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How To Transform Sweaty Feet To Sweet Smelling Feet!

How To Transform Sweaty Feet To Sweet Smelling Feet!

Do you suffer from a serious case of smelly feet? Do you have to think twice before you’re confident enough to remove your footwear at a friend’s house? Here are a few tips and tricks that you could probably benefit from.

1. Deodorize – This is particularly helpful because like all else, sometimes our soles tend to sweat too. Either use baby or talcum powder on your feet before wearing your socks, or you could also try applying a generous amount of baking soda inside your shoes. Both of these will reduce odour causing bacteria.

2. Use Insoles – Using an insole that is not too thick and one that will keep your feet dry can also help reduce bad odours. Cedar chips can particularly be used in this regard, by placing them in your shoes overnight. Since they have anti-fungal properties, they help to deodorize as well.

3. Personal Hygiene – Wash your feet each time you remove your shoes. This kills bacteria and it’s much nicer to put your legs up on the sofa if they aren’t smelly! In addition, you could also use anti-microbial soap to wash your feet while you’re in the shower. This keeps them fresh and reduces chances of infection.

4. Change Shoes – It’s important not to roam around in the same pair of shoes all the time. Allow your shoes to breathe and have a few alternate pairs that you can use in the interim.

5. Freeze them – Yeah, this might gross you out, but it’s a sure shot at killing those buggers for good! Wrap your shoes in zip-lock bags and place them in a freezer overnight. This kills the bacteria and microbes and gets rid of the odour as well.

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