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How To Pair Scarves With Ethnic Wear

How To Pair Scarves With Ethnic Wear

They are always a part of your wardrobe. In every season and for every occasion, these are the kind of accessories you always have space for. Scarves. A great way to balance out an outfit. The perfect addition to every style because of their versatility. Cotton, silk, chiffon or wool, scarves never go out of fashion. But so does ethnic attire!

Indian ethnic clothes too have this versatile nature that makes them popular all year round. But how to pair them with scarves especially when the latter is a necessity in winters? It’s no rocket science. Just a bit of imagination, the boldness for experimentation and tips from The Style Circle are all you need.


1. Choose The Right Length Of Scarf For Every Dress

right length

Scarves are available in an array of sizes. And the bigger is always the better. This is because it is way easier to wrap big scarves in multiple styles. The length of the scarf also depends on the kind of ethnic clothing you wish to wear. Short,square scarves are ideal for casual kurtas and ethnic skirts. But when it comes to saris, kaftans or Pakistani suits, the length of the scarf needs to be generous.

2. Pick The Material According To The Season

Material according to the season

This goes without saying. You wouldn’t want light-weight jute or wool hanging on you in warm summer months. Similarly, the cold, synthetic fabrics are a bad choice for winters. Heavy cotton and rugged textures would keep you warm as well as in the perfect style mode for winters.

3. Keep It Stylish With The Right Combinations
Small scarves with lehengas could spell disaster. And don’t even think about bringing in tasselled edges to go with a festive suit. Balance is the key. And styling the right way, with the right combinations is essential.

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Styling It The Right Way

1. Use Scarves To Cover Your Head And Protect Your Hair From Pollution

Protect your hair from pollution

Choose long, textured scarves with baggy ethnic wear. Fabrics like wool and thick cotton should also have some interesting prints and textures to complement your ensemble. Wrap these scarves like turbans or comfortable covers for ears.

2. Use Them To Add A Twist

add a twist
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There are endless ways in which you can twist a scarf. And the plain kurtas are a smart choice when you decide to try out those twists. Also, you can pair them with flared pants and palazzos that have an ethnic appeal.

3. Ornamental Scarves For A Boho-Indie Feel

ornamental scarves
Look for scarves that have metallic beads and bells attached to every corner. Such scarves are usually not too big in size. Ideally, they should rest around your throat. A lot of scarves also have loose shreds and threads hanging along the edges. Don’t give them a miss as they are sure to be an asset to your ethnic wear collection.

4. Extra Big Scarves Can Serve The Purpose Of Much Loved Layers
A good option to be tried as headgear in winters. Also, if made of jute, denim, wool and other heavy materials, they can very well be used as shawls and layers with saris and suits. If you want, you can go gypsy style by tucking them into a broad belt. It works well with flared bottoms and skirts as the look is that of a poncho.

5. Prints, Embroidery And Decorated Surfaces

printed scarves

Add life to solid coloured ethnic wear by pairing them with printed, embroidered or beautifully decorated scarves. You can also think of including pieces with exquisite mirror work, tie and die or batiq prints, traditional motifs, sequins and unique thread work.

6. Bows And Knots To Pep Up A Single-Colour Kurta

bows and knots

When you choose smaller scarves to go with everyday ethnic attire, it is better to tie them in several different styles. This would help you keep it interesting without being over the top in any way at all. You can tie them like cravats to cover your necks or tie them into bows to be paired with ethnic skirts and tunics. Or, go for the classic single twist where the two ends overlap around the neck and hang loose at the front.

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