to relax and unwind. Being the color of nature, green brings growth, freshness and harmony in picture. Blues remind us of the sky and the sea, bringing us closer to tranquility, calmness and serenity. Light to mid tones should be preferred as they create a soothing environment, spaciousness and a feeling of safety and security. Different shades give different effects. Yellow based green or olive invokes warmth while blue based green or aqua makes you peaceful. When choosing blue, don’t forget to add red and yellow in the background for a great effect.

Warm Colors

Warm Colors
Red, deep blue and heavy browns create a sensation of richness, warmth and royalty. Dark browns can bring the room inwards giving a calming effect while soft browns can give a base offering numerable options for your furniture. Red-browns are known to give a heated atmosphere to the room, while creating a picture of autumn and harvest in mind. The only advice is to use a bright and light color for the ceiling so as to make the room small.

Neutral Effect

Neutral effect
Neutrals such as white, cream, beige, tan or gray are known to create a neat, cool and breezy environment. White symbolizes cleanliness, innocence and chastity. The clean background makes it the best backdrop for any set up, design or color combination. They can make the room look soothing and larger. If you have a tranquil taste and want to be experimental at the same time, you can enliven the spirits by creating a colorful scheme through furnishings, fabrics and facade pattern.

If you don’t want to paint the walls or you can’t do it, you can use wallpapers instead, paint your furniture or simply use some quick-fix steps and see your gorgeous decor adorn your personal space.

Take a look at these exciting ideas:

Mirror Magic
Mirror Magic
The magic of mirrors is such that they not only reflect but also rejuvenate and recreate. Put a single mirror on a blank wall and craft a design which matches the wall color around it making it the the frame. A brilliant idea, however, could be to cluster a collection of mirrors in different colors and sizes on the wall.

Word WonderWord wonder
Make a list of your favorite quotes, preferences, choices, dreams and inspirations. Create a gallery of all of them in diverse fonts, colours and layouts. Design an astounding shape of all your best group pictures and create your album right there in your wall. You could also include a brief caption for your favorite moments.

Flowery Fun
Flower Fun
Give your room a natural touch by arranging a variety of beautiful and colorful flower pots and vases. Flowers and leaves will make it look like a personalized indoor garden, and give a feel of freshness to your space.

Pillow Panache
Beautiful Pillows
Choose dramatic colors and hues for your cushions, pillows and covers that compliment your wall. Get rich fabrics and let the luxurious interior effect captivate the aura.Yes! You need to keep in mind the theme and the colours of your rooms when selecting your bed covers/cushions/pillows etc.

Awe striking Art
Art On wall
Bring your walls to life with paper art, fluttering butterflies, fishes, hanging paintings and strings, decorative pieces, bits of art and imagery.

Paint your walls and spice up your living space!

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