Top 10 Kohl Pencil Brands In India


A kohl pencil is one of those products that most women can’t live without. From defining the natural shape of the eyes to creating a dramatic smoky effect, kohl pencils come really handy. This make-up essential, a complement to the liners and shadows, needs to be chosen wisely. Whether you pick the most talked about version or stick to your most trusted brands, kohl pencils are the perfect companions to your beauty basics.

Let’s have a look at the best beauty brands that are ruling in the Indian market when it comes to Kohl pencils.


One thing that makes Maybelline stand out is it’s multiple offerings for defining your eyes. Right from the colossal kajal to the latest gel pencils, the brand surely is the ultimate in terms of variety. Intense lining or an ethereal effect, you can choose a kohl pencil that lets you create blendable or hard lines around your eyes.

Must try: Eyestudio Lasting Drama, Master Kajal, Eyestudio Master Smoky, Master Precise Skinny.


If you are looking for a comfortable grip in your kohl pencil, go for the collections offered by Lakme. The various pencils allow a creamy texture that last for long hours. What’s more? Lakme eye pencils are enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin-E and high-shine pearls. Do you need any more reasons to grab these?

Must try: 9 to 5 Glide On, Eyeconic Kajal, Absolute Kohl.


When you think Colorbar, think color. That’s right. Looking for some experimental shades in Kajal pencils? Check out the smooth formulations offered by this brand. Some of the attractive options include hues like steel grey, royal blue, browns, greens and of course, blacks in varying intensity.

Must try: Just Smoky Eye Pencil, All day Waterproof, I-Glide Eye Pencil,

Max Factor

Give your eyes a shot of sexy glamour with Max Factor kohl pencils. Choose one that is as firm or as soft as you prefer and you will be all set to step into a party, a date or a corporate dinner in no time.

Must try: Kohl eye-liner pencil, Excess Intensity, Colour X-pert.

L’oreal Paris

The eye pencils by L’oreal glide smoothly and give long-lasting results. The best part is they can be easily removed at the end of the day. So, no mess even after you have put on your best show.

Must try: Superliner, Superliner Gelmatic, Kajal Magique, Contour Kohl.


Create bright and eye-catching depth with the help of Kajal pencils by Oriflame. These are dermatologically tested and approved for wearing for long hours. So, you can be sure that your eyes won’t be irritated anytime soon.

Must try: Kajal Pencil, The One, Beauty Eye Intensity.


Revlon lets you easily blend colour and contour your eyes. Choose from smooth, matte and powdery finishes that each kohl pencil leaves behind. You could very well call that the most comfortable and convenient beauty hacks that have been never seen before.

Must try: Colourstay One Stroke, PhotoReady Eye Art, PhotoReady Kajal Matte Eye Pencil.

Elle 18

Go bold or retro. Pick up some of the classic eye pencils from Elle 18. Easy on the pocket and pretty on your eyes, these pencils have been making eye make-up easy and appealing at the same time. So, you can very well do it like a pro the next time.

Must try: Water-resistant blackout, Kajal Pencil, Kohl Eyeliner.

Lotus Herbals

When beauty is combined with benefits, that leads to an irresistible product catalogue. That is what Lotus Herbals has been doing with their range of nourishing cosmetics. And kohl pencils by this brand are no exception. The botanical extracts that form a major part of the product ingredients, can end up being extremely beneficial to your eye health.

Must try: Hypnotica, Natural Kajal.


Intense waterproof make-up is a forte of Chambor. The same applies to the range of kajal pencils that it has to offer. Take your pick while on the go or order one online, the options are all open to you.

Must try: Stay On Waterproof Eye Pencil, Dazzle eyeliner pencil.

How To Look Hot And Stylish On Holi

Holi is just a day away and we are sure most of you havent decided what you would be wearing for this very special festival. Yes, granted that your clothes are going to be filled with color anyway, but still, looking stylish never hurt anyone!
Here we give you some tips on how you can look hot and stylish even on this color filled festival:


White is the traditional shade to be worn during the festival. Also, don’t forget to choose something that is comfortable for you. You will be filled with water and color all over, so avoid something that is going to become heavy on getting wet. The fabric that is most suitable for wearing is cotton, so that it doesn’t get stuffy with the heat.

