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How to Select your Curtains

How to Select your Curtains

If you have ever shopped for new curtains you would’ve gone through the dilemma of what and how to buy as there are lots of elements to consider while buying this crucial part of your home decor.

While buying curtains you need to keep in mind the colour tones of your room(s), which in turn will decide the colour, fabric, and length of your curtains and not to forget the drape style.

So let’s break all these elements into pieces and discuss them separately.

How to Decide the Curtain Hanging Length?

Curtain Hanging Length
Lets start with how high or low you want the curtains to hang. Some materials like silk etc. look better when hung long as they fall beautifully when allowed to flow all the way from the top to the floor.

Hanging curtains higher above the window gives the illusion of height in a room. You can start about 8 to 10 inches above your window’s starting point and let the curtain hang all the way down till it touches the floor. You can let the curtains droop and fold further when they touch the floor but, it is advised you to refrain from it. Modern homes look better with clean, sharp, strict floor length curtains.

Length to room releation

Also your curtain length largely depends on the room you’re hanging it in. Kitchens and bathrooms windows are best suited for short window curtains or blinds where as bedrooms, drawing, dining room windows are best suited for mid length or floor length curtains.

Using two or more curtains per window will provide a rich pleated look which suits a formal area and makes the room look luxuriously furnished.

How to Choose Curtain Colours?

Choose Curtain Colours
There is no one spot on trick to buying great curtains as each house is customized and therefore unique. So, we can only talk in terms of basic selection framework that can be provided which can be applied to all home interiors.

You’ll need to decide whether you want the curtains to subtly blend in with the room décor or pop out and make a statement. Both choices work wonderfully if executed well.

Pastel and neutral colours are a safe choice as they will blend in with almost any room’s decor and are less likely to loose colour when they come in direct sunlight. However, I would advice you to be adventurous and go with a patterned or a stripy curtain.

For blending in you must pick curtains which are similar to your wall colour only a few shades darker if you have a light beige or white wall and a few shades lighter if you have a dark-ish wall.

Bold look curtains

For a bold look which strikes the eye the minute someone enters the room you’ll need a bold colour… something which defys your wall colour and is independent of the shades in the room. Pinks, reds and chrome yellow shades are cheerful, happy colours and can be used with most wall shades.

There is however an essential rule of thumb which has to be followed and found to be very useful which is that if you have floral, printed or patterned furniture then stick with solid coloured curtains without any print or border and if you have solid coloured or non printed furniture then go for printed, pattened curtains. This helps balance the surroundings beautifully.

How to choose the Curtain Fabric
For a Formal Setting

Curtain fabric for a formal setting

A living or drawing area would fall into the formal seating category and therefore thick and rich fabrics like silk or velvet will look appealing. You can also club your silk curtains with a translucent doubly lined thin cotton curtain sandwiched between two opaque silk or velvet curtain. Please bear in mind that silk and cotton curtains are best suited for dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning only.

Silk and velvet are expensive options and therefor you can replace them with their washable variants such as cotton sateen and silky rayon polyblends.

For an Informal Setting

Curtain fabric for an informal setting

Bedrooms, TV rooms etc. would fall under this category. The mood here is casual and cotton or rustic linen curtains work wonderfully. Cotton and cotton blends look crisp and soothing to the eyes and remains season less. They are washable and reasonably priced. You can slip a silk or a sateen curtain in between two cotton curtains just to give a more plush semi formal look. Now you are set to buy the curtains you truly need.

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