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We go to great lengths when taking care of our hair. We get regular hair spas, or a massage at a reputed salon. We oil them often and shampoo them even more. We try to include good stuff in our diet. And we also know the importance of exercise.

But, even after all that, we fail to realise something as simple as the tried and tested old-school formulas. Instead of utilizing the ancient wisdom of the elders, we choose to subject those precious strands to harsh hidden chemicals in the guise of the latest hair product or treatment. Why not try one of the most cherished hair-care secret? Coconut oil! And while it is equally good in itself, making nourishing masks out of it only adds to its superpowers!

Harness The Goodness Of Honey

Harness the goodness of honey
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After all that those locks have been through, it is unlikely that they are not damaged. Honey’s to the rescue.

  • Mix the coconut oil with some honey and heat it up so that the concoction melts and mingles better
  • Let it cool down so that it is safe to touch. Apply it to the scalp, on split ends and also on extremely dry and frizzy hair
  • After the application of the mixture, give yourself a good head massage so that all of it is well absorbed by your hair and scalp. Leave it on for up to 20 minutes
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash it off
Use Lemons As An Anti-Dandruff Ingredient

Use lemons as an anti-dandruff ingredient
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There is a reason why all those hair oil brands highlight that their product is enriched with lemon extracts. Everybody knows how good lemons can be for the hair. And especially when you have to deal with dandruff.

  • Just mix the oil with lemon juice and start applying it all over your head in a generous quantity
  • Pay special attention to the areas more affected by dandruff
  • Let the ingredients work their magic for half an hour. Then, wash it off with your regular shampoo
Get A Strawberry Shine

Get a strawberry shine
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We bet you didn’t know that strawberries could be really good for your hair, but they are. If you have been waiting for that salon shine on your hair all the time, these fruits are the secret.

  • Grind the strawberries. Mix them with honey and coconut oil to make a fine paste. Puree them in the grinder if necessary
  • Use this puree as a mask for your scalp, roots and hair tips. Leave for at least 30 minutes
  • Wash it off with warm water. The gloss and fruity fragrance are guaranteed to keep you in a good mood
More Fruit Magic: Avocados And Bananas

While avocados are great for treating dry and frizzy hair, bananas are known to make the hair denser. Used with the goodness of coconut oil, the effects of these fruits get magnified.

Coconut Oil And Avocado Mask

Coconut and avocado
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  • You would also need a quarter cup milk for this mask
  • Begin with making an avocado puree in a blender
  • Next, you just have to add the oil and the milk to this puree. Mix it all up thoroughly
  • Put it on and leave for 20 minutes
  • Use warm water to clean up. Make sure that no avocado residue is left over. Else, it would end up damaging the hair instead

Coconut Oil And Banana Mask

Banana Mask
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  • Get some olive oil and an overripe banana for this recipe
  • Mash the banana and add the oils to it. Blend it so that all the ingredients are knit together in a fine paste
  • All you have to do is apply the paste to every strand, covering it from root to tip, and also include the scalp
  • Let the mask settle down for fifteen minutes before you wash it off. Take care to remove any banana chunks

Your cookbook for naturally healthy hair is right here. And if these masks seem too time consuming for you, there is always an option of using coconut oil in all its purity. Just heat it up and apply it generously on your locks. If possible, take some steam so that the oil gets well absorbed by the scalp. Leave it overnight. Or wash off after a few hours.

Coconut Oil
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