We suggest you wear plain white tops with a camisole inside. The best thing to wear with tops for holi are hot pants! They are comfy, and won’t become too heavy with water as they are pretty short in length anyway. Capri pants are another option. Basically, try to avoid something full length if you can.

Kurtas and dupattas with basic jeans or capris are another option, so you can bring out your inner side. Maybe a sleeveless white kurta with bandhani dupatta? They are extremely comfortable and ethnic wear is always stylish.

Harem pants are super trendy, definitely. You should wear tank tops with them to look ultra stylish. A bright colored harem pant would look the best!

Patialas are another comfortable yet trendy option that you can opt for. Short kurtis teamed with patialas are a great combo. Though we would suggest that short and plump women should avoid this combination.


The one type of shoe that you should absolutely avoid wearing are heels. You simply cannot walk in them and enjoy holi at the same time, plus the chances of you tripping and falling are high. We suggest you opt for cute rubber shoes like flip flops and sneakers. Sneakers are best suited for western clothing and flip flops would go well with ethnic wear.


It is said that there is no need for makeup during holi, but that is not entirely true. Makeup on holi will protect from any possible harmful chemicals in the colors during holi. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face, along with waterproof eye makeup which includes kajal, and eyeliner. Bold eyes will enhance your look even after you are drenched in color. You could go for nail art as well, because nailpaints protect your nails from getting filled with holi colors. If you don’t have the time for nail art, then you could opt for a different nail color on each nail maybe? You would totally look like you are in the true spirit of holi then!


The best and simplest hairstyle for you on holi is to tie a simple ponytail. If you are daring enough, then you can even add a simple side braid or two to it. It would definitely add a cute and stylish appeal to your look. Another option is to tie a messy bun. They are always in style, yes, even in holi! Tying it up with a scarf or a bandana is another option. You could even use a short scarf to tie the ponytail. It definitely gives a casual and fun vibe.


If you absolutely have to wear some sort of jewelry, then you could opt for traditional jhumkas or western stud earrings. Just one stud earring in a ear piercing will also up your look immediately. The safest option still remains very relatively cheap and funky jewelry. Ear cuffs are one of the latest trends that you could definitely own on this occasion of holi!

We hope we helped you decide what your holi look is going to be this year. If there is anything we can help you with, then leave a comment in the section below and we are sure to reply with the best advice!

This Is How You Should Protect Your Hair From Holi Colours!


You should never let one good thing ruin another. Holi celebrations are going to be super this year but that doesn’t mean your hair needs to feel left out, neglected or taken for granted. We know you wouldn’t do the latter but just to be sure, have you figured out a way to keep the post Holi blues at bay? Like really. How are you going to keep your hair safe and well kept even after the fun-filled day comes to an end?

We will tell you how.

Start At The Roots


Taking care of the scalp is part of taking care of your hair. It is because the scalp is what holds and nurtures every precious strand on your head. So, never let this part of you get over sensitised or damaged. Go for a mild yet effective scalp lotion or baby oil. Your regular hair oil should also do the trick. Don’t be afraid to put as much as possible.

The oil would form a thin film that repels colour. In other words, the pores on your head will not absorb anything that they should not.

Shield All The Way

Gradually, work your way through the length of your hair. Don’t bother about how so much oil would make you look. You can very well cover it up.


The health of your mane is what matters the most at the end of the day. And we don’t want you to compromise on that just for looking like you stepped out of the salon for playing Holi. That would be pretty lame to begin with.

Use The Right Hair Products

You can also pick a good nourishing serum to give this anti-colour coating. The idea is to build your defences in any suitable way you can!

Stay Natural

Speaking of salon styles, this is just not a good time. Treating your hair with complex or chemical rich procedures at the salon can turn out to be nightmare after Holi. You never know how those treatments would react with the dyes and tinted chemicals that you might be subjected to in case you are sport for the festival.


In a nutshell, keep your hair exactly the way it is. Leave the extra pampering for later. Once the colour fever passes its peak.

