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How To Wear A Bra In Style

How To Wear A Bra In Style

Wear a Bra in StyleIs there anything more satisfying than getting multiple uses out of one item of clothing? You can turn the heat up in your style by styling up the conventional bra in different ways. It’s fun, lightweight, and looks good paired with so many things. Looking at the small piece of fabric, you may be second guessing your choice of top, but I promise you, there are ways to make a bra look more trendy fashion choice! From the Sari blouses getting a Chic twist to adding a little pizzazz to your tops that you can team up palazzos, skirts or under an overall, you can wear it in many more styles. Gone are the days when you just had the option of plain white bra. Today, Bras range in design from super simple to sexy and embellished. This flirty under layer of clothing is essential, but can also serve as a complementing article of clothing to your outfit.

As far as options go, the selection is endless. For women who prefer simplicity, soft cotton bra can go with virtually any ensemble and can be found in a wide range of colors. If you prefer more pizzazz, try a bra with slight embellishments, such as a floral design, lace detailing, or ruched fabric.

Still Confused?? Here are some of the ways in which you can wear a bra in Style.

1. Wear The Bra As A Saree Blouse

Bra as a Saree Blouse
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Women who love to add the sensuous appeal to their desi look can opt for these bra blouses. For a Bolder look make sure you put hair on the side or pin it up to flaunt these blouses It adds a certain mystery & subtleness to your ensemble, making the look more sensuous rather than just being labelled as sexy!
To achieve a sexy, see-through look like a celebrity, the blouse has to be just right! These Bra blouses are very contemporary. Flaunt one with a Saree for your next party and look like an Ultra Glam Diva!!!

2. Wear Bra Like A Crop Top With Palazzos

Bra like a  Crop Top

Another way of Wearing a Bra is to team it with Palazzo pants. You can look hot like Jacqueline Fernandez by wearing a sheer embroidered bra and adorn a jacket and wear it with a flare white palazzo pants. The embroidered bra with Palazzos can be easily styled up for the night if you feel the plunge neckline of the bra seems a little daring for daytime wear. Pairing this neckline with high waisted palazzo pants and sandals makes for a very chic look.

3. Wear A Bra As A Choli With Lehenga

Wear a bra as a Choli

Try wearing a Bra as a Choli and add an oomph factor to your over all look. Simple bra choli adds more glamour on the overall appearance with the floor-length lehenga. You can team the lehenga with the similar color bra or choose a contrasting bra and add charm to your outfit. Make this trendy attire the best choice for your next big event and become the talk of the town.

4. Wear A Bra With A Long Skirt

Wear a Bra with a Long Skirt

It’s always wise to choose a form-fitting top with a longer skirt. The bra top is definitely the perfect partner. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing just a bra top, wear it underneath a cape and let the bra top peek out. It can be difficult to make this look appear fashionable as opposed to overly revealing, but remember it is all about how you accessorize it. Adding oodles of Jewellery like the Statement Necklaces will make you look super glamorous for those night outs.

5. Wear A Bra With Jeans Under A Blazer

Wear a Bra with Jeans under a Blazer

When wearing the bra top, choose a high-waisted bottom. Whether it is Jeans or pants, the high-waisted option will not completely expose your belly. It’s subtle, but sexy. The bra top looks great with skinny high waisted jeans and a boyfriend blazer, a perfect breezy summer look. The blazer adds coverage suitable for any summer day, and if it’s scorching hot this bralet won’t look too out of place at all.

6. Wear A Bra With Overalls

Wear a Bra with Overalls

Pair a plain, sleek sports bra with overalls for a tomboy effect. The sleek sport bra works perfectly with the overalls. In return, the overall accentuates the revealing nature of the girl’s sport bra. Wear sleek sneakers for a casual look or pumps to give finishing touches to this outfit.

7. Wear A Bra With Shorts

Wear a bra with Shorts

Make the heads turn by teaming a bra with a pair of Shorts. It can be flirty and fun. You can add a few other patterns in the bottoms you wear, along with the jacket or shoes and you’ve started something that could be amazing. A delicate, white, lace bra is perfect with the Shorts. It can be a way to keep it cool and light. Simply team with sunglasses and sandals for ultimate beach-babe vibes

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8. Wear Bra With Skirts

Wear Bra with Skirts

Just as seen on the runways, pairing a bra with a skirt can be fun and adorable. This is a perfect way to dress up a bra, despite how care-free and easy it is. If you’re going for a slightly sexier look, this is it. You’re showing off all your curves with this one. Depending on how you do this one, you’re bound to turn heads. This bra combined with a skirt and right accessories makes an outfit worthy of a party. Just keep your makeup fresh and simple and your hair soft and tousled for an effortless look or tie your hair in a ponytail for that pin up look.

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I was skeptic of this style, because it looks weird and daring to use bra to style an outfit. However, when getting the balance right a bra can be a piece that you will want to show off come day or night. I have seen couple of stylish and sleek ensembles featuring the bra that have made me make a fashion U-turn. So, these were some of the bra styles to show you how great it looks to complement a bra to your attire. Bra tops are pretty versatile; they’re a fun and flirty alternative piece to wear. Showing a little midriff is not uncommon; it just requires you to be confident enough to embrace it.

Are you yet to buy a trendy bra this season? Will you be investing in this piece?

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