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Hair Loss In Women: Causes And Remedies

Hair Loss In Women: Causes And Remedies

Hair loss
Why the hell am I losing so much hair? This is a question that no woman wants to ask herself. Hair loss can be an extremely traumatic thing for both men and women, age no bar. But especially for women, it can be pretty depressing too. Throughout a woman’s life, her body goes through infinite number of changes, and there could be many reasons for hairfall, but there are some particular ones which may just be the root of the problem. Here are some of the key reasons for hairloss in women and how to treat it:

Reasons For Hair Loss:

1. Genetics


Often, genetic predisposition with hormonal imbalances, along with conversions of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone (DHT) is one of the leading causes of hair loss. This genetic predisposition can be inherited by either side of the family, mother or father.

2. Stress


Testosterone levels are heightened due to stress, converting it to DHT which interrupts hair growth. It can also be responsible for constricting blood supply to the capillaries, which causes lack of oxygen and nutrient intake. Also leads to poor vitamin and nutrient absorption of hair follicles.

3. Health


Thyroid diseases, as well as medications used to treat them are one of the most common health causes of hair loss.

4. Medication


Birth control pills to steroids and even blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease medications can cause temporary or even permanent hair loss.

5. Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition & Diet

Rapid weight loss, poor nutrition, high consumption of animal fats, deficiencies in biotin, iron, zinc and protein can reduce amino acid and vitamin absorption levels which are very much needed for hair growth.

6. Environment


Pollutants in the air and water, exposure to chlorine, minerals and metals lead to hormonal imbalances which further give rise to hair loss. UV exposure and free radicals are responsible for premature ageing of the scalp cells thus damaging the hair shaft.

7. Life Changes

Life changes

Hormonal changes which are caused due to pregnancy can lead to temporary hair loss, lasting from 6 months to about a year after the delivery. Even menopause can lead women to experience hair loss due to shift in hormones.

8. Ageing


Last but not the least; ageing can cause hair follicles to deteriorate and subsequently severe hair loss.

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1. Circulation


Blood and oxygen flow throughout the body is vital, bad circulation causes scalp cells to die. Even iron deficiency which is called anaemia, will lead to non production of red blood cells. Scalp massage is a good way to create a beneficial blood flow. Ensure not to massage your hair too often as it can give rise to clumps when your hair is rubbed, since you will exacerbate the hair loss.

2. Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B called biotin is extremely important for hair growth and its health. Keep appropriate amounts of biotin in your body. It is one of the most successful remedies for hair loss.

3. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil

It is a powerful home remedy and has been used for over a century now. So yes, it is 100% certified. When rubbed on the scalp and hair, it has a powerful effect on hair growth, especially at the spot where you have prominent hair loss.

4. Rosemary


Another ingredient used for centuries, it is recommended to use it after being mixed with almond oil. It can be applied to the scalp and hair area in question.

5. Emu Oil

emu oil

It is a commonly recommended alternative for hair loss in women. This oil functions as a moisturizer along with stimulating hair growth and can be directly applied to the scalp.

6. Licorice


It is an effective way to prevent formation of DHT, licorice basically prevents the hormone from going through the transition to DHT from testosterone.

7. Safflower


It increases circulation, and opens up the blood vessels in the scalp. It is a good vasodilator, which thus reduces blood pressure.

8. Potassium


Eating bananas is probably a good idea while suffering from hair loss. It is a powerful vasodilator like safflower and thus improves blood circulation of scalp cells. Also helps in managing fluid balance in the body, keeping cells maintained properly.

9. Healthy Dieting

Healthy dieting

Crash dieting is dangerous as it throws body hormones out of balance. Your thyroid glands will not function properly if you drastically lose or gain weight. Hence, always diet the healthy way!

10. Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety

The above two can seriously affect hormonal balance. Your psychological conditions affect the physical one. So try techniques like meditation, aromatherapy so that your hair doesn’t get affected by your moods

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