Monolid eyes
The most common problem that girls with monolid eyes complain of: putting on eye makeup or just the eye liner for that matter. The absence of a crease or a second lid means a struggle to keep the makeup from smudging. But there are some simple tricks that can help.

Use liquid fast-dry liner to tight-line the lids

Liquid fast dry eyeliner

Tight lining the eyes adds depth and definition. And at the same time, it tends to enhance the lashes. Tight lining with a fast drying, liquid liner helps in keeping it mess free and smudge-proof. You don’t have to worry about the fast-dry liner getting on to the top of your lid as it would dry in a blink.

Cats and whales: Choose the right direction of applying eye liner

Cats and whales

One reason why you probably haven’t been able to get the liner right in one go is because you are applying it in an inappropriate direction. Following the natural contours of the eyes will not help if you have monolids. Instead, apply it either in a whale-shape or draw the perfect cat eye.

You can also create whale shapes using black eye shadow. This would work specially when you have to create a winged, smoky look. In fact, the winged whales are sometimes more flattering than the linear cat eyes.

Use a cream eye shadow base underneath a gel eye liner

The combination of a cream eye shadow base and a gel liner is quite an ideal one. The formula doesn’t spread too easily and is very helpful when you have to retain the makeup for long hours.

Always use an eye shadow primer

Eye shadow primer
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Another tip to make your eye shadow stay in place is to prime it every time. Let the primer set in well before you fully open your eyes.

Use gel eye liner as an easy alternative to messy eye shadow

Gel liner

A quick hack that lets you ditch the eye shadows and primers. Draw cross-hatch patterns on the outer corner of your lid with gel liners. Then blend in using gentle strokes with a shadow brush or the tips of your fingers. Long lasting, budge free coverage is right here.

Work with gradients

Work with gradients

The conventional trick of using dark shadow on the outer corners is tried and tested. So, chances are that you would hardly go wrong with it. You can also create more interesting gradients by using more than one shade of the same hue. Start with the darkest shade close to the lash line and work your way inwards, taking lighter tones to complete the gradient.

Play with the lashes: Go for volumizing mascara

Play with the lashes

Mascara can bring out the best of your lashes. And what more can you ask for when your accentuated lashes actually accentuate your whole look.?

Highlight the waterline and tear ducts

Use a brow pencil in a light shade, closer to your skin tone and apply it tactfully on the waterline and tear ducts. These highlights add a natural definition to the shape of the eyes.

Add drama with shadows on the bottom lid

Shadows on the bottom lid

Though the upper lid should always be done more intensely, you can add softer shades to the bottom lid. The effect would be one you would fall in love with. However, if you would rather go for a low-key look during the day, skip the shadow, but still maintain the liner.

Never fake a crease

You may think you can draw a crease using dark shadows and hard lines. But it becomes very obvious and stands out as artificial. And then, why would you want to ruin the natural beauty of the monolid?

Keep experimenting with colours

Experimenting with colours

It is always better to remain open to new colours when applying eye makeup. You can go for a double lining on the lower lids for more drama. Or you can just add a neon streak on the outer corners. The bold hues would only make the effect more beautiful.

There are other ways to enhance your monolids. And in case you wish to experiment with glitter and other options, have a look at these step-by-step tutorials. From a party look to a routine wear, these tutorials can be used as inspiration every time.

>Easy tutorial for enhancing monolid eyes

Create the perfect everyday monolid look

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