Be Smart With Styling


And no, we don’t mean keeping it loose or half done. We are talking about braids. If you follow the oiling advice, then braiding would also be the most appropriate hairstyle for you. Not only will it keep the bad-hair-day-feeling at bay but would also lend you an edgy statement to be talked about.

Keep It Off Limits


Yes. Quite literally. Either keep your head covered with a sturdy cap or wrap your tresses in a scarf or bandanna that won’t fall apart at the wrong time. Remember that if they can’t reach you, they won’t be able to harm you.

Play Intelligently


Holi doesn’t have to be so scary as it appears to your hair and skin. Only if you were smart enough to make intelligent choices. Instead of chemical-rich hues, go for flowers or herbal powders. They might end up being good for you while being safe for the environment at the same time.
Remember that the festival of colours represents happy moods. Naturally, it is important that your hair feels the same way too. Bombarding it with the harsh stuff can cause long term damage. You can also consult a dermatologist for advice.

8 Skincare Basics You Need To Know Before Holi


It’s time for the annual Indian colour fest, Holi! And the excitement can get to the better of us. All that fun, food and colour splash, sure makes for an amazing celebration. But make sure that you don’t end up with skin woes in the midst of all this.

As you gear up for the riot, we are here to help you out with some pre-Holi skincare essentials.



1. Seal Your Pores
When you play Holi, there are high chances that your skin will absorb all the colours. And considering the high chemical content of most of these hues, they can wreak havoc in the form of breakouts, allergies and rashes. Go the prevention way and seal up your pores with a thick layer of moisturiser. Not only will the pigments remain at bay, the moisturizer will also make it easier to remove their stain at the end of the day.

2. Shield from the UV rays


The next most important thing is sunscreen. Because water and the overhead sun are a horrible combination for your skin. Once the moisturizer has seeped in well, apply a generous coat of high SPF to stay safe from sunburn and tanning.

3. Don’t Ignore The Ears


Pink or deeply coloured earlobes long after Holi don’t really look great. You sure do not want to turn up like an ape at work. So, take all the preventive measures for your ears. In addition, remove all the jewellery that you may be wearing. These can get damaged while you are having fun.


1. Wear Glasses
Do not let any colour enter your eyes as this can lead to serious eye problems. Wear protective eye wear as much as possible. Flexible and elastic bands with unbreakable glasses are a good idea. Or you good take a smarter step by investing in a pair of diving/swimming shades.


2. Avoid Contact Lenses
Contact lenses might sound like a tempting solution to protect your eyes without any heaviness but they can absorb moisture and mess things up for you. Avoid them if you or going to be with people who don’t like a dry Holi.


1. Protect Your Nails And Cuticles
Just like the skin on your face and body, your nails can absorb a lot of colour. The stains look less than appealing and can also cause your cuticles to become infected. So, dip your fingers in some baby oil or slather a good amount of nail cream to keep the nails on your hands and feet safe.


2. Make your skin colour-proof
Just like you would prepare your face, prepare your hands and feet. The rules remain the same. A thick layer of moisturizer followed by sunscreen. And if possible, wear socks and thin cotton gloves for that extra precaution.

Most important, try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Remember that we too are a part of the environment which means if we harm the latter, we ourselves wouldn’t be immune to that harm. Play safe with natural or herbal colours. Go for flower petals instead of toxic commercial dyes. Also, avoid wasting water. Holi doesn’t have to be a mess. It can be fun even when we are putting ourselves at a lesser risk of damage.

Bollywood’s Best And Most Rocking Looks From 2015

Katrina--Kareena-featureThe young Bollywood fashionistas have brought out their fashion games like never before. Young, sassy and with an innate sense of style, they bring fierceness and boldness to their looks. These Bollywood celebs are making their presence felt at the International fashion scene like never before. Let’s check out the most glamorous looks from Bollywood 2015.

Priyanka Chopra


Hands down one of the most fierce looks from a Bollywood beauty – this is Priyanka Chopra slaying it in Toni Maticevski gown. From the cut to the color, this outfit was meant for rockstar Priyanka. Apart from the choice of outfit, what made this a winner was the styling – the metallic Mawi neckpiece, the edgy hairdo and the stark contrast of the vampy red lips, everything on point!

