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Indian jewellery has been known for its unique, ethnic aesthetic. Predominantly ruled by the yellow metal, Indian jewellery designs have evolved from dainty to huge to unbelievably gigantic to back to dainty. There have been experiments and fusion in the designs so that they can be more suited to the contemporary tastes. Today, it is not just gold that draws the attention of jewel connoisseurs. It is also the globally appreciated innovations that continue to change for the better. And the credit goes to the highly creative jewellery designers. The list is quite long but we have tried to keep it to the minimum, highlighting our favourites.

The Established Famous

Here are the top five most celebrated Indian jewellery designers, who continue to fascinate us every time they launch a new collection.

1. Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali
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The beautiful designer, also a fashionista, seems to also lend a unique beauty to her work. Inspirations from legends and fairy tales, sparkling rings and magical themes are a perpetual element in Farah’s portfolio. Her choice of colour and form always create an ethereal feel to whatever she comes up with. If you are looking for out of the box ornaments that are equally updated and trendy, Farah is the ultimate name to turn to.

2. Poonam Soni

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A name that has now become synonymous with bespoke platinum, Poonam Soni is a highly fascinating designer. No one could have imagined that a hobby would lead to something so mesmerizing. Look at her pieces to see for yourself. Sparkling birds, Sollitaires taking the shape of exquisite swirls and highly intriguing cuts, all are a signature style of Poonam. She is known to have mastered the art of creating luxurious platinum jewellery too.

3. Maheep Kapoor

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Maheep Kapoor launched her store Satyani Fine Jewels in the year 1990. She hasn’t looked back since then. Her designs are created to suit every occasion. She specializes in gold jewellery but with several intriguing twists. She adds her own elements that are materialized with precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, white and rose gold and even diamonds.

4. Nitya Arora

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Nitya and her accessories brand Valliyan work with an aim to cater to the needs of the modern, free-spirited woman. Expect to see a lot of glass work, exceptional use of wood and other rare materials. Sometimes combined with gold plating, Nitya’s jewellery stands out not just because of the materials used but also because of her extremely creative designs.

5. Eina Ahluwalia

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Eina Ahluwalia, as a label, is quite a regular at Lakme Fashion Week. Her designs are more than just any jewellery. They reflect a new approach towards wearing opinions and perspectives as ornaments. Characterized by calligraphic messages in Hindi and English, traditional deities created in a wire frame, swords and chandeliers etc are recurring elements in her collections.

The Fascinating Nouveau

The emerging designers who have been showcasing their work at the iconic fashion weeks seem to possess an awe-inspiring spark. With never-seen-before ideas and combinations, these designers have brought forth an array of statement collections fit for modern day queens and kings.

6. Laksh Pahuja

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He truly stole the stage with his Titanic neckpiece during the IIJW 2014. His collections are proof that even jewellery design can cross the edge of imagination. His unexpected hair ornaments and gorgeous 3-dimensional works will certainly draw you in like a magnet.

7. Sumit Sawhney

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Sumit Sawhney is the founder of the label Apala, a label known for its specialty silver jewellery. With the exposure and knowledge that he has gained over the years travelling, he blends international elements with the Indian Kundan, Meenakari, Chitrai and Rava. His appreciation for the rich design heritage is clearly reflected in his collections. It is because of his innovative young ideas that he has been making headlines in the industry for quite some time now.

8. Indra Jadwani

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Indra seems adamant on reminding us all of the glamour of Mogul courts! It is very much evident from the way she treats each of her creation. A hard-to-believe combination of subtlety, drama and elegance is what she manages to maintain all the time. Jewellery by Indra Jadwani are indeed a glorious culmination of old world classics, with a very trendy edge.

9. Anand Shah

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He is recognized for his exciting play with gold. Unlike the boring glimmer of traditional gold jewellery from India, his portfolio is a marvelous compilation of adventurous design elements, held together with an amazing work of perfection. Hailing from the state of Rajasthan, Shah also incorporates the colourful nuances of the culture into his pieces.

10. Preeti Jain

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This young designer has made a mark as a specialist in bridal jewellery. Her work comprises of detailed craftsmanship and the use of sparkling gemstones in an array of hues. Preeti’s designs are smart, contemporary and simply beautiful.

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