The term boho-chic gained a whole new level of popularity after the likes of Kate Moss, Mary Kate-Olsen, Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens embraced it. This clothing style is now a major part of the fashion world. And be it as a personal style or a trendy choice, many are flaunting the boho-chic look. So what exactly is this trend all about and how can one get the look?
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What is a Boho Look?

Boho look
Boho look

Boho comes from bohemian and chic, as we all know means stylish and elegant. So boho-chic would mean elegant bohemian fashion. This is a clothing style that draws inspiration from the bohemian and hippie influences of the past. A bohemian lifestyle is one that is identified with artistic, free-spirited and carefree living. Thus in its true essence, boho fashion is all about creative freedom and self expression.

Use your outfit, your hair, your accessories or make-up as a canvas for your artistic imagination. There are no essentials bur rather guidelines for a boho look, everything is about you and how you choose to express yourself.

Dresses For Boho Look

Dresses for Boho Look
Dresses for Boho Look

Comfort should come foremost for boho clothing. Also most bohemians are environmentalists, so their fabric choices are inclined towards organic materials like cotton or hemp. Some of the popular clothing choices for women are:

  • Maxi skirts and dresses
  • Loose fitted tops like kaftans, peasant blouse and flowy tunics
  • Trendy denim shorts and skirts
  • Pretty Lace, sheers, crochets and frills
  • Aztec or tribal print skirts, dresses or shorts
  • Tie dye, paisley, suzani or floral prints
  • Vintage 60s and 70s fashion like flared denims and billowy blouses

Layering can really help bring out the best in your outfit. Think embroidered jackets, knit cardigans, kimono tops, frilled jackets or unique scarves.
Add ethnic clothes to your style, it could be something you picked up while travelling or something from your own culture. Mix unique elements to make the look your own.

Boho Chic Shoes

Boho shoes
Boho shoes

Boots are something you’ll see more often in bohemian fashion. Comfortable gladiator sandals and beaded flats are also quite common. Even the Indian joothis or kolhapuris go well with boho looks.

Boho Hair And Make-up

Boho hair and makeup
Boho hair and makeup

The make-up is best left natural. If you want, you can use a thin line of kohl and a lip-balm. Bold lips and smokey eyes are not quite boho-chic.
When it comes to hairstyles, Boho fashion has some of the most amazing ones. Since it’s all about being artistic and original, there is that fun, wild and adventurous element to it.
The best way to begin is to leave our fancy hair curlers or straighteners behind and embrace our natural locks.
Braids are a favourite boho-chic hairstyle, be it full head or tiny braids, one can play around with the looks. The wilder and messier, the better!
Buns and half up-dos are also popular; just keep it relaxed and easy.
The best part is hair accessories. Boho chic girls love pretty headbands, flowers, quirky hair-bands or head-wraps. You can adorn your hair with your favourite headpieces, modern or ethic, yes even the bridal matha pattis that you’ve always adored!

Boho Essentials

The key to a boho-chic look is adding interesting, unique elements that would express your individuality.

  • Boho Accessories

    Big floppy hats and vintage sunglasses that are not only stylish but protect one from the harsh sun go well with the boho-chic look.
    Fringe bags and totes with geometric, tribal prints are popular favourites. Found a quirky bag that your loved but wondered when to carry? Try it with the bohemian look; you can never go wrong with that!
  • Boho Jewelleries

    Silver jewelleries, charm bracelets, beaded necklace, feather earrings and coin jewelleries are favourites. It could be something you picked from the thrift store, the vintage shop or even from a luxury boutique, it’s about what you love
  • Don’t be shy of adding unique jewelleries like arm bracelets, ankle bracelets, body chains or shoulder jewelleries. Pile on and mix different elements, the more the better!
    The love for travelling and experiencing new things are quintessential bohemian lifestyle. So, they pick up interesting ethnic or quirky accessories from different places and add it to their style. Stay close to nature, experience the romanticism of life and be your own artist.

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