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Inner Lip Tattoos – The Latest Tattoo Trend

Inner Lip Tattoos – The Latest Tattoo Trend

Miley Cyrus's inner lip tattoo
Miley Cyrus’s inner lip tattoo
The tattoo craze gained new heights when Miley Cyrus instagrammed a picture of her ‘crying kitty’ inner lip tattoo back in March 2014. You can rub it off as another fad but a lot of people out there are getting their inner lips inked. And if you’re planning on getting one yourself, it’s a good idea to learn some facts about these quirky tattoos.
Inner lip tattoos are more private and personal, something of significance to the owner or so we would like to think. It’s not for the public, pulling your lips down to show off your saliva laden tattoo is not a good idea.

Facts about Inner Lip Tattoo
Inner Lip Tattoo
Inner Lip Tattoo
  1. Inner lip tattoos are not inked on the lips but rather on the inside of your mouth under the lower lip.
  2. Most people say that tattoos on the inner lips are extremely painful while some claim it to be the least painful tattoo. So, it all depends on a person’s pain threshold level.
  3. Inner lip tattoos will not last a lifetime. A few weeks to a maximum of five years, that’s all it’s got. Well looking on the brighter side, this should be good news if someone’s got a regrettable not-so-good tattoo art
  4. These tattoos need regular touch-ups to make them last a little longer
  5. They are prone to fading, blurring and smudging because of, you guessed it right, the chemicals, acids and moisture in the mouth
  6. Inner lip tattoos take more time to heal
  7. It is one of the most challenging tattoo work for the ink artists. Besides the space constraint, the skin texture is very different from other body parts

Imagine having to hold your lip open and trying not to make any movements while he attempts to ink your inner lips. Hats off to the artist!

Inner Lip Tattoo Design Ideas

Don’t think of getting a fancy artwork inked on the inside of your lips because – that’s just too much to ask for! The area is so small and not to mention delicate, it’s a tough job

Inner Lip Tattoo Design
Inner Lip Tattoo Design

Think of playing with words. Suit your personality, some like their tattoos to be inspirational, some like it saucy, some like ’em cute while some prefer to stay funny.

Funny Inner Lip tattoo Designs
Funny Inner Lip tattoo Designs

You can also look for small designs like a star or a heart or an emoji.

Small Inner Lip Tattoo Designs
Small Inner Lip Tattoo Designs

Pros and Cons of Inner Lip Tattoo

To be honest, the cons far outweigh the pros of getting an inner lip tattoo.
Besides the fact that you’ll have a secretive tattoo that you can keep checking out in the mirror and that for once, your boss won’t have a problem with your tattoos, there’s nothing much to look out for.

Pros and Cons of Inner Lip Tattoo Designs
Pros and Cons of Inner Lip Tattoo Designs


  • Due to the constant moisture content and the plain fact that the mouth is where we put our food in, inner lip tattoos are prone to infections. On top of that it takes time to dry and heal
  • Allergic reactions to the dyes used for inking can cause serious problems because unlike our hands or legs, these areas can’t be bandaged and treated
  • In extreme cases, the tattoo inks have been known to rub against the gum tissues causing the gum to painfully erode overtime
  • Inner lip tattoos are expensive even if they won’t be as elaborate and won’t last long
  • If you plan to get one anyhow, hunt for a skilled artist known for fine delicate work

    Precautions before getting inked
  • Eat! Once you get the tattoo done, you won’t be able to eat for awhile
  • It’s a pretty new trend, so get inked only from a reputed professional tattoo artist
Precautions after getting Inner Lip inked
Precautions after tattooing
Precautions after tattooing
  • Religiously follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions. If he has given you an aftercare ointment, apply them as per instructions. Keep specific note of the duration as well
  • After getting inked, avoid food or drinks for the first few hours.
  • Spicy foods, hot drinks and acidic foods like vinegar and citrus fruits may irritate the tattooed skin. So limit their intake
  • Diligently rinse your mouth with an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouth wash before and after food. The same applies after smoking

Most of us have our reservations but inner lip tattoo is definitely unique, a one-of-a-kind trend. Let us know if any of you have tried it yet!

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