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Nail Art Ideas For Your Wedding

Nail Art Ideas For Your Wedding

Wedding Nail ArtWe have been flaunting nicely decorated nails every now and then. We love to draw intricate patterns or dress up our talons with tiny gemstones. We have gone from exclusive Indian ethnic styles to a broad range of florals, glitter and what not. So, with so many possibilities, why not try something on the most special event of a lifetime? A wedding! And we don’t mean only a traditional style wedding but any way in which you have chosen to tie the knot. Just scroll down to take inspiration from the following wedding nail art ideas.

Blue Against PastelsPastel
This is a very simple design to create. Choose any two pastel shades that you like and put them on adjacent to each other, horizontally. Then, take a metallic shade in copper, silver or gold and use a thin brush to draw criss-crossing lines or curves in any way you like. Fill the spaces in a contrasting royal blue.

The Charm Of A PeacockPeacock
If you have picked a peacock colored lehenga for the big day or for that matter, if your dress is going to be in any shades of blue or green, this nail art will become your favourite. Simply paint all your nails in a blue-green ombre. Use golden polish to draw miniature peacock feather shapes on any of them.

Blue Petals Lined In GoldBlue Patels
Shades of blue create a lovely monochromatic canvas. Time to use your creative thinking and use those shades for painting elongated floral petals on the nails. Outline these petals with gold or any metallic polish of your choice.

Kitschy French ManicureManicure
Just as you would dip the edge of your nail in white, paint it in pink, brown or magenta, extending the width more than usual. Use black paint or any other dark colour to draw lovely swirls on top of the painted surface. Add a stone or shiny nail sticker at the base of the nail for added sophistication.

Neutral Ombre DesignOmbre
This could be a little difficult if you are not very patient with thin lines and patterns. The nails are to be painted in an ombre of white and black and then delicate patterns should be drawn in the right contrast. The designs could be as simple or as complex as you like.

Very IndianIndian
Every Indian bride who loves the traditional wedding colours of red and gold would love this. Use deep red nail paint, tiny gold coloured beads, some stones and golden polish to create this very Indian bridal design that also has a 3D appeal to it.

Geometry In GreyGrey
Absolutely gorgeous and out of the box, this nail art lets you experiment a lot with your trousseau mainly because it is so unique and at the same time, very suited to the wedding feel. This design also has a very wallpapery edge about it. If you like, you can also add a dash of yellow on one of the nails for a surprise focal point.

Metallic Stripes In Shimmery RedRed
The shimmer is mainly because of the gold though. Another variant of the “very Indian” design, this art is a little less complicated but needs a lot of patience. Ideally, you should use a very thin brush and acrylic paints to get this flawlessly.

Bronze DustBronze Dust
Grey and bronze make quite a beautiful combination. You can either use bronze metallic paint or stick-on foil to get the texture more easily. Avoid using black. Instead, use a darker shade of grey to draw the lovely patterns. While the paint is dry, you can sprinkle a dash of bronze powder for a more glittery look.

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