Time has been proving that there are no clear cut boundaries between feminism and masculinity, especially when it comes to fashion. But floral print for men? Isn’t it too loud, too vibrant and most importantly, contradicting the dominant, mature and bold image that men have been conventionally carrying in their appearance. The answer is no, at least for the present generation, it will be no. Well, it might be too unprofessional though- and just as I’m thinking this, my colleague walks in wearing Nike shoes, blue shaded jeans and a solid black t shirt with golden floral prints on it.

What you wear reflects who you are, and the uniqueness in what you wear is what style is all about. Floral prints, from being feminine, have turned into being stylish, sophisticated and smart. The floral trend may not take a fast pace in 2014, but it has become quite a trend to add a floral tie or a watch to the mundane look of a plain suit. Floral shirts don’t have to typically reflect a Hawaiian holiday image; Men have started to challenge the usual by carrying the whole floral print to a smart and trendy level. Fashion is all about experimentation and boldness, and men who think they can keep up the boldness with floral prints and vibrant colours are going to take the whole ‘typical feminine look’ to a new generation myth. It is still too early to decide how well men are going to take the floral printed shirts or jackets into their daily wardrobe, but this trend curve is definitely in the positive direction.

If subtle shades, masculine shoulders and straight cuts give women the unique and bold look, then the same uniqueness and boldness is reflected in a man who effectively carries off a floral printed garment or accessory. No matter how slowly the trend curve grows, it repeats, and it is going to repeat with brighter colours in the years to come.


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