Holi is just a day away and we are sure most of you havent decided what you would be wearing for this very special festival. Yes, granted that your clothes are going to be filled with color anyway, but still, looking stylish never hurt anyone!
Here we give you some tips on how you can look hot and stylish even on this color filled festival:


White is the traditional shade to be worn during the festival. Also, don’t forget to choose something that is comfortable for you. You will be filled with water and color all over, so avoid something that is going to become heavy on getting wet. The fabric that is most suitable for wearing is cotton, so that it doesn’t get stuffy with the heat.

We suggest you wear plain white tops with a camisole inside. The best thing to wear with tops for holi are hot pants! They are comfy, and won’t become too heavy with water as they are pretty short in length anyway. Capri pants are another option. Basically, try to avoid something full length if you can.

Kurtas and dupattas with basic jeans or capris are another option, so you can bring out your inner side. Maybe a sleeveless white kurta with bandhani dupatta? They are extremely comfortable and ethnic wear is always stylish.

Harem pants are super trendy, definitely. You should wear tank tops with them to look ultra stylish. A bright colored harem pant would look the best!

Patialas are another comfortable yet trendy option that you can opt for. Short kurtis teamed with patialas are a great combo. Though we would suggest that short and plump women should avoid this combination.


The one type of shoe that you should absolutely avoid wearing are heels. You simply cannot walk in them and enjoy holi at the same time, plus the chances of you tripping and falling are high. We suggest you opt for cute rubber shoes like flip flops and sneakers. Sneakers are best suited for western clothing and flip flops would go well with ethnic wear.


It is said that there is no need for makeup during holi, but that is not entirely true. Makeup on holi will protect from any possible harmful chemicals in the colors during holi. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face, along with waterproof eye makeup which includes kajal, and eyeliner. Bold eyes will enhance your look even after you are drenched in color. You could go for nail art as well, because nailpaints protect your nails from getting filled with holi colors. If you don’t have the time for nail art, then you could opt for a different nail color on each nail maybe? You would totally look like you are in the true spirit of holi then!


The best and simplest hairstyle for you on holi is to tie a simple ponytail. If you are daring enough, then you can even add a simple side braid or two to it. It would definitely add a cute and stylish appeal to your look. Another option is to tie a messy bun. They are always in style, yes, even in holi! Tying it up with a scarf or a bandana is another option. You could even use a short scarf to tie the ponytail. It definitely gives a casual and fun vibe.


If you absolutely have to wear some sort of jewelry, then you could opt for traditional jhumkas or western stud earrings. Just one stud earring in a ear piercing will also up your look immediately. The safest option still remains very relatively cheap and funky jewelry. Ear cuffs are one of the latest trends that you could definitely own on this occasion of holi!

We hope we helped you decide what your holi look is going to be this year. If there is anything we can help you with, then leave a comment in the section below and we are sure to reply with the best advice!

Published by Shalmali Shahane

Shalmali Shahane is a fashion communication student at Symbiosis Institute of Design. She has recently started freelancing to pursue her love for writing. Someone who decided what she wanted to do for the rest of her life at the mere age of 10, she is an art, food and travel lover. A huge drama queen, her greatest passion remains books amongst many others. A strong believer of the phrase “Hope Has Power”, she likes to give her own creative bubbly touch to everything she does.

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