Sonam Kapoor


This lady is such a huge fashion icon, it is almost torturous having to select the best of it all! Sonam Kapoor gave this luxurious look at the beginning of the year, for the 60th Filmfare Awards. A creation by one of her favorite designers, Anamika Khanna, complimented by heavy traditional jewelleries by Sunita Kapoor, this remains one of her most loved looks.

Katrina Kaif


How can one manage to look smoking hot and classy at the same time? The answer is Katrina Kaif. Her personal style veers towards minimalistic, classy choices but her pick for the GQ Fashion Nights, a gorgeous cut-out by Philipp Plein, was a little unlike her and boy, are we glad!

Kangana Ranaut


For top fashionista Kangana Ranaut, fearless and statement-making are what defines her sense of style. Here’s what happened when she veered away from her high-fashion looks and donned a traditional Indian saree. It was bold meets subtle – the gorgeous color blocking against the clean designs, the heavy jhumkas and mogra flowers against the light natural makeup. How stunning does she look?

Anushka Sharma


Her personal style has a slight bohemian vibe, something rarely seen in Bollywood. At the Burberry Spring 2015, Anushka’s front row appearance made headlines among all major fashion columns worldwide. Check out how she added her personal spin to the H2T Burberry look. The floral scarf belted at the waist gave a lovely contrast to the dark blue of her dress, with the patterned boots complimenting it so well. Easy breezy and well put together!

Neha Dhupia


Her appearances both on the red carpet and otherwise, have been nothing less than remarkable. This look enters our top 10 mainly because of Neha Dhupia’s style game. To Nishka Lulla’s wedding brunch party, she wore a white and gold Rohit Bal lehenga with a modern necklace and matha patti by Anita Dongre. The make-up was rightly kept natural and adding a bit of edge was a pair of aviators. A stylish womania, we say!

Deepika Padukone


A stunning actress, Deeepika Padukone can pull off any look, be it western, contemporary or Indian, with equal ease. This glitzy saree is definitely one of her signature looks, with the heavy earrings, bright lips and up-do hair but here’s the deal – it is not easy to pull of heavy sequins and bright colors, more so together! But Deepika managed to slay it with class like a queen.

Aditi Rao Hydari


Aditi Rao Hydari has this unique ability to make every outfit look feminine and elegant. The stunning Masaba saree that she wore to the PK success party is not for everyone. The light dewy make-up, (thankfully no red lips!), the middle-parted updo hairstyle and the minimal jewelleries balanced out the quirkiness of the saree beautifully. Its H2T perfection!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


2015 has been a remarkable comeback year for Aishwarya Rai. From Vogue cover shoots to red carpet appearances, everything she did was flawless. The actress gave one of her most iconic looks in an Oscar de la Renta gown at the ‘Jazbaa’ Cannes Film Festival photocall.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Arriving as one of the celebrity guests at the International Children’s Film Festival, Kareena Kapoor made sure all eyes were on her. The vibrant Payal Khandwala ethnic outfit looked absolutely stunning. Completing the look was Suhani Pittie neckpiece, Anita Dongre clutch and flawless, radiant makeup. Without an iota of doubt, this was one of the most searched; most requested outfit of 2015.

10 Clothing Hacks For Summer


ITS SUMMERTIME! Yes, we know what you are thinking. The crazy sweating is back, isnt it? Well, we surely cant help but sweat, but we can definitely think of various things to beat the summer. And no, we are not talking about ice lollies. We mean clothing hacks that define summer fashion! That’s right, there are tons of things you can do to beat the heat and show the summer who the real boss is. Here are some of the best clothing hacks for you to try this summer:

1. Crop Tops


So what if you don’t own a crop top yet? You can make one. All you need is an ordinary looking tshirt, prefereably a loose tank top. Cut it from the bottom to whatever length is okay for you. We suggest going just above your belly. But hold on, don’t cut out the extra part completely. Cut it in an abstract manner so as to get fringes out of it. So there you have it, a fringed crop top and you havent spent a dime!

