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Kamar Bandh In English

Kamar Bandh is the most sensual part of Indian traditional jewellery. Talking about “Kamarband” (कमरबंद) or “The Saree Belt” it has a few more versions that it is known in girdle, patka and phenta. In Southern India it is know as Vadiyanam. A few also call it as sash or waistband. The Waistband is worn around the waist resting delicately at the waistline.
This delicate piece of jewellery can accentuate the appearance of a saree when worn around it. A low waist saree would definitely augment the effect of a kamarband but if you have a curvy middle portion then a slightly different fitting for the same would work.

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Indian women have been wearing Kamarband since Vedic period. The oldest references of “Solah Shringar” (bridal makeover) are found in Vedic books which clearly indicate it being used in those days, as it is one of the sixteen beauty enhancement ornaments described since then. During Mughal era, Indian culture experienced countless changes but the solah singar ritual managed to live through ages. Apart from being used a jewellery for the bride, kamarband is also used for many Indian classical dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Odishi.

Types Of Kamarband

Kamarband is one of a kind which can be found in many types of materials and studded with Ruby, Polka, Kundan, Amethyst and Swarovski:



  1. Gold Kamarband:
    It gives more of a bridal appeal and mostly worn by a bride during her marriage
  2. Silver Kamarband:
    This kamarband gives a casual and party wear look. Usually silver kamarband are found in simple yet elegant designs
  3. Pearl Kamarband:
    This gives a feel of royal look and looks best with light and plain saree to accentuate the look of the kamarband
Various patterns of Kamarband
  1. Three Layered Kamarband Style:



    Wearing Kamarband is easy to wear on the waist with three layered kamarband style on any lehenga or saree
  2. Two Layered Kamarband Style:

    Two Layered Waist band

    Two Layered Waist band

    This decorated kamarband is decorated with little stones of two layers, having a stud style dandling pearl between them
  3. Kamarband in necklace Style:
    Necklase Kamarbandh

    Necklase Kamarbandh

    The necklace style kamarband is like an art of the designers to wear around your, make you a celebrity among your friends
  4. Kamarband in flower necklace style
    Flower Design Kamarbandh

    Flower Design Kamarbandh

    The amazing flower style kamarband looks very feminine and adds a beautiful design to the saree
  5. A Must have for Bridal!
    southindian-bridal kamarbandh

    southindian-bridal kamarbandh

    The Vadiyanam or waste band just accentuates the entire bridal look. The whole attire is incomplete, and since it is bridal, it is sure to be heavily loaded.

    Young ladies in India love to wear Kamarband as their custom and add an exquisite appeal to their identity giving an outlined attractive appeal

Diverse Ways to wear Kamarband

Kamarband is a one of a kind which can be worn any of the following eight ways:

  1. As a part of culture:
    What to pair your waist band with

    What to pair your waist band with

    Kamarband in South of India is one of the most important jewellery to be worn specially on a wedding day. The gold kamarband with silk or kanjeevaram sarees accessorize a bride well apart from her bridal and hair jewellery. It is called the “vadiyanam” in most of the South Indian languages
  2. With Saree:
    When kamarband is worn with a saree, maybe a stylish saree or a simple one, it makes sure that the saree is at proper place and doesn’t let the saree move here and there
  3. With Lehenga:
    Kamarband with Lehenga always shows a part of Indian culture and this tradition is still being followed now
  4. what to pair your waist band with

    what to pair your waist band with

  1. With Gown:
    To accentuate the look of a gown in a traditional way would look good a simple chain like kamarband. Especially silver color kamarband would add five stars to the look of a red or black gown
  2. With Anarkali:
    Though Kamarband has never been associated with an Anarkali suit, but still if it is added with anarkali, it gives a special factor to the look
  3. With Jeans:
    Kamarband with jeans gives a complete Indo-Western look to a lady. The kamarband used for this style can be a silver chain with a little hanging around the chain
  4. As a fashion statement:
    Shilpa shetty, a famous Indian actress loves wearing Kamarband as a style statement with her Indian attire. She has also worn this in many fashion shows
  5. As a statement of jewellery:
    Kamarband as a statement of jewellery can be a contrast of the attire and the jewellery. The same as shown in picture as yellow saree and green stone studded kamarband is a good example as a statement of jewellery
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