10 Style Tips To Wear A Blanket Scarf

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Scarves are just adorable. Be it fall, monsoon or summer, there is a style for every season. There is a colour for every mood. And there are endless fabrics to keep your comfortable. It is this multi-dimensional quality that lend scarves their evergreen charm. No wonder, the scarf size too keeps on getting reinvented in more creative ways than one. One of the cosiest trends being blanket scarves.
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True to their name, these scarves are really big in size. Not to be confused with shawls, these scarves are usually of a different shape altogether. And unlike the bulky shawls, they allow you to experiment with the way you style them.


Wondering how to style such a giant? Use this quick-six list to look super-chic.

1. Use Your Hair As An Extra Layer Of Warmth

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Leave your hair loose and allow the mini blanket to take a turn around your throat, enclosing your mane. Not only does it look cute but also keeps your ears warmer. Reason? The scarf will hold your hair in place, covering your ears for good.

2. Turn Them Into Giant High-Neck Collars

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Take several turns to wrap the entire scarf completely around your throat. Keep it just a little loose for comfort. Voila! You wouldn’t be missing a turtle-neck cardigan much. In fact, this could even be better as it would cover your earlobes too, unlike most turtle-necks.

3. Wear Them Like A Cape

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Turn to the unforgettable Victorian influences. Use your scarf as a cape. Just fold it in half, throw it over your shoulders and hold it in place with a pretty, big, jewelled brooch. Or, give it a more contemporary twist quite literally. Just tie the ends into a cosy knot that would stay in place as well as in shape for a long duration.

4. Secure with a belt

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Another easy way to style a blanket scarf is to be as uncomplicated as you can. Just let it hang by itself from your shoulders. And fasten it firm with a stylish belt around your waist. This could also look like a jacket if you want and do it right.

5. Redefine it like a cowboy shawl

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Give it an edgy uplift by sporting it in the cowboy fashion. Easy, simple and practical style in no time. And don’t worry if you can’t get the look perfect. Just a kerchief knot would also resemble this style. Isn’t it less complex than you thought?

6. Drape it over one shoulder

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Try it like the end of a sari or any other India drape for that matter. And in case you are afraid that it might keep slipping off, secure it with an invisible pin or a big, attractive piece of accessory.

Scarf fashion

Styling the blanket scarves would come easy to you. But in case that wasn’t enough, here are the hottest scarf fashion trends to follow.
7. Checks In Braids

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Checks remain in, when it comes to winter fashion. So, remember to keep a few of these in your scarves collection. Make them more fashion forward by braiding them in interesting loops.

8. Casual solids over the shoulder

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Another staple to complement printed apparel. Scarves in single, solid colours can look great even when left hanging casually over a shoulder or two. And the best part is that you can try out new accessories when there isn’t too much detail on this wearable blanket.

9. A throat warming poncho

Source: 29secrets.com

You don’t need to stock up on ponchos all the time if you know this scarf-styling trick. Take advantage of the size of blanket scarves. Simply allow them to adorn you like a poncho would.

10. Wraps and hoods

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Wrap the blanket scarf just for comfort. Because, sometimes, practical use is the most interesting fashion inspiration. Wrapping them around your head allows you to keep the harsh winds at a safe distance from your ears. In other words, the cold won’t really be able to enter your body so easily. You can either allow it to fit snugly or leave some room to mimic a classic hood.

National Jewellery Awards 2015-16: A Glittering Night!!

National-Jewellery-Awards-2015-16In our Country it has been the tradition to applaud and recognize the highest level of art, creativity and innovation. Contests, inducements and awards are critical in determining and fostering the stars of the future, whilst bursaries help the most gifted people flourish.

Jewellery Industry gathered at the Prestigious National Jewellery Awards for a night dedicated to recognizing and celebrating industry excellence.
The 6th edition of the National Jewellery Awards 2015-16 (NJA) organized by All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) were organized at JW Marriot, Mumbai. NJA is the Industry’s most prestigious annual awards show, organized by GJF and a platform to recognize and honor talent with unbiased and relentless efforts for the welfare of Gems & Jewellery industry and establish new trends in the Indian Jewellery industry. Known for its stand for craft, inspiration, passion, devotion and motivation for the industry, GJF offers NJA as platform where true talent of the industry is appreciated and encouraged to stimulate growth and creativity in the industry.

The Gems & Jewellery Industry

The gems and gold Jewellery business has made significant contribution to the Indian economy and society. The sector has grown phenomenally on the national and international front in the last few years. The industry is in transition phase where family owned entrepreneurial businesses are slowly evolving and transforming into organized professional organizations. The Gems & Jewellery industry has over 1 crore strong labour force engaged in the manufacturing of Jewellery, across the country.