2. Pocket Friendly


Everyone has a plain white shirt, or a tshirt. We suggest you take a tshirt in this case as this is a casual look that you want to go for. All you need to do is add a small pocket on one chest portion. You can choose the material, color, design, everything. And its going to look cute as hell. Try for funky print. Though the pocket is tiny, it will immediately make the top look better.

3. Cutout Top


If you are among the daring ones, then you can go straight for a huge cutout at the back of your top. It can be any shape you want, just make sure you do it with care. Heart, moon, star, anything you like! You can also add a lace patch to make it look sexy like in the photograph above.

4. Abstract Cutout Tees


We cant let this article be completed without cutout tees can we? You need a pair of scissors and a cutter if you want to be absolutely precise. Any kind of cutout that you want can be done. You can also refer to some of the pictures above for ideas.

5. Wear An Undershirt


Ever wondered why men wear vests underneath their shirts? The only purpose of those vests is to keep sweat from reaching their work shirt. So why not do the same underneath all those lovely tops? Also, it has been proven that a soaked up vest can help the body cool down. Gross, but its true.

6. Invest In Bra Liners


Ever spent days crossing your arms to hide the sweat patches that have formed on your midriff? That means that you definitely need bra liners. These will soak up your sweat before it reaches your midriff. Yes, you can breathe a sign of relief now.

7. Sleeve it up


You can add fringes to your half sleeves too. Extremely simple, and looks great too.

8. Oversized Tees


We are sure you have lots of oversized tees lying around. Most women do, they are so comfy after all! Slash it a little bit at the center, twist and tie it up, and there you have a whole new dress for yourself!

9. Collar Love


Love shirt collars but too hot to wear shirts? Well, we have a hack ready for you. You can get a simple collar and midline stitched and simply wear it with a similar colored top. Looks trendy, and you get to beat the heat too!

10. Jazz Up


We get it, you cant keep cutting and cropping your clothes. So how about you add something to the old ones. One of the best ways to do this is to have a decorated collar. It can be waste CD cutouts, cute buttons, or you can even do some fun embroidery.

We hope you loved these summer fashion tips as much we did! Do try them out and let us know how well you did them.

TOIFA-Divas Who Rocked The Red Carpet

The much celebrated TOIFA – The Times of India Film Awards took place two days back and lots of winner took home the coveted trophies that night! The awards took place in Dubai and saw a huge amount of celebrities on the red carpet. We give you the fashion frontrunners who totally rocked the red carpet on the celebrated night!

Kareena Kapoor


Also the star performer of the evening, Kareena looked like a goddess in a Marsala colored figure hugging, one-shoulder, half-cape gown. The Monisha Jaising dress was definitely a hit on the red carpet. With a minimal makeup look and loosely tied hair, she looked every bit the diva that she is. Nirav Modi jewels combined with the gown completed the look.

Parineeti Chopra

Source: &

Arriving in a stunning blue gown with a silver spread by Georges Chakra, she looked ravishing and even joked about how her trail was longer that the red carpet. Shower-fresh hair and minimal jewelry completed her look.

Karisma Kapoor


More like taking the traditional route than playing safe, Karisma wore a black Sabyasachi saree with a white full-sleeved blouse. She was spotted with a sleek one-sided hairdo and looked like she gave her sister equal competition.

Urvashi Rautela


Definitely one of the most surprising divas of the evening, Urvashi wore a beaded black and white gown, she caught everyone’s attention in the racy gown but equally rocked it with a braided hairdo. The quirky attire gets a big nod from us, oh yes!

Karishma Tanna


We definitely love the Faraz Manan gown that Karishma chose to wore to TOIFA. She looked like a princess in the shining bright see through attite, and the dress suddenly highlighted her slender frame. Neatly tied hair and flawless makeup definitely made it all even better than it already was.

Bhumi Pednekar


One hell of a stunner, this girl! She certainly raised temperatures in Dubai with her silver Monica and Karishma gown. The plunging neckline definitely helped! Shaina Nath styled her for this event and complimented it with Masaya jewellery. We simply love those dangling earrings.

Huma Qureshi


The infamous Gangs of Wasseypur actress looked marvelous in a crème mermaid gown with a small cape. The beautiful, off-shoulder, figure hugging gown was just breathtaking and so very charming. The sheer cape only added to the beauty of the ensemble. Totally a hit affair, isnt it? She loosely tied her hair, and let a few strands lose to raise the charm level to infinity.

