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How Hair Oil Treatment Works For Hair Loss

How Hair Oil Treatment Works For Hair Loss


Oiling your hair is as important as washing it. While the latter will rid you off the dirt and grime, the former is more of the external nourishment. One, that you simply can’t ignore. And if you are wondering why that hairfall refuses to come under control, lack of sufficient conditioning could be one of the reasons. But then, relying solely on the artificial conditioners post those washes is just not enough. You do need a traditional head massage so that some organic nutrition gets absorbed into your scalp. Guess, our grandmothers were right when they drew a parallel between plants and hair. Both need nourishment at the root.

Benefits Of Hair Oil Treatment


The benefits of regularly oiling your hair are numerous. Here we cite a few.

  • A Layer Of Protection
    Hair oil protects your hair from the harmful particles in the environment. It forms a layer that can’t be easily penetrated by most elements. Result? Reduction in hairfall due to breakage
  • Improvement In Hair Texture
    Naturally, when your hair is getting a regular dose of a healthy elixir, it will begin to show signs of improvement in no time. Oiling balances the moisture level of dry hair and helps in smoothening out the rough frizz if any
  • Striking Sheen
    Hair oil adds a natural sheen to the surface of hair strands. This is because, healthy hair also shines as a reflection of good well-being
  • Improved Strength And Softness
    Strong and soft make a highly desirable combination. And nothing makes it possible better than a good hair oil treatment from time to time. Hair that is treated with oil begins to look obviously beautiful while being commendably strong at the same time. So, again, if the roots are well nourished, they wouldn’t come out so easily. In other words, reduced hair fall
  • Home-Made Hair Oil For Good Hair

    It is very important to choose the right kind of hair oil while dealing with different hair problems. Treating issues like dandruff and roughness is one thing. However, dealing with drastic hairfall is a much more serious problem. You just can’t take chances. Apart from making the right changes in your diet and lifestyle, you also might need to change the products that you have been using on your head. To begin with, try making a healthy oil at home itself. It is a highly recommended idea because when you make things at home, you know exactly what all is going into it. So, no risks of chemicals and non-organic ingredients that may worsen the damage.

    Here are a few options that you can easily experiment with:
    Organic Coconut Oil


    Coconut oil is universally accepted as a magic potion for human hair. And if you manage to make that thing without preservatives and additives, you’ll be doing yourself a greater favour. You can add several herbs and powders to make the oil all the more effective.

    Floral Oils From The Ayurvedic Traditions


    Flowers like Hibiscus have a lot of nutritional properties for your hair. You can either use their extracts or chop them for using in hair oil recipes. Another option is to use their powdered versions as one of your secret ingredients. Just dry them in the sun and grind them fine. They’ll be good to go.

    More Ayurvedic Recipes
    Ayurvedic hair oils give you the freedom to experiment without inhibitions. It is because you know they are natural. And also, you run far lesser chances of suffering any side effects. Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj etc are some of the most commonly used options while making Ayurvedic hair oils that help bring hair fall under control.


    From The Spice Rack
    You would be surprised at the properties of regular kitchen spices. They can be used to make herbal concoctions or also for creating exclusive hair treatments in no time. Readily available spices like cumin, coriander, rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper and sesame have been known to boost hair growth for centuries now. The ancient traditions always have a major ion of truth. Though there is no promise of getting a mane as enviable as Rapunzel’s, you sure can manage a better density.

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