Exclusive: Rare Pictures Of Neerja From Her Beautiful Years!

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Sonam Kapoor starrer Neerja has already started to gain the appreciation it deserves. While you catch up on the real story, we have compiled some of the rare pictures of the real Neerja.

The beginning of a modeling career


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This beautiful woman from Chandigarh, started her career with modeling. She featured in several print ads as well as TVCs for well known brands like Amul.

A short-lived arranged marriage

Neerja married in the year 1985 and travelled to the Gulf with her husband. However, this marriage couldn’t last because of dowry demands from the man’s family. Taking a wise decision, Neerha returned home, to her parents.


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Return to India

She returned to modeling and got the assignments that she always wanted. Featuring on magazine covers and more print ads, Neerja’s career was only getting better. Soon, she decided to enter the airline industry.


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Beginning of an airline career

Neerja applied to Pan Am 73 for the position of a flight attendant. She was selected and sent to Miami for training.


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Neerja returned as a purser after the training and became part of Pan Am’s cabin crew.

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A fun-loving braveheart

People who were close to her, always knew Neerja as a fun-loving person who enjoyed even little moments in life.


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Spending time with friends, family, colleagues and even animals made her smile often.

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The sad incident of the hijacked aircraft in 1986 changed everything. 360 passengers underwent a 17-hour ordeal at the hands of the hijackers. Neerja, on the other hand, displayed immense courage and presence of mind. Not only did she succeed in saving so many lives but also set an example of selflessness that is rarely seen today.

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She could have jumped out the emergency door that she had opened after the terrorists started to fire. She didn’t. Instead, she helped others flee first. And as she was shielding some children, she ended up getting shot.
Today, the story of Neerja Bhanot is an inspiration. Emotional, yes. But also, one that restores faith in humanity. In people who are brave enough to risk their lives. Her sacrifice wasn’t any less than a soldier’s. She became the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra award as she was only 23 when the incident happened.

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