About GJF

The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) represents over 6,00,000 players comprising manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, laboratories, gemologists, designers and allied services to the domestic Gems & Jewellery industry. The Federation’s mission is to support and promote the progress and prosperity of all the members in the gems and Jewellery industry across India. It also provides regular news & updates pertaining to the industry, and rules & regulations declared by the Government. It promotes the trade, by participating in promotional events on a national level. It encourages trade by organizing consumer exhibits in India. It also counsels educational and research institutes that help in developing superior quality and high standards for effective functioning of the trade.

People Behind National Jewellery Awards For 2016

The NJA Committee comprised of NJA Committee Convener – Mr. K. Srinivasan , NJA Committee Members – Mr. G V Sreedhar (Chairman of GJF), Mrs. Nirupa Bhatt, Mr. Dinesh Jain, Mr. Rajendra Jain, Mr. Pramod Agarwal, Mr. Ashok Baradia and Mr. DD Karel.

The Awards were Presented by Swarovski Gemstones, World Gold Council as Associate Partner, Platinum Evara as Platinum Partner, Logistic Partner: Sequel Logistics, Co-Supporting Partners: GRT Jewelers and MMTC PAMP, Trade Media Partner: Heera Zhaveraat International, Outdoor Media Partner: Art Media Advt.

National Jewellery Awards 2016 – Four Segments and 29 Categories

The National Jewellery Awards 2016 comprised of 4 Award segments which constituted 29 Award categories. The four award segments broadly classified under Jewellery Awards, Excellence Awards, Artisans/Craftsman Awards and Students Awards.

Under the Jewellery award segment, the awards were concentrated on the Jewellery products that had showcased exclusivity in design, creativity, innovation and set new benchmarks of product revolution within the industry.
Under the excellence segment, the awards were focused on recognizing the innovative marketing and operational excellence adopted by the Jewellery retailers creating business impact successful increase in footfalls, higher sales and customer delight.

The third category awards for artisan, craftsman and Jewellery designers were meant to recognize individual Jewellery designers who with their skills and craftsmanship outline innovative product designs across various platforms setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The fourth category awards go to young talented individual for their creativity and skill in Jewellery designing and is currently studying in a Jewellery designing institute in India. The winning students received Scholarships from GJF to pursue a career in Jewellery Industry with a total Scholarship of Rs. 15 Lacs.
Ernst & Young (EY) were appointed as Process Advisors and the Grand Finale was managed by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

National Jewellery Awards 2016: The Highlights

The night was filled with glamour and entertainment bringing together the best in the business for an evening of celebration. Hema Malini was part of the evening as a Chief Guest. Esha Deol with Bharat Takhtani walked the Red carpet.
The three beautiful actresses Ameesha Patel, Shriya Saran and Daisy Shah walked the ramp for designer Archana Kochar. Wearing a red lehenga, Ameesha made a royal entry in a palkhi and sizzled on the ramp. On the other hand Drishiyam actress Shriya looked stunning in a silver lehenga.
The show was hosted by Manish Paul and the grand night came to an end with Lauren Gottlieb’s grand performance. Noted Jewellers, Celebrities and Socialites were part of the evening in their best Jewellery attires.

National Jewellery Awards 2016 was a prolific affair which showcased the creativity of the Indian Jewellery designers and manufacturers with the view to place the spotlight on India’s design talent pool.

10 Most Romantic Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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Movies are our biggest inspiration for love. For most of us the whole idea of romance is first as shown onscreen. With Valentine’s Day closely approaching you must be wondering which ones amongst the several romantic ones influenced you.
Here is the list we created foy you. Check and let us know how many have you actually watched.

1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Source: mashable.com

With the badshah of romance himself in it this movie affected our hearts in truest sense. Who can ever forget the great Raj-Simran pairing? We know of many people who still catch up this movie every time it’s played on the television. Just cannot seem to get enough of it, isn’t it? To add on to the movie the songs and the music took us to a different parallel.

2. Gone With The Wind:

Source: www.orpheum-memphis.com

This classic is an epic of romance. The sizzling chemistry between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will never let your mind in peace. The longing and true love depicted in the story takes you to a different world altogether. This is yet another movie that most of us don’t want to miss watching.

3. Titanic

Source: www.bbc.com

Even though the movie has a range of emotions and elements to be appreciated what could not leave the audience was the love that strung the lead actors together. All that we were left to remember were Jack and his undying love for Rose. We are sure you couldn’t agree more.

4. The Notebook

Source: nicholassparks.com

A brilliant story backed with lots of love and heartache is what you get to see in this masterpiece. The tangled love story of Noah and Allie will make you feel how eternal the emotion of love is. The struggle and the worldly factors somehow fail to keep them apart. See it to believe it!