Top Trends To Rule Mehendi Designs In 2016

The beautiful art of applying Mehendi is an age old tradition in many South Asian countries and the Indian subcontinent. Very often, it is an elaborate and ritualistic ceremony during weddings and festivals. This tradition, interestingly, has continued to retain its beauty even in today’s time. The introduction of modern design elements has made it all the more popular and women are now making it a part of urban fashion. Mehendi art has become not just a tradition but an international fashion statement.
With an exquisite blend of tradition and global exposure, here are some of the top Mehendi design trends that’ll rule 2016-17.

1. Intricate Bridal Mehendi

Intricate Bridal Mehendi

When it comes to Mehendi/mehndi, the foremost image is of a bride and her sacred wedding rituals. It is undeniable that simplicity in design is the latest trend but for brides, elaborate and spectacular are the way to go. Colorful and intricate designs remain the most popular and in-demand bridal mehendi designs.

2. Traditional Indian And Pakistani Mehendi Designs

Traditional Indian and Pakistani Mehendi designs

Indisputably, traditional Indian and Pakistani mehendi designs continue to be hugely popular for wedding and festive occasions. The meticulous and decorative peacock, flower, heart and Rajasthani dulha-dulhan mehendi designs retain its richness and grandeur.

3. Arabic Mehendi designs

Arabic Mehendi designs

The beautiful Arabic mehendi designs are another well sought-after mehndi art. A more subtle use on the hands, extending to only a small part of the wrist is the more preferred style for festive and casual times. One can often find a blend of contemporary style.

4. Moroccan Mehendi design

Moroccan Mehendi design

The beauty of globalization is such that more and more stunning design elements from different parts of the world are refining the existing traditional patterns. One such example is the distinguishable Moroccon Mehendi pattern. A bold statement on the wrist or the back of the hand is often the preferred areas for such mehndi designs.

5. Mix of Traditional intricacy and Modern minimalism

Mix of Traditional intricacy and Modern minimalism

Evidently, a more creative flair of henna artist, those that brings together traditional design elements and urban style, can be seen. One can expect introduction of minimalistic styles to the popular Arabic, Moroccan, Indian and Pakistani henna designs.

6. Colored and stone studded Mehendi design

Colored and stone studded Mehendi design

The use of vibrant colors on henna designs channels the joyous celebrative and festive mood. Apart from colors, sparkly stones and studs will add to the adornment and the spellbinding grandeur.

7. Geometric Henna Design

Geometric Henna Design

Be it from the tribal influence or the perfect symmetry, urban women bring the love for geometric patterns to henna or mehendi. The rustic charm and earthy beauty being a ruling trend since the past few years, these striking geometric henna designs will be in-demand this 2016.

8. Floral and Glitter Mehendi design

Floral and Glitter Mehendi design

The flowy design of the dainty flora and foliage mehendi art has always been hugely popular, and they continue to be so. Expect this in the usual brown or black henna and in a myriad of colors, sprinkled with shimmery glitters. Feminine, romantic and so grand, can there be any doubt why women so love florals?

9. Finger Mehendi design

Finger Mehendi design

Moving on to a more urban and young audience, henna/mehendi adorning the fingers or as wrist cuffs are in vogue. Unlike tattoos, mehendis are temporary and natural. Thus it allows one to experiment and bring out their quirky, bold or fun personalities. A trendy mehendi design 2016 is a striking and edgy pattern drawn on just the index finger.

10. Subtle Lace Mehendi Design

Subtle Lace Mehendi Design

The delicate and romantic lace patterns for mehendi design are gaining fast popularity. These are restrained, beautiful and yet so dramatic; lace mehendi is a style to watch for both as bridal design and as a fashion statement.

10 Inspiring Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

Have you ever bought pretty jewelry that is just too gorgeous to be stored in a box? So beautiful that you just feel like putting it up on display?


Every woman loves her jewelry to bits. However, storage is a very important factor in order to make sure that your baubles survive longer. You need not store your jewelry in boxed anymore. Here are some crazy interesting ideas that will change the way you store your jewels and also give your house a decorative twist.



