Flaunt The Ethnic Sheen: Saree Blouses With Kundan Work

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Kundan-WorkFor those who are not too familiar with the traditional Kundan work, it is basically a translation of the famous Indian jewellery into a form of fabric ornamentation. In other words, Kundan work on fabric is actually inspired by the intricate art of royal courts. Especially the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

What Is Kundan?

Original Kundan involves a foil of real gold that holds together a gem set, precious stones and the mount. This technique has been widely used for the creation of priceless gold necklaces, earrings, bangles and all other forms of ornament. Gradually, this technique made its way into luxury clothing as well.

Embroidery, Zardozi and Kalamkari:

Modern Kundan ornamentation is almost like any other embroidery, often mixed with styles like Zardozi and Kalamkari. Expert artisans use the beautiful gemstones with gold and silver thread to create fascinating pieces of traditional garments. The richness of Kundan reflects the very Indianness of the work transforming the clothes into highly cherished treasures. And when it comes to saree blouses, the possibilities are as vast as one can imagine.

Kundan Work With Gold Motifs


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A silk blouse with traditional golden motifs gels smoothly with the texture and appeal of Kundan work. The variation in the dimension of the blouse surface creates interest.

Kundan And Beads Blouse


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When Kundan work includes white and colored beads, several patterns can be created more effectively.

Kundan With Crystals


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A party favourite, the combination of Kundan and crystals always proves to be a head turner. The best part is the blouse can be designed in multiple styles and worn as an ornament in itself.

Lavish Details


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Since Kundan dates back to royalty, it is only justified that the regal charm be revived in the most delicate manner. Imagine a blouse that is reminiscent of the Mogul or Rajput era! Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about.

The Borderline


Source: backlessblouse.com

We understand that filling up the entire blouse with such details can be overwhelming for some. So, why not try for a design that lets you flaunt the jewels just on the borders?

Intriguing Backs


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Sometimes, it leaves a more memorable impact when a blouse has a surprise element. Take for example, a seemingly ordinary design that reveals amazing work of art when you turn around.

Beautiful Geometry


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Jewelled geometric patterns can never be out of ethnic fashion.

A Balanced Commotion


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It is not always distracting to look at a cluttered design. When placed by an expert hand, such patterns can actually be the center of attraction.

Magical Sleeves


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If you are looking for something different from the usual Kundan work blouses, we suggest heavily decorated sleeves.

Just Like A Necklace


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Using Kundan work only on the neckline is another popular style among designers today. It lets them maintain a remarkable balance between old and new. If you want, you can even get a similar detail done on the edges of the sleeves.

A Contemporary Twist


Source: www.craftsvilla.com

Rows of Kundan on a thin halter neck blouse strap is both amazing and sexy! Step out with pride as the blouse gives you the freedom of making the perfect impression at a wedding, festival or function. If you can find a pouch or bag with matching Kundan work, nothing like it.

Kundan On Sheer Fabrics


Source: dramatizebyaamra

Kundan work on sheer fabrics can be a bit more difficult to create but the results are worth it. A truly glamorous style, the combination is also very urban.



Source: boutiquesarees.com

Using the jewelled embellishments to create attractive asymmetrical surface décor can be very impressive. But at the same time, it requires a highly skilled artisan and a designer who is familiar with this kind of work. The most rewarding part of investing in such blouses is that you can wear them over and over without having to worry about the designs getting outdated.

Intersecting Arcs


Source: blousebackneckdesigns.com

What happens when your blouse is filled with glittering arcs in every direction? A splendid sight indeed. And when paired with the right saree, the same blouse would become an all new statement.

Elegant Sleevejob


Source: womenhairstylesblog.com

Sometimes less is more. So, instead of focusing on too much detailing, it is good to pick up designs that have a subtle Kundan element just on the side of the sleeves.

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