5. Dirty Dancing

Source: starrynightcinema.co.uk

One of the better known American romantic movies starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Even though the film was created on a low budget it turned out to be a massive hit during the period. The movie not just had some romance but also had excellent music that made a lasting impact on the audience. The range of scenes ensured that the audience remained glued to the seats and also remember the movie for a long time.

6. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Source: www.bollywoodlife.com

This movie was loaded with songs, family drama, high voltage emotions and an unforgettable romance. The super starrer with Madhuri Dixit and Slaman Khan made every one fall in love. The movie was not less than perfect. It captured the everyday essence of every relationship and the emotional aspects that pop up with the same. It also was able to reflect the flirting, the intensity and the strength of a romatic relationship. Probably one of the longest emotional movies but definitely worth every minute of it.

7. 50 First Dates

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

A sentimental fiction which will let you believe in the power and persistence of love. Shot on the sea side the movie stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler who play Lucy and Henry respectively. Lucy who suffers from short memory issues keeps forgetting about Henry every morning and Henry on the other hand makes it a point to make her fall in love with him in different ways every day. The movie is extremely powerful and reflects his dedication and commitment. A must watch for you and rest assured that your message of love will be expressed.

8. Pretty Woman:

Source: en.wikipedia.org

This one is yet another classic. The movie stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. The plot is not only unconventional but is also equally intriguing. It brings pure love and lets the viewer enjoy it. The actors are only superb but the music is equally rocking.

9. Friends With Benefits

Source: google.com

This is a romantic comedy that will not just light up some smiles but will also warm up the hearts. The story of two best friends who discover their love for each other is not just beautifully captured but also lets one ponder about their own emotions. Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis this movie is sure to add some spice to your relationship.

10. Jab We Met

Source: en.wikipedia.org

One of the fun movies starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. The movie helps you explore the difference between love and infatuation. A must watch for everyone.

Now that you know what you want to watch go ahead and be a romantic movie buff with these. Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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As much as the season of love nears with the Valentine’s Day, it also brings along the dilemma to choose and gift your loved one a special gift. Every year is a challenge when especially when you want to gift something unique to create a memorable experience. But fret no more for you have some excellent ideas to be used that will leave your love in awe. Here is a list of the twists you have been looking for.

1. Say It With A Ring:

Source: Pinterest.com

We know what a ring says in a relationship. It symbolises commitment. Why not express your love differently? How about writing a personal note that says everything that you have been waiting to share it with your love. Take a look at this. Maybe you can come with something as unique as this.

2. Breathe Love With Plants:

Source: Pinterest.com

This is another amazing idea that can do the talking to your love. You can gift your love a sapling and water it with all your heart. You can choose some favourite flower plants or even pick smaller ones with a unique style such as this one.

3. A Healthy Start:

Source: http://www.uncommongoods.com/

If you haven’t really thought about gifting a cool green herbal tea kit, then this is the time to do so especially if your loved one is all tea and nothing more. Light that smile on their face by giving them exactly what they want to stay refreshed and to think of you in each sip.

4. Fitness For Two:

Source: www.pinterest.com

Who says two is only for Tango? Roll the year with some sweat and tempting curves with your love. Join for some fun time while you attend to your health at the same time. Choose your favourite pick. Whether it is Zumba, aerobics, or even yoga, doing it together is fun and why not start on a special day? Time for some thinking to do. Go get the subscription right away. Gift an experience!

5. Pebble Art:

Source: www.pinterest.com

If you thought stones won’t be of any help, then this Valentine’s you can bring a difference with unique pebble art gift items. Bare your feelings to your love with some stunning messages that will surely melt their hearts.

6. Cards, Cards And Cards:

Source: www.pinterest.com

A greeting card has always been an important part of the Valentine’s. They let you think, sit back, explore the message that you want to get out of your heart and help you achieve it. Yes! All this and in such unique ways. Have a look and get inspired to create yours. It can’t get simpler and sweet than this.

7. Add An Adventure:

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

A trek or some hiking will be something that will mark your day with pure bliss and bring you closer to your date. Why get bored in a crowded restaurant or the usual movie-dinner routine? Instead head out for some fresh air and some excitement to add on to it. Start planning it right now and look for some great destinations to spend some quality time. Gift a slice of nature to your love this season.

8. Keep It Warm:

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

If you are one of those who loves to knit relationships as well as some wool, then this Valentine can be offbeat with your creation. Get some quirky ideas and create some interesting patterns that will show him the way you feel. Take a look at some designs to kickstart your imagination.

9. Accessories:

Source: www.zazzle.co.nz

This is one section where you can go on adding new and funky items to the list. From everyday items to special ones you can pick and choose something unique that defines your taste and suits the other person’s style. Take a look at this example and think about what you want to gift.

10. Handmade Jewellery:

Source: www.a2zcrafts.com

This probably does not top the list but is a safe bet when you are confused between choices and gifting someone for the first time. The vibrant colours and the fine work represents love and passion that can never go wrong. Pick one for your love and relax. The best will happen.

