Style your black sareeFor every Indian woman, wearing a saree is always a moment of pride; she gets to celebrate tradition while looking ultra-stylish. Our Indian sarees somehow have the magical ability to bring together culture, elegance and style! Today, sarees have become fashion statements, we often see famous celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. A lot of Hollywood celebrities have also experimented with sarees and looked graceful but as they say no one looks better in sarees than our beautiful Indian women.

Sarees can last you a lifetime. They are often passed down from generation to generation, buy something special, they’ll always remain special!

Much like the fashion staple-the LBD [Little Black Dress}, we also have the TBS. The black saree is a must for every girl. Be it a formal or informal occasion, a black saree can come to your rescue. It is a timeless piece which increases grandeur of femininity.

Here are few ways and tips you can mix and match and style up your black saree:

Style It With Different Blouse Designs

Style it with different Blouse Designs
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Nothing glamorizes a saree as much as the perfect blouse. A stylish blouse with a simple black saree can add to the beauty of the saree. You can go classic, brocade, sequined or shimmer. Different types of fabric give different looks to your saree. The cut of the blouse also enhances the beauty of the saree and adds to the charm of the black saree. A Mandarin collar in a blouse gives sophisticated and conservative look and spaghetti strap or a halter neck gives a sensuous appeal to the same black saree.

Add Contrasting Petticoats Under The Sarees

Add Contrasting Petticoats under the Sarees
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Gone are the days when petticoat was just a mere boring cotton garment to be worn under your saree. But now you can mix and match your petticoats with your sarees. You can even play around with sequin or shimmer petticoats or go with the bright neon ones under the sheer black sarees.
You can also take a cue from designer Manish Malhotra. The designer layered the black net sheer saree over a red metallic ghagra. The resulting contrast of translucence and metallic shine created a rather sensual combo.

Style It With Jackets

Style it with Jackets
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There are innumerable ways to add that zing to your black saree and one of them is wearing it with a jacket! A style that has been in vogue lately, adding a jacket to your black saree can add a definite élan and class to your saree.

Add Statement Jewelry

Add Statement Jewelry
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That pretty piece of jewelry without which dressing up seems incomplete adds some sparkle and glamour to your black saree. Statement necklaces or a chunky pair of earrings have been a huge trend for a while now. The right statement necklace, Jhumkas, chandbalis can take your Black saree to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain saree into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need to add. You can also add charm to your saree with opulent headgear and haath phool of nawabi era.

Team Up With Accessories

The saree over the period of time has not only become glamorous and sensuous all-time-wear for women but has also undergone various transformations. A Sari to us is a symbol of Indian culture, it is tradition, and now it’s also a style statement.

Team up with Accessories
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You can give a fun twist to this traditional Black saree by teaming it with a belt like traditional silver and gold accessorized belt earlier known as the Kamarbandhs. You can even accessorize this traditional black drape with belts made up of leather, beads, and metals to accentuate your waist.
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A brooch has been used by ladies from ancient times for holding a saree. It can be used as a fashion accessory too. It not only holds the pallu in place but also brings old world charm to your black saree. So go ahead don it in a variety of styles and designs to enhance the beauty of your black saree
Another great pal to your black saree can be in the form of a nice clutch or sling bag, a tall pair stilettos and there you go – you will become a true diva on the horizon.
Take some references to style up your black saree from here to get that perfect look. Choose your occasions, pick your style and look flawless and ravishing.

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