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Every holiday season, we all wait for Pantone Color Institute to announce the hue for the coming year. Well this year they surprised us by choosing for the very first time not one but two colors for the year 2016.
A double serving of his-and-hers cotton candy. That’s one way to describe this year’s much-anticipated Colors of the Year pick from the Pantone.

These colors being a blush pink called Rose Quartz and a tranquility inspiring soft blue called Serenity. By selecting two soothing, airy pastels, Pantone has a message for us all: Chill out.


Are you eager to know why Pantone selected two colors this year? Well according to the executive director Leatrice Eiseman, by Choosing two hues with gender symbolism reflects the gender blur and fluidity that is taking place in fashion and the culture at large.

Their philosophy behind launching these two colors has very beautifully been explained in the video below:


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It’s easy to include both Rose Quartz and Serenity into your wardrobe this year. The colors are very soft and can easily be worn in a monochromatic manner to create a statement, or in subtle dashes such as accessories. Since these colors were selected because they work in harmony, you don’t have to be shy about wearing them paired together. However, to avoid a childish combination, select one color as your focus and add sprinkles of the other to pull the look together flawlessly. Also try pairing the combination with silver, golds or hot brights for more “splash and sparkle.”


Color # 1- Rose Quartz- this was a much predicted color this year and was also seen worn by many celebrities. Rose Quartz is a soft pastel rose pink hue and name is inspired by crystal stone also known as “the stone of love”. It is also believed to letting go of negative emotions and bringing positive vibes.

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Whether you choose to wear sheath dresses, gowns, cardigans, flared short skirts or jackets, Anarkalis or Lehengas, this color will totally make you look up to date with the latest fashion. It could act as a neutral, or make a statement without being overwhelming, depending on how you style it. Complimentary on most complexions, Rose Quartz is great for daytime events, interviews, and looks fabulous on a makeup palette.

Here are some of the ways to wear this color and look like a Diva :
Sandwich a Rose Quartz skirt between a black top and black pumps for a sophisticated look that’s perfect for winter.

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A girly outfit that includes a pink jacket and a pink bow would work wonders in both winter and spring. Balance the look with an edgy touch of leopard or you can try this monochromatic pastel outfit that will look irresistibly chic this Winters.
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Consider working a menswear-inspired style. A pastel blazer will give you a lot of bang for your buck; you’l l wear it with everything from denim to dresses. Also you can Pair your Rose Quartz outfit with some Rose Gold accessories like a belt, bag or shoes.
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Our Bollywood Diva, Sonam Kapoor is a fan of the Pantone color of the year! She has worn lehengas and sarees in
the same color a lot many times, over the past few months.

Rose Quartz looks best with silver embroidery and jewelry, or pale gold jewelry.

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A little rose didn’t harm anyone and this Gauri and Nainika gown worn by Kriti Sanon is a stunner and gives us a lesson on pairing Rose Quartz with bold color. There’s just a little bit of rose quartz in this gown which makes it stand out!


Color #2-Serenity– this is perfectly named calm, periwinkle blue. Well it is not very easy to incorporate but definitely worth the try. Serenity is buoyant and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.

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From a stylish serenity skirt to a warm serenity coat, you can almost wear the serenity pieces for all year around. The color can be paired with black, grey, white and any other colors for an effortlessly cool style with ease. It is also a good idea to wear head-to-toe serenity outfits if you are really into this shade. When it comes to the footwear, you can choose from flats, pumps and boots depending on different occasions.

The cool blue shade is the perfect juxtaposition to Rose Quartz, or works well alone. It’s great for a weekend look or a day in the office. With the right accessories, it’s a pretty colour for going out, as well.

Below are some outfit Insiprations and ways to pair them :

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Serenity pairs well with neutrals like shades of tan, whether it’s a light shade like almond or a dark hue like camel. Look for this shade when you’re choosing bags, belts and shoes to go with your Serenity outfit like this long flowly dress.
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This hue is perfect with denims. Worn with dark jeans, it serves a purpose that navy never can: It allows you to wear all blue without being totally monochromatic.
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A serenity blue crop top and skirt is a cool combination which is spiced up by a Serenity blue blazer. This outfit can be neutralized by black heels and a structured bag
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Accordion skirts, circle skirts, pencil skirts, and even dress pants like palazzo and culottes in Serenity or Rose Quartz hues look great with basic tops whether it’s a tank top, turtleneck, sweater, structured blazer, or button down shirt. Just go for muted shades like neutrals or pastels to avoid overshadowing your Pantone palette. These color choices can be great for your office outfit, fancy outfit, and even casual-chic looks that call for a feminine and gentle fashion style.

To make a bolder statement, wear two Pantone shades in one outfit. Serenity blue dress will look great with a pair of Rose Quartz shoes as well as Serenity clutch with Rose Quartz blazer.

How to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity in Beauty

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Sephora and Pantone are making consumers think pink — and pale blue — with their latest makeup tie-in. The collection includes a 24-shade pan eye-color palette, lip glosses and lipsticks to choose from.

Rose Quartz and Serenity translate well to beauty and adding on-trend-hues to your beauty routine is so much fun ! Here are some ways you can update your looks with these colors:

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Rose Quartz lip is a good alternative to the traditional nude. Pale pink lips flatter most skin tones and can really brighten up your complexion.
If you are a big fan of pinks on the lips, eyes and nails- Rose Quartz is a very soft and wearable shade. The Rose Quartz is the perfect pink and not overpowering, appropriate for work yet still fun for the weekend. Pale pink blush with a slight golden tint gives your cheeks a flattering, rosy glow. This color offers a variety of lip, cheek and eye palette options, as well as hues for nail color and is flattering against many skin tones.
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Serenity is less versatile than Rose Quartz but it is a beautiful and cooler alternative to a classic smokey eye. Blue hue compliment the brown eyes well and acts as a cool neutral and will look good with pretty much anything. If you are someone who doesn’t like to experiment with colours on your face, you can add this color on the nails. The Icy blues nails look very chic during winters.
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Eyes are arguably the most wearable way to add these two Pantone colors to your routine. You can also go a step further and do a gradient design on your nails inspired by Pantone’s Colors of the Year Rose Quartz and Serenity.


Emporio Armani Spring 2016
Emporio Armani Spring 2016
Vionnet Spring 2016
Vionnet Spring 2016
Chanel put the two colors together in its haute couture collection for fall 2015. Prada did the same for spring-summer, as did Fendi and Armani. Thom Browne put the color merge front and center for his 2016 resort collection for women, while Richard James and Roberto Cavalli used the two together for men on spring 2016 runways.

Blurring gender lines on catwalks had Valentino showing pale pink athletic-inspired shoes for men with a band of serenity blue, along with leather backpacks showing off geometric splashes of the same shades.

Pantone also said that the two colors are popular choices for jewelry, fashion accessories and wearable technology.


Sonakshi Sinha And Alia Bhatt Wearing The Color Rose Quartz
Sridevi And Kajol In The Color Serenity
Sonam Kapoor Wears The Color Serenity At Cannes 2014
Seems 2016 is going to be a colorful year for all of us. With the New Year, it’s time to change from Marsala to rose quartz or serenity.

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