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Know All About Fake Eyelashes

Know All About Fake Eyelashes

Ever wondered how those Beauty Queens of the Silver screen manage to get those voluminous lashes? Well you can get them too. Yes you heard us right. False eyelash is the answer.


Today we will tell you all that you need to know about false eyelashes.

How To Apply?


How much ever tedious it sounds, applying false eyelashes is not that difficult. But it does require precision and patience.

  1. Take your false lashes and toggle them a bit. Curve them in order to add a shape to them
  2. Then place them over your eye to check how you want them to be. See if they fit
  3. Apply glue to the band. Make sure the glue you choose is a good quality one. False lashes are all about the glue, which holds them together. The glue that is sued is generally opthalmologist approved
  4. Apply them along your natural lash line under your natural Lashes

Phew, task done. So now lets discuss more about them in detail.

Types Of Lashes


There are many types of false lashes ranging from

  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Flared
  • Winged
  • Cat eyed

Depending on the look you want to achieve you can make a wise selection.

Steps To Apply False Or Fake Eye Lashes:
  • Select: Selecting the right kind of camouflage lashes is very important. They need to conceal your natural ones and look in synch with them. So select the right size and shape
  • Trim: Place them along your eye and see if they fit. Start fitting them from the inner corner of your eye. Trim whatever is left of the eyelash. If your fake ones are wider than your natural line, then trim them so that they can be of perfect length. Trying and testing is they best way to go about it
  • Glue: Like we have mentioned earlier, eye doctors generally approve the glue. However it is best to invest in good brands for this purpose. You are going to apply this on the inside of your eye so a good brand really matters
  • Apply: After gluing your lashes stick them. Start from the inner part of your eye and then go on till the end. Use tweezers to fix it properly. Some people like to go for single lashes. In that case, tweezers comes real handy
  • Dry: Don’t rush into things. We know you might get a little impatient or might be in a hurry. But the last thing you want is your lashes falling out in public. To avoid that fiasco, let them dry for a good amount of time
  • Mascara: Now the lashes are all fixed, use mascara and darken them to create a voluminous look. Also, Mascara helps in binding your natural and false eyelashes together
  • Curl: Curl your eyelashes upwards for that dreamy next-door girl look
  • Flaunt: Last step is to flaunt your spectacular new falsies. You can also add a liner to the look if you want to make your eyes stand out
How To Remove Fake Eyelashes?

Removing them requires you to first use a make up remover and remove your eye makeup. After you rid yourself of the eye shadow and liner, then use a new cotton pad and slowly with the remover start removing your false eyelashes. Be careful and patient in the whole procedure.

Risks And Precautions For False Eyelashes

The fake lashes may trap dirt and cause really scary infections of the eye, cornea and so on. So you need to take some precautions:

  1. Test The Glue: Now the glue can cause allergies or infections. SO the best way to deal with it is that you apply some on your hand, put it for sometime and then remove it. Wait for 24 hours to see if there is any kind of allergy or reaction. This way you will know if the glue is correct for you or not
  2. Do Not Repeat: Avoid repeating or reusing the same lashes for a long time. Firstly, it is unhygienic and secondly, it can attract a lot of infections. But if you can manage to store them properly, then it wont be an issue
Storing And Cleaning


If you plan to store your falsies, make sure you clean the glue and dirt. Use a cotton swab, dip it into your make up remover and gently clean your lashes. This will keep them dirt free and help you use them in the future too.

When To Discard False Eye Lashes: Expiry Date

If you don’t want to spend time in cleaning up, the it is advisable to discard your false ones after the use. In other cases, if you end up having an infection, swelling, if one or two lashes fall or if the glue doesn’t come out completely, you know its time to throw them away.

Hope we have resolved most of your queries. So now you know how to wear fake lashes like a pro.

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