Tight-lined, smoked, blended or defined in dramatic styles. Eyes adorned with kohl can make you look like the girl next door, the matter-of-fact professional, the fun-loving diva or just your own unique self. The possibilities that are offered by this simple stick of makeup are more than you can imagine. All you need to do is to go ahead and explore.

First things first, you should be absolutely clear on how to highlight that curve perfectly. And just to get started, here is how your most ordinary kajal pencil can come handy.

Get All The Stuff You Need


Yeah and that is not too much to ask for. Staying organised is the stepping stone to becoming a pro at eye makeup. Get your “tools” in one place. Soft tissues, a mirror and your kajal pencil. If the latter is not new, you might also need a sharpener to carve a fine point. The stronger the tip, the easier is the application. In addition, you can also get your mascara and eyeliner if you’d like a more elaborate look.

Pick A Style

Before you start applying the kohl, it is very important to be clear about what style you want to define your eyes in. Here are a few options.

  • Apply thick lines on the upper as well as the lower lash
  • Break some rules and ditch the liner. Apply a rough line on the top lid
  • Darken the lower lash line and leave the top bare
  • Go simple with the smokey eye. Just put a thick line on the upper lid and blend it upwards using your fingers or smudging brush
  • Create double lines of winged eyes. Just mimic the direction of your winged eyeliner on the bottom lid, using your kajal pencil
  • Create the perfect doe eyes by swirling the kohl lines in mini “U’s” on the edge
  • 6
  • Play with colours like white, teal or brown. Use them instead of the usual black or in combination with it. The latter looks extremely glamorous and unique
Start With These Steps

Coming down to the actual process, here are the steps to apply kohl perfectly with a pencil.

  • Make Your Waterline Prominent
    Begin by lightly lining your bottom lid with the pencil. Just as you would create a sketch on paper, carefully create the line that you would want to intensify later on
  • Start Filling In
    Always work your way inwards when filling your eyelid with kohl. This helps in keeping it symmetrical for both eyes while allowing you the freedom to maintain a particular style that you have chosen
  • Add The Special Effects
    After you are done with the basics, you can go on adding more to it by creating smokey eye or enhancing the lashes with mascara. Don’t forget to put eyeliner on the top lid
  • Wipe Off The Unwanted Residue
    While using a kajal pencil, some of the kohl may fall on your skin as black dust or powder. Be careful to pick these particles away with soft tissues. Or else, they may end up staining your face in ways least appealing

Depending on your preferred style and the time you can spare, the simple kohl pencil can be used effectively for creating multiple looks. You can also use reference images from The Style Circle to get that perfection every time you apply kajal.

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