How To Wear White With Elegance This Summer?

white for summer

There is something about this neutral that spells class. It’s clean, simple and chic. Whether a set of pearls, a tote or just a dress, anything in white offers immense styling possibilities. What’s more? It could very well classify to be the best colour or non-colour for the summer season. Because we all know that it keeps us cool.
Let’s see how easy it is to allow white to rule the summer trends.

Flare It Up

Flared linen pants are an absolute must-have this summer. Not fitted like jeans and not too old-season like the palazzo. Basic linen pants will have an artsy air that you can pull off effortlessly. Pair it with an ethnic shrug to get all eyes on you.


Throw In Some Nudes


An extremely beautiful combination, whites and beiges will work perfectly at work, at home or even when it’s just another day out. The coolness of the shades blend into the most elegant vision when you do it right. As an alternative, you could also try some black stripes and highlights instead of the nudes.

Turn Up The Denim Summer Fashion


We can never go wrong with the good old denim. But this time, think boyfriend-jeans and light-weight summer blazers to break the clichés.

Bring In The Lacey Elegance


We are not trying to dress you up like a bride but a little lace never did any harm. If you are still worried about how to wear white lace then you can always pick up a balanced set. For example, a nude skirt with white lace-work or a white lace top paired with a denim jacket. Now, that’s so not bridal!

Embrace Subtle Prints


To keep your prints in tune with summer, look for something that is not too heavy or cluttered. Faint florals or abstracts could be a good idea. You can also choose to keep it all white while your bag is covered in such prints.

Make A Statement With Jewellery


The white trend is the best opportunity for you to flaunt a statement neckpiece or a quirky belt. Not only will the lack of colour highlight your style, it would help strike the perfect balance between purity and adornment.

Keep It Light With Jumpsuits And shorts

What’s summer without shorts? It’s time to take out interesting T-shirts that can go well with white shorts. And if you choose a jumpsuit, make it look cute with some beads and colourful, strappy sandals.

Walk Like A Lady In Maxi Dresses


We love maxi dresses. They have the old-world feel as you step out in them while being extremely contemporary when it comes to fabric and silhouette. You can walk like a lady from the 17th century while fitting perfectly in the trendy scene of today. Polka dotted accessories, large sunglasses and footwear in your favourite colours will complete the look easily. And if you want, you can also sport a bold pout and well decorated nails.

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