Now that you have seen some off the usual set of gifting options, hurry and choose yours. The D day is just round the corner.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide- Sizzle Like A Diva!

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The season of love has already started. And an entire day dedicated to the love of your life is just round the corner. While you stock up on chocolates and presents, it’s time to consider the most wonderful presents for yourself. And lingerie has to be on the top of the list. It is also about loving yourself as much as you love others right?

Look for the perfect colours

You’re shopping for Valentine’s Day remember? So, it’s perfectly okay to be a little biased towards the reds and pinks. Pick a shade that appeals to you the most or combinations that flatter your looks to the maximum.

  • Red
    This flaming shade keeps you feeling great from within
  • Wine
    Deep and intense. Wine is loaded with a mysterious elegance. Perfect for the true lady
  • Burgundy
    Serious with a hint of romance. After all, it isn’t about being too expressive all the time
Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com
  • Pink
    Playful and cute. Ideal for a girl-next-door charm
  • Orange
    A bold twist to the conventional colour palette. Go for it if the usual is a cliché for you
  • Purple
    Add more drama with this shade that can have multiple meanings. Starting with royalty of course!
  • Choose The Fabric That Matches Your Mood

    The fabric of your intimate apparel is extremely important for your comfort. So, make a choice after deciding where and how you plan on sporting your latest purchase.

  • Flirty frills

Source: www.voguequeen.com

Honestly, not everyone can carry off a too frilly design. Frilled fabrics can feel a little uncomfortable under tight clothing. And you definitely don’t want to wear them under formal clothes. So, opt for these only when you have a loose dress or shirt to wear

  • Elegant Satin
    The shiny and smooth texture of satin automatically gives it a luxurious edge. The best part is, you can easily sport it under any kind of clothes and for every occasion
  • Lace And Ribbons
    A hint of luxury fused with the playful elements. Lingerie with lace is ultra feminine and the ribbons bring out the cute side. Grab it when you are too bored of your same old picks
Source: www.essili.com & www.globalintimatewear.com
  • Sheer Synthetics
    Treat your inner goddess by slipping on some bold, see-through pieces
  • Cosy cottons

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

For regular comfort with style, opt for good quality cottons. Breathable and easy to maintain, cotton lingerie goes well with every outfit.

Design matters

Coming on to the design part, it does matter how your innerwear looks at the surface. And apart from the colour, there are other factors that matter.

  • Prints

Source: static.independent.co.uk

Florals, abstracts, geometric shapes and even statement prints are all around for your to choose from.

  • Embroidery
    Thread or bead work can be a little heavy but you wouldn’t mind something unusual on a special day!
Source: drscdn.500px.org
  • Ornamentation
    Metallic motifs, flowers and other decoration will take up the style quotient
Add some spice and flavours. Literally

It is the day of love after all….

  • Edible lingerie
    Made of chocolate, candy or marshmallow, these exquisite pieces are meant for you as well as your partner!
Source: img0.etsystatic.com
  • Bondage Inspiration

Source: www.be-mod.com

Lingerie designs are getting kinkier with unusual straps and cuts. Little too less for a higher price. Expensive yeah but worth trying out for fun.

Decide what exactly you need

Your lingerie shopping also depends on the practical use. In fact, it depends a lot on the practical use. So, keep in mind what you need while you shop.

  • For a weekend at the beach

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Go for bright colours and more elaborate designs if you are going to flaunt it at the beach. It doesn’t always have to be swimwear but it definitely needs to look good. At the same time, not overtly exposing.

  • Just for that beauty sleep

Source: blog.schweitzerlinen.com

If you have that idea of the most amazing sleepwear, choose comfortable styles. Instead of splurging on day wear, you could also completely spend on a couple of gorgeous night gowns and dresses for that princess-feel when you go to bed.

Adventurous Experiments

We have mentioned the interesting edible lingerie. If you are really looking forward to spice up your love life, only then should these be on your shopping list.

Practical For Everyday

You would want to wear your lingerie even after February 14. So, unless you wish to reserve a set for special occasions, do not go for impractical, uncomfortable and extravagant pieces.

10 Most Romantic Places To Dine In Bangalore

A romantic evening on Valentine’s Day might sound clichéd but the V-day seems incomplete without one. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we are looking for that perfect place for the V-Day dinner, where it is you, your love and dollops and dollops of love. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these places, quaint, full of tranquil romance, and a world away from reality!

Here is a list of perfect places for that unforgettable Valentines Day dining experience in Bangalore city, you cannot go wrong with.

1. Olive Beach

One of the oldest restaurant in town in Ashok Nagar,never does it fail to top our list with its Mediterranean, cozy blue and white décor and excellent menu. Subtle and chic, this is a perfect place to spend a special evening with your love. Celebrate with fine wine and gourmet dishes.

