Easy Detox Plans For A Post-Holiday Weight Loss

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The holiday season makes you go on a binge mode, whether it’s a party or a simple family dinner. With good food everywhere it is tough to resist all that delectable stuff and end up giving into overindulgence. So, after the binging session, it is time for some healthy detox. Remember, the holiday hogging was just a phase and not someting to be continued forever. So here are some easy detox plans which will help you plan some post-holiday weight loss.


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After overindