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How To Design A Plain Saree At Home

How To Design A Plain Saree At Home

A lot of people are getting crafty and creative with numerous D.I.Y ideas. So we thought, instead of the usual tops and jeans, why not introduce them to our beautiful sarees? There are many stunning designs, classic as well as designer wear, to choose from but these are not always affordable or practical to splurge on. A few tricks and you can revamp the plain unexciting sarees. Check out our quick and simple styling/design tips.

10 Simple And Easy Tips To Style A Plain Saree

For the lucky artistic and creative lot, it is easy to pull out fabric paints and dye/paint the saree or gather lovely embellishments and start stitching beautiful designs. But that’s not for everyone right? After all, not all of us are D.I.Y experts. Quick and simple, that’s how we’re going to design the saree.

Tip#1: Saree Border

1. Get A Ready-Made Border Design


There are endless varieties of saree border trims available in the market, from sequins, mirror-work and ethnic to modern designer style. All you have to do is choose a pretty trim, buy it and stitch it on the saree border. The length will depend on whether the saree measurement – 6 yard or 9 yard. You’ll need two for the side borders and one for the pallu width.

2. Add Some Pretty Floral Border Design


Floral patterns add a pretty feminine appeal to any outfit and could be brought to the plain solid saree. You’ll need to cut a floral print fabric such that when you fold for stitching, the width is about 1-1.5 inches.
Get a slim gold border trim and stitch this along the edge of the floral border and the saree to make the two patterns blend beautifully.

3. Get A Contrast Color Border


Stitch a border, trim in a shade that creates a good contrast to the color of the saree. This way it looks more modern and contemporary.

4. Bold Border Pattern


Instead of the delicate border trims, get one in a bold and broad pattern for a striking appeal. Stitch this only on the lower length of the saree. For the opposite length, opt for a delicate silver or gold trim. This way, when you fold the saree, the bold trim stands out while the slimmer trim saves the look from looking too busy.

Tip#2: Blouse

5. Embellished Blouse


Keep the saree as it is and play around with the blouse designs. A heavily embellished, stone, mirror-work detailing or even brocade blouse will help make a lovely statement.

6. Sequinned Blouse


If glitz and glamour be the theme of the party, pair your solid color saree with a sparkly sequinned blouse. Just the right dose of glitter and well balanced by the saree!

7. Geometric/Floral Patterned Blouse


A striking geometric/Aztec pattern or feminine floral print blouse will help bring a slightly edgy and modern look to your saree outfit.

8. Contrast Color Blouse


Colors are a good way to play around with different looks. Instead of a matching blouse, try one in a bright contrast color to make a statement. This looks especially good when the saree color is off-white, cream or in earthy tones.

Tip#3: Embellishments

9. Saree Brooch


The right accessories can completely change a look. This is by far the simplest and easiest way to style a saree – with the right embellishment. Saree brooches are a good way to begin with.
Leave the delicate and subtle designs; instead get some in bold, striking and unique designs. You’ll be amazed how the simple saree is instantly glammed up.

10. Saree Belt Or Kamarband


It is easier to try out jewelleries that one would normally reserve for special occasions like weddings, with a plain saree. For instance, kamarbands or waist-band jewellery that would normally look out-of-place in a printed or embellished saree will look especially good with a plain solid saree.
If you check out the gorgeous designer sarees, you’ll find that some of them can be easily created at home on simple sarees. You don’t have to splurge as much, a little effort is all that’s needed. And what’s more, it’s fun to create your own look. A D.I.Y is always extra interesting, isn’t it?

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