Hello 2016! Top Ten Ethnic Wear Trends To Rule This Year

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One of the best part about the beginning of a new year is the opportunity to forecast the upcoming trends. What feels even better is when the forecast comes true within a few months. Speaking of which, let’s have a quick look at what we can clearly see in the future ethnic wear department. Here are the top 10 ethnic wear trends that you can expect to see in 2016.


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Architectural forms will show you how classic can turn way too cool. And all this will happen in the most prominent yet unexpected places. Beginning with India’s favourite, The saree.

1. Dhoti Sarees


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The wondrous unstitched garment of India will be visible in a more kitschy avatar. You might have seen glimpses of the dhoti reflection in 2015. But that was only the beginning. Then it took over the lowers. And now, it will completely transform the saree.

2. Unique Printed Drapes


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Forget the traditional flowers, vines and paisleys. Ethnic wear in 2016 is all set to go unconventional. Retro prints, hardcore geometrical influences and rough edged silhouettes will give you a stunning surprise. And be prepared to see all of this in the classic sarees and kurta sets.

3. Elaborate Detailing


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Ancient tribal detailing will merge with contemporary patterns. The result? A beautiful and extensively detailed ornamentation in every ethnic wear you know of.


Flirty feminine designs along with sweet remnants of a highly conventional wardrobe will create a spellbinding look book for this year. Yes, we mean ethnic wear in hybrid varieties. You can expect a touch of Bohemia and an exaggerated vintage charm all in one place. Rather, all in one dress.

4. The Gown-Anarkali Crossover


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Admit it, the Anarkali suits had begun to test your patience as well. And none of us want to see the trend being repeated in the new year. We are fortunate because the buzz is about smarter hybrids that include gown-like Anarkalis with much less embellishment.

5. Fine Indian Slits With Western Trousers


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Taking clue from the overdone Anarkalis, only the shape of the garment might show up this year. But that will only be in a very new form. Extended slits paired with pencil trousers are all set to make an appearance.

6. Lighter Fabrics


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Yes. Material also plays a big role in making a trend. And speaking of hybrids, we can’t afford heavy yarns and knits that would spoil the complicated designs. Naturally, designers are going to opt for light-weight fabrics.


A lot of trends from the previous year were so amazing that they are sure to remain active even now. Beautifully done necklines may gradually fade but they will certainly leave imprints on how the hemlines and cuffs are being designed.

7. Pakistani Silhouettes


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We spoke a great deal about stylish Pakistani suits, lehengas and what not. There is a reason why these have remained in vogue for the entire year. If you missed it, you can still try it out now.

8. Duality Of Metals


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Our desi designers very successfully broke the myth that gold and silver are not compatible. And as the runways dazzled with these metals side by side, so will the hot trends of 2016. In other words, both gold and silver ornamentation will be seen in ethnic wear.

9. Statement Jewellery
We totally loved the huge cuffs, elaborate earrings and Egyptian collar neckpieces that became so fashionable in 2015. Good that they have maintained their popularity. We are expecting to spot a lot of statement jewellery even in 2016. The designs and sizes might vary from little to a lot. But the point is, it will still be cool to wear a plain dress and funk it up with huge, uniquely crafted ornaments.


When shopping for ethnic wear online, you are most likely to come across a variety of styling ideas. And global fusion is something you won’t miss.

10. Unusual Fusion


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Sarees worn with blazers, biker jackets with lehengas, a combination of dhoti pants and crop tops will let you open up to a whole new level of possibilities. Now, how far you are ready to experiment, depends all on you. We just mentioned what will be in style when it comes to ethnic attire.

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