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Explore The Health Benifits Of Oil Pulling

Explore The Health Benifits Of Oil Pulling

oil-pullingOil Pulling is a popular Ayurveda Indian tradition, which has been going on for years, but has recently caught our attention. It is a technique where one puts a spoonful of oil in their mouth. Pull the oil through the teeth for sometime and then spit it out.

How to do it?
  • Step one involves choosing oil. Choose from coconut, olive, sesame or sunflower oil
  • Put one tablespoon of oil in your mouth and then squish it around for 20 minutes, pulling it between your teeth. Be slow and gentle or else you will end up with a stiff jaw
  • Once the time is up, carefully spit it out. Make sure that you don’t end up consuming the oil, because that oil will contain toxins
  • After spitting it out, swish your mouth with warm salt water and then brush
Oil Pulling

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Top Benefits Of Oil Pulling

It is said to have a lot of health benefits other than freeing your mouth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

  1. Whiter teeth and better oral Hygiene:
    Don’t let the toothpaste ads get to you. Oil pulling will serve you better as the oil possesses natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that clean your teeth and brighten them up. It is also an excellent solution when it comes to fighting cavities or eliminating bad breath
  2. Feel more energetic: So if all the bad toxins are removed from your body, you will feel more active and energetic. This is one of the greatest benefits of oil pulling
  3. Balancing Hormones: Oil pulling is also known to have a balancing and stabilizing impact on your hormones. Ladies, are you listening?
  4. Avoid Headaches: Like we already know, oil pulling helps us detoxify. This in turn will help you get rid of those nasty migraines and headaches. Yes, this miraculous therapy is really handy
  5. Keeps Skin clear: Oil pulling works for your entire body and helps you get rid of toxins. Thus cleansing your bloodstream. This has a great impact on your skin


This age old therapy is gaining popularity for a reason. Try it out soon and you will see the results within one or two tries.
All hail, Ayurveda.

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