2. Big Brewski

Located on the Sarjapur road, this microbrewery is spread in lavish 23000 sq ft, one of the biggest in south India. The ambience; an elegant blend of water bodies, starry lights and eye ctaching décor. To make it special, sit around the beautiful pond with your special one. Their starters are a must try.

3. Grass Hopper

Located in Bannerghata, this restaurant is famous for its indulgent 7 course meal personalized for each table.Situated in a quite farm with lush greenry around, this place provides for a special kind of a romantic dinner away from cities hustle bustle.

4. Om Made Café

Located in Koramangala, this is a franchisee to the original one in Goa Anjuna,with a great combination of European and Mediterranean cuisine. The setting is absolutely right with charming canopies , straight lined furnitures, candle light and splashes of green with some plants around.

5. By The Blue, Grand Mercure

Nestled in side the hotel Grand Mercure, Koramangala, this is a perfect pool side setting with a live grill and Indian Cusine. The dimly lit pool with shadows of blue and soft music sets the mood right for this occasion. With the sumptuous food and excellent wine the evening is sure to turn magical .

6. The Fatty Bao

If you want to do things differently, then this Asian Cuisine restaurant is just the place for you. Located in Indiranagar, the restaurants quirky unusual décor, along with romance brings out the fun in you. The amazing music and one of the best Asian restaurants in town, The Fatty Bao will make sure you have the best time with your loved one.

7. 153 Bierre Street

Located in whitefield, 153 Bierre Street is not just a Restaurant,with a floristry (Ohana flowers) a bakehouse (Everything Stops for T) , retail shops (Tailorman, Design Studio etc) , a restaurant (Mustard and Cress) and a microbrewery (The Biere Club).The whole feel of an old European town, with cobbled streets, old fashioned wrought iron street lights, park benches, colourful building façades with window box flowers,the arched entrances and the overall décor of 18th century charm will make sure that not only does romance build up, but that the evening is a magical one.

8. Glass House

Located in Lavelle Road, this Deli Bristro Bar is actually made of glass and the smooth see through walls create a sense of magnificence. The exquisite décor and candlelight’s make the place look glamorous yet very fairy tale like. The restaurant serves world cuisines, with a variety of interesting dishes and the desserts are definitely a must try.

9. Le Cirque Signature

Located on 5th floor of Leela Palace, the restaurant celebrates signature French and Italian dishes from flagship Le Cirque New York .A stunning glass arch and the intimate décor in subtle tones of beige, ebony and ochre gives it a flair of sophistication and elegance. Options of private dining in Champagne room ,and causal lounge dinning is available as well. To give your better half a regal and majestic experience, there is no better place than this.

10. Persian Terrace, Sheraton

Located on level 4 of Sheraton Grand Hotel At Brigade Gateway,the place creates an ambieance of strikingly authentic Persian feel.The restaurant is entirely open air,and evening lighting is provided by Middle Eastern-style lanterns. Candles and tea lights also illuminate the tables, and sets the mood right for an intimate feeling. Furnishings includes a mix of wicker chairs and tables and an elevated wooden deck with cabana-style seating, while highlights include the small decorative pools, and a live BBQ station.

Please pick up your phone and make the reservations, and give your loved one a dinner..errm..night to remember!

5 Superb Outfit Ideas For A Valentine’s Day Date

Chocolates, roses, teddies, candles – Valentine Day is sugar coated with charm and love. But when it comes to fashion, this ‘day of love’ outfit can easily overkill. You want to dress up for the special day but at the same time; you don’t want to appear over excited or having tried too hard. So we decided to make things a little easier and fun. Whether you plan to go on a romantic date, have fun with friends or plan on breaking hearts, our V-day outfit tips will make sure you do it in style!

1. The Romantic coffee date outfit

Image sources: Pinterest.com, shirts – Anthropologie.com, UrbanSweetheart.com

Florals are dreamy and ultra feminine, ideal for a flirty daytime date. But we say, don’t overdo the peaches and florals, the coy damsel in distress look is passé. Mix them with casual and classy denim or chambray shirts. This way your hunky date knows you’re up to join him in his video game session or watch an exciting football game. Pretty and fun, charming is your forte.

2. The Heartbreaker Outfit

Image sources: Skirts – etsy.com, polyvore.com; Cutout jersey – SheInside.com; cutout top – wishbonesandwanderlust.tumblr.com; booties – pinterest.com

Single ladies, it’s time to dress to kill! What is Valentine’s Day without giving your attire a splash of red? The conventional solid red look can be such a bore and not to mention, cheezy. Let’s go the classy route with all time favourite tartan skirts. Vintage and always in vogue, don’t you just love tartans?
Pair the skirt with 2016’s hot trend, shoulder cutouts. The slight peek-a-boo is a tease, flirty yet demure. A pair of ankle boots complete the heartbreaker outfit. Psst! Don’t break too many hearts.

