Indian Bridal Eye Make Up Options

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Aside from the fact that weddings are a big deal in India, the main things that matter for the bride on her special day are her wedding trousseau, jewelry and of course, the makeup. The different eye liner styles, contouring, lip color etc. helps in getting a well put together look for the bride according to the trousseau and jewelry of the bride.

One of the most important make up done on the bride is her eye makeup. It is the one area on her face where a lot of color experimentation can be done and various styles can be tried too! We give you the lowdown on the latest Indian bridal makeup trends.

Eye makeup for brides
Some popular trends right now are smoky eyes, ideal or perfect eyes, round eyes makeup, prominent eyes makeup, big eyes makeup etc.

Brushes used for eye makeup are


  1. Liner/Angular Brush
  2. Faces eye makeup brush
  3. Blending brush
  4. Eyeshadow Applicator Brush
  5. Dual Ended Brow Brush
  6. Bent Liner Brush
  7. Soft Dome Brush
  8. Pencil Brush
  9. Stiff Dome Brush
  10. Eye Shader Brush
Eyeliner Styles And Tips For Brides:

Smokey and Natural Eye shadows
You can try out a ton of different eyeliner styles for your eyes.

  • Cat Eyes: The one that is most trending right now is the cat eye style as it gives the eyes a more elongated and sly feline flick look, this seems to go well with the bridal attire
  • Winged eyeliner style: You can choose how thin or thick you want the line to be, and that’s why this style is most preferred these days. This is also called the
  • The Natural Look: Brides are now opting to make their eyes have all the attention with heavy kajal and false eyelashes. The new trend is to look fresh and natural and that’s why some brides are ditching the colored eye shadows for a nice eye liner shape
  • Smokey Eye: The cat eye look doesn’t suit everyone, but the smokey eye look does. The main colors used for it lately are black and green. Of course other colors too can be mixed with the black. Silver, grey, gold, shimmery pink and even bronze are good colors to create the well-defined eye. Burgandy smokey eyes and ink blue smokey eyes are currently favored by Indian brides. A trick is to smudge the eye shadow into the lash line and water line, this will create depth thus making the lashes be more prominent
  • Give yours eye the hints of color and metallic shimmer, they are sure to better your look this season

Click here for more eyeliner styles

Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

Bengali Bridal Eye Makeup

  • Bengali bridal makeup is extremely beautiful and famous. It needs to be done so as to give a sparkling look to the eye
  • Eye shadow: Most favored colors are a vibrant coral, shades or red and gold. IF two shades are used then they should be blended extremely well using the brushes given above. Two lines of eye shadow should be applied to the brow bone as well to lift the eye look
  • Eye liner: The Bengalis love their eye liner to be artistic, thus it should be thick and winged
  • Kajal: Kajal too, like the liner should be thick and should define the eye. It goes without saying that it should be water proof and smudge proof
  • False lashes: Bengalis, though blessed with thick eyelashes, may sometimes need false ones. These immediately accentuate the eye
  • Mascara: At least 2-3 coats of a good quality curling mascara should be applied
Eye Shadow Colours For Dark Skin

Eye shadows for dark skin
Gorgeous, chocolate colored skin is the best.

  • Satin: The peachy hues immediately show on the eyes, and a liner will also be visible if you give it a lighter base color with an eye shadow
  • Bronze: The metallic shimmer will give a nice warmth and depth complimenting your skin tone. For a dramatic effect, apply it with a damn eye shadow brush
  • Burgundy: Burgundy gives the eye a natural seamless look when it comes to dark skin tones
  • Toast: This works as an awesome highlight color, a combination of various shades of brown and beige. If not the final look, it works very well at least as a base shade

Step By Step Guide on how to apply eye make up

Videos On How to Apply Eye Make Up

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