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Go Bling!Bling! with ….Sequins

Go Bling!Bling! with ….Sequins

“All that glitters is not gold but can be sequins”. Sequins are your one chance to shimmer and still look like a million bucks without actually costing a million bucks.

Essentially sequins are disc shaped beads used for decorative purposes mostly for embellishing garments. They are often made of plastic and occasionally made of metal.
They are an extremely versatile that can be added on to anything. Easy to buy and simple to install.No Huss no fuss. Whether you choose to wear a sequined beach bikini or a sequined saree they work beautifully with everything. Indian or western their use is not confined to any one particular style of garment or accessory.

Let’s look at a few handy tips you should keep in mind while wearing sequins:

  1. Mixing sequins with Plains
  2. Mixing sequins with Cloth
    Mixing sequins with Cloth
    Sequins make you look like a diva but there is always a lingering fear that you may go overboard trying to glam up yourself with them. Therefore, if you’re new to wearing sequins or unsure about a particular look a safe bet would be wear a sequinned top with a nice non sequinned pencil skirt or pant and vice versa.

  3. Sequin your clothes ONLY
  4. Sequin your clothes only
    Sequin your clothes only
    Don’t overwhelm yourself by dolling each and every part of yourself with sequins. If you have sequinned clothes then avoid carrying a sequinned clutch or handbad or even shoes. The eyes need rest and as unlikely as it sounds overdoing sequins will cause monotony and can be visually jarring. Make sure you have variety of fabric(s) and textures in your ensemble.

  5. Splash sequinning
  6. Sequin accessories with simple dress
    Sequin accessories with simple dress
    Not everyone enjoys wearing glittery clothes but they do enjoy some shine and glitter. The way to deal with this glitch is splash of sequin. Wear the clothes of your choice and accessories using sequins. Glittery hairbands, watches, clutches make for good pieces. Make sure that the sequinned accessories are not too loud else nobody will be looking at that Little black dress of yours because there will be too much light in their eyes due to your sequins. Do not combine sequins with neons. Keep it simple yet shiny!

  7. Choose dress patterns and fits wisely
  8. Choose dress patterns and fits wisely
    Choose dress patterns and fits wisely
    Sequins are stitched or stuck using super glue over clothes which makes the cloth they are installed on stiff and inflexible. Therefore, make sure that you choose garments with simple fits instead of over complicating your designs. After all, you mostly want yourself to stand out wearing sequins and nothing else. Avoid patterns or prints with sequins.

  9. Be adventurous when selecting your colour
  10. Be adventurous with chroma
    Be adventurous with chroma
    Golden, silver and black sequins are common and onlookers are now used to them. Try them in Red, Green, Electric Blue and Burgundy and you won’t be disappointed. Other interesting colours would be matt beige and vintage gold sequins. These look royal and go majestically with Indian wear as well.

  11. Know the right time for “sequinning” yourself
  12. Perfect time for wear sequin dress
    Perfect time for wear sequin dress
    Sequins are bright and shiny just like the sun. So, why wear them during the daytime and walk like another sun kissed miniature. The best time to wear sequins is when the sun goes down and nights grow colder. They look best when the sky is black and all is pale. Be the spark in the dark :)!

  13. Wearing sequined Indian Garments
  14. Wearing sequined Indian outfits
    Wearing sequined Indian outfits
    While wearing sarees make sure that the saree border is sequinned along with it’s blouse. A full sequinned saree is a strict no no. A fully sequinned blouse goes beautifully with chiffon sarees as well. If you plan on wearing sequin suits then make sure that only the top part has sequins along with some on the border and sleeves. The basic rule here to follow is that although complete sequins look alright in western dresses they definitely look visually jarring in Indian dresses. However, you can choose to wear full sequins when wearing an Indowestern outfit.

  15. The famous bling in Bollywood
  16. Bollywood loves sequins and red hot and electric blue sequins are in this season. Remember Kareena kapoor Khan’s hot red saree with a sequinned red border ?

    Kareena Kapoor Khan in red sequin border saree
    Kareena Kapoor Khan in red sequin border saree

    These were some quick fixes for when you want to slip into that theatric outfit of yours. Sequins sure add a lot of glamour quotient but then again carrying them off confidently is all that matters. Everything needs elegance and sequins need them more. You can be rest assured that by following these few basic mantras you won’t go wrong with this much loved bling for outfits.

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