Trying to unclutter a bundle of chains is the last thing you want to do if you are already running late. Using hangers or hooks to hang your necklaces and earrings in an organized manner. This way they wont get entangled and you can easily sort and post them.



Use those egg crates to perfectly place your earrings. The small tops and rings can fit perfectly and neatly into the small sections that are there on an egg crate.



Use pin up boards to hang your accessories. The process is simple. Pick a nice board of your liking. You can even go for printed boards or peg boards. Peg boards have small holes on them. They are great for hanging earrings. For a pin up board, just add pins and hang your neckpieces around them.



Use those fancy frames and put your jewelry in place of a masterpiece. This one when executed looks really artistic and innovative. The frame needs to be empty. Decorate the wall with fancy lace or a pin up board. Add a frame to it and then hang your jewelry inside it.



Use fancy bottles to stack your bracelets and bangles. You can use colored bottles for the same. For a more interesting look, insert fairy lights into bottles. You will not only get a bracelet holder but also a decorative lamp.



If you are someone into natural or floral motifs then, use a branch to hang your accessories. Colored or broken branches will give your home a very enigmatic appeal.



Put those fancy ashtrays to some good use. Invest in some antique looking ashtrays and use them to put your accessories.



Similar to the ashtrays you can beautiful bowls to keep your jewelry in them. You can either color co-ordinate the bowls or buy different kinds of them. You can venture further into the cutlery section and use pretty cups to hang your earrings.



Vases and showpieces can also be used to hold up your jewelry. Sounds weird right. But try it out and only then will you realize how cool it actually looks.



Remember those three tiered cake stands, where you find the most delicious desserts? Those can also accommodate your fancy accessories. The view will be really delightful in both the cases.


Candle holders



Source: the



Cork Board

Source: the

Enough inspiration for the day already? You must not restrict yourself from experimenting more. Let your creativity flow. Put your organization skills to some good use and infuse this jewelry décor combination in your surroundings.

Captain Nivedita Bhasin: The Woman Taking India To Soaring Heights

The youngest pilot in the world in 1990. And the first woman check pilot on an Airbus-300. She was 26 then and 53 years old now! But her achievements are as amazing as they were back then. Nivedita Bhasin is as full of life and energy as she was when she hit her first milestone.


Bright Beginnings


She was passionate about flying even as a child. She joined Aero boarding at the age of 15, after not being admitted to the gliding club. She got all the moral boost and financial support from her parents who wanted her to follow her heart. And she did not have to care about convincing anybody else about her passion.
Bhasin, based in New Delhi, got her license at the age of 18. She flew as the co-pilot on the first all-women crew on Fokker Friendship in the year 1985 as well as Boeing’s all-women crew in September 1989. Interestingly, she was just the third woman to join Indian Airlines, now a part of Air India.

Taking An Unconventional Route


Not being able to go to a regular college did make her feel different. However, the thrill that came with flying, compensated for that missing part. Getting married too had to be well thought of. She was never the one to give up her passion for a man. So, she found the perfect partner in Captain Rohit Bhasin, someone who would understand her schedule and priorities. Because he too belonged to the same industry. The couple did a fantastic job at managing work, home and raising their children.

The Milestones That Made Her Known To The World


The male dominated aviation industry had never seen a woman captain on an Airbus-300. She created history by commanding a commercial jetliner on the Mumbai-Aurangabad-Udaipur route in 1984.
Also, she flew Air India’s newest Dreamliner aircraft from Charleston to New Delhi. This, she did as the only trained woman pilot for the B-787 in the whole world!

The Family Of The Captains


When she is not flying, Nivedita and her husband spend quality time with their two children in their New Delhi home. The kids are in high-school. She has a keen interest in photography and she manages to take out time for this hobby every now and then. Her husband and children supporting her all the time.
Nivedita encourages young aviation aspirants to be focused and to work towards their aim whole-heartedly. She suggests The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy and the National Flying Premier Institute as two of the ideal places to start training in aviation. Her mantra to never give up is what she wishes others to follow. As it is this dedication that holds the universal secret to success.