3. The Blind Date outfit

Image sources: maroon top – pinterst.com; white ruffled blouse – forevernew.com.au; jeans and shoes – zara.com; clutch – polyvore.com

The first dates are so exciting but unpredictable. It could either leave butterflies in your stomach or you might just want to ‘run away’! That’s why it is always a good idea not to be look too dressy or too casual.
A pretty ruffled top willl get you in the mood for a dreamy date. Aren’t ruffles just so romantic and feminine? Mix them with your favourite pair of flared denims or boyfriend jeans. That way, you are prepared to head out for a funtime shopping spree with friends just in case your date ends up disappointing you. As for shoes, you can never go wrong with a pair of pointed heels in bold colors. The finishing touch, a playful clutch bag.

4. V-Day Fun with friends outfit

Image sources: striped dress – asos.com; shoes and accessories – pinterest.com

What can get better than an only girls day out, shopping, giggling, gossiping – it has V-day fun written all over it! A stylish casual outfit like this striped dress makes sure you are set to continue the enjoyment to a girl’s night out.

Experiment with quirky and catchy accessories like these lips shaped and heart shaped earrings. If you’re up for it, mix in some edgy finger rings and bracelets. When it comes to footwear, a pair of bright red Mary Jane shoes beautifully compliments the striped dress. Finally, a bright red pout and you’re all set!

5. The romantic dinner date outfit

Image sources: blazers and trousers – zara.com; sequinned tops – pinterest.com, etsy.com; shoes – forever21.com, zara.com

Have reservations booked for romantic candle light dinner in that high end restaurant you’ve always wanted to go? It’s time to get dressed! Sequins, when done right, provide the ideal dose of glamour. Balance this bling with classy black pin-striped or jacquard trousers. Straight-cut, loose and baggy-fit trouser styles are a big trend this year.
Step your feet into matching black caged, platform or mule heels. To complete the look, layer up with a pretty pink/peach blazer. A touch of class, color and bling makes for a perfect outfit for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.

Easy V-Day styling tips:
  1. Play mix and match with prints, colors and fabrics
  2. Pink, peaches and red are the colors to try out
  3. Ruffles, pleats and florals add a romantic aura
  4. Make sure the shoes compliment the attire. No flip-flops/sandals
  5. Accessories are fun to play with

Top 10 Weekend Getaways To Spend Valentine’s Day In Bengaluru

If each month of the year had a color, February would definitely have been RED. As the new year rolls in and we settle down into our daily routine post all the new year celebration, quietly creeps in February, with a splash of red. Roses, Chocolates, cuddly bears, romantic greetings and candlelight dinners.

To enjoy the V-Day weekend, which doesn’t come often enough, planning a weekend getaway around Bangalore with your beloved is definitely a must do! Take out time to step back and enjoy each other at a pace defined by both of you, re-spark your romance by breaking out of your familiar routine. We have compiled a list of V-day getaways, and it is definitely time to pick up your phone and make that reservation.

Pick A Place
1. Golden Palms Resort, Bangalore

Source: travel.siliconindia.com

The serene hotel majestically built with beautiful landscaping is a perfect V-day getaway. With a grand pool, and an array of spa options, the resort is just the place to unwind and relax .The famous Cleopatra Milk Bath is a rejuvenating experience, which leaves us totally pampered while the enormous pool and the indoor sports facility with a fitness centre are just the choices to complete the weekend. Zing up your romance with this unforgettable experience!

2. Guhantara, Bangalore

Source: www.thrillophilia.com

This valentine if you are looking to do things differently, then this “Cave Resort” is jus the place to be. This fascinating destination offers a different kind of atmosphere, which is certain to provide you, a memorable holiday with your partner. With its open air ambiance and state of the art facilities you definitely cannot go wrong with this one!

3. Jade 735

Source: i.ytimg.com

Bangalore’s answer to ultimate romance, from rooftop dinning for lovebirds, to pool dinning to lounge dinning with Jacuzzi experience; we cannot go wrong with this one. Take out a minute in time together, lying on the rooftop counting stars or have a special dinner submerged in the pool. Live the fairytale with your most loved one.

4. Our Native Village

Source: img.lifeisoutside.com

If candlelight dinners are not your thing,do it differently this year and get close to nature.This eco resort and soul spa provides a respite from the isolation of fast paced lifestyle and the complexities that we are stuck in. From Bullock Cart rides, to flying Kites to bicycle exploring and moonlight dancing ,be different this year!

5. The Windflower Prakurthi

Source: www.giftxoxo.com

Peace and Serenity with a spoonful of opulent services and heartwarming services, a perfect place for couples looking for an extravagant experience, at the helm of outskirts. Multiple activities like Zorbing, BMX Challenge an ATV ride only add to the thrills of the stay.

6. Woodloft by Jade

A luxurious boutique villa, a stone throw away from Bangalore.  Set amidst lush greeneries and laced with all modern facilities, this home stay is all about sweet and pleasant moments. Visit this retreat with your partner and witness love and romance caressing all your senses.

7. Clarks Exotica Resort and Spa

Source: www.buzzintown.com

Nestled between the faced paced lives of Bangalore, this resort, is a haven, and a perfect place to spend a special weekend with the love of your life. A perfect place to experience blissful serenity with your sweetheart.

8. Orange County, Coorg

Source: www.srgroupsonline.com

Indulge in grandeur and extravagance redefined-with a flamboyant ambiance, the resort will surely charm its way to your heart and set some sparks flying. From a range of villas to choose from, there are romantic packages available as well as options of regular accommodations where we can explore the nature together.
Distance from Bangalore – 257 Kms

9. The Serai, Chikmangaloor


Luxury in the lap of nature, amongst coffee plantation, The Serai proves to be the best, to go home, with a new found spark and long lasting memories with your other half. With the options of Indonesian cottage or the Swiss cottage, wake up with a stunning view from the balcony. Pamper yourself with couple’s spa, or head out to revel in the beauty of plantation by taking a coffee tour.
Distance from Bangalore – 236 Kms

10. Vythri Resort, Wayanad

Source Kallada.in

The Vythiri Village Resort in here is the ideal combination of relaxation, rejuvenation and romance where you and your partner will get to experience harmony with nature with wafting spicy fragrances, relaxing vibe of the streams and splendid sights of the mountain peaks. Have a riveting time and head back home with a new lease of life.
Distance from Bangalore – 294 Kms

Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Love At Your Fingertips!!

valentines-dayIt’s February, the most romantic month of the year! Whether you’re walking down the streets, window shopping at the mall or simply flipping through magazines, signs and colors of love are everywhere. From heart shaped balloons, candies, romantic decors, candles or sexy lingerie, there is romance in the air. Celebrate with someone special or with your loved ones and if you’re single, it’s double fun! Let’s kick start the Valentine celebration with some fun and beautiful nail arts.


1. Hello Valentine

Hello Valentine
Source: Instagram user beautyinspirationista

It’s time to give your nails a Valentine’s makeover! This cute and oh-so-pretty nails is as much fun to create. Just paint your nails a white polish, let them dry and then draw little pink hearts on each nails. Now just dip the art tool in a black polish, outline the hearts and dot all over. Polka dots and hearts is a combination for the sweet Betty personalities, always charming and adorable.

2. Spread some Love

Spread some Love
Source: Instagram user pebblesandpolish

Meticulous drawings of little hearts and words of love against a bright red color, sprinkle of glitters subtly done-this nail art has Valentine’s day written all over it. Patience and precision are the key, so it’s best to get it done from a professional nail salon.

3. Animal Love

Animal Love
Image source: instagram user annatea_13

Animal prints are fascinating and for some, a fashion staple. Bring on your fierce and bold attitude to your nails. How? Simply by sneaking in cute little hearts into your favorite animal pattern. Wild and romantic, get ready to roar!

4. Shades Of The Heart

Shades of the Heart
Source: JinSoon.com

From the lovely color-block to the peek-a-boo effect, it’s a nail art with a modern touch. All you need is three shades of nail paint (preferably red/pink toned) that compliments yet creates a good contrast. Start with the lighter shade and move to the darker tone as you reach the tip of your nails.

5. Goth Romance

Goth Romance
Source: cuded.com

A Goth themed art with its creative finery out in full play, ‘stunning’ is what best defines this nail art. Detailed and artistic designs are sketched over with dark black paint over the nails painted with white base, and topped with an ombre effect. The finishing touch is a tiny heart in bright and contrast red.

6. Nautical Love

Nautical Love
Source: cuded.com

It’s time to get nauti-cal! Flaunt the ever popular blue and white striped pattern on your nails or one nail to be precise. Give the adjoining nail a pretty sparkle bling and paint the rest a bright pop of red. If you’re ready to get fancier, draw a cute heart on the striped nail and voila! It’s pretty nautical nails.

7. Pin-Up Valentine

Pin-up Valentine
Image source: pullstrings1.tumbler.com

A trend which has always managed to find takers even today is the retro, white on red polka dot look. It is trendy, sexy and perfect for a romantic Valentine’s theme. And while you’re at it, give one nail on each hand a clean white base and draw an eye-catching heart. That’s what we call a pretty pin-up doll nail-art!

8. Simple At Heart

Simple at Heart
Source: cuded.com

‘You were born to be real, not perfect’. Perfection is, in fact, an exaggeration. No one is perfect, no heart can be perfect. And that’s why this carelessly drawn white hearts against the dark blue nail paint makes so much sense! It’s effortless, serene and so beautiful.

9. Love Birds

Love Birds
Source: cuded.com

If simple and classy be your kind of personality, the French manicure, most probably, is your ultimate nail treatment. This Valentine’s month, why not add a beautiful twist to the popular nail paint? Get a vague black branch drawn over the nails in continuation, with two little love birds resting on one of the branches (or nail to be precise). Then let two tiny red hearts complete the subtle and artsy nail art.

10. Graphic Love

Graphic Love
Source: JinSoon.com

For ya’ll lovers of graphical and geometric shapes, this minimalistic nail art is a must-try. Three shades of nail colors – bright red, deep red, white and a top coat are all you need. The art is simple and easy to create, but the end result is a sophisticated statement maker.

What do you say, ready to get love on your fingertips?

Are You Valentine’s Day Ready? A Quick Checklist before V-Day!

Source: www.media.holidaycheck.com
Its February already, and yes, the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Favorite day for almost every couple right? Well, we definitely don’t want any of you to not have a perfect valentine’s day! So we have decided to help you out. There are tons of thing that one needs to think in order to plan the perfect date, its not easy, we get it. There’s the dinner reservations, the flowers, the perfect outfit, and so many other things. Here is the final checklist on everything you need to mark off so that your valentine’s day goes perfectly:

1. Food

Source: www.2016valentinesdaygifts.tk

Most couples prefer to go for a relaxed lunch, or a romantic dinner. We have the perfect deals for both. Choose a rooftop restaurant, it is perfect for lunch and dinner both. Make sure that the restaurant has a good wine list to choose from, or atleast a unique alcohol selection. The food can be a bit formal for this day if both of you are up to it. Keep the appetisers light, save some good space for the main course and dessert. Try dark chocolate, the perfect aphrodisiac, or some pie with whipped cream.

2. Atmosphere

Source: www.etcfunclub.com

You want to be at a place where you can have a good conversation with your better half. So don’t choose a noisy place, where you cant even hear what the other person is saying. Choose a calm and relaxed setting so that you can make the most of the evening. Candle light dinner is cliché but it’s really the best option. Make sure you have reservations, you don’t want to be spending hours waiting for a table on this night of the year.

3. Gifts

Source: www.valentinesdayi.com

Give him something that he would really use. Men are not big fans of keeping stuff that they don’t use. So maybe a vintage watch, nice shoes, or a great perfume if he likes it. Basically think carefully about what you buy but try not to go overboard. An extra bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

4. Clothing

Source: www.pinterest.com

Elegant and classy, these two words are what you should stand for in your V-Day outfit. Don’t go overboard with flashy jewelry, keep it simple but also don’t dress up the way you would for any other date. A dress is the most suitable outfit for a V-Day date. Don’t go for something too short though, as we said, elegant and classy.

4. Hair And Makeup

Source: www.pinterest.com

Doing up your hair in some unique style is not at all a bad idea. Infact, try a different kind of braid, combined with a ponytail maybe. Make your hair sleek on this day, straightening or blow drying are your best options. Makeup needs to be taken care of too, but don’t overdo it. A little bit of eyeshadow and some bronzer won’t hurt, as well as a nice lipstick that matches your dress.

5. Perfume

Source: www.pinterest.com

This is your perfect night, so make sure you smell right. Try a floral or fruity fragrance, rather than a strong and daring one. He will be in love with you even more by the end of this day, that’s for sure. Also, use a perfume and not a deo please, the fragrance stays for longer as well incase of perfumes.

6. Cake And Flowers

Cake and flowers
Source: www.cakesandcupcakes.com

Yes, he will arrange for the flowers if he is the gentleman you think he is. But you could get the cake maybe? Write a nice message on the cake, and choose a flavor like red velvet, or a heart shape, something that is significant of your love.

7. Music

Source: www.lipstiq.com

After a romantic dinner, you could maybe come back home for some dancing and another bottle of wine? Most couples have a song, a tv show, or a movie that signifies their bond, so cash in on that and play your song, and slow dance to it. It doesn’t have to be a slow song, it just needs to be YOUR song as a couple. Spend the night watching your favorite tv show, or movie and end your new years in this perfect cute way.

What else can you do
Source: www.synatop.com
What else can you do?

Its perfectly fine if you don’t want to just have a fancy dinner for your V-day date. There are lots of other things you can do too. You can go bowling, a movie marathon, hogathon around the city’s best eateries, paintball, you just need to think of something both of you will enjoy equally and you should be fine.

So here was our checklist of how you can make your V-day perfect, we hope it was helpful and wish you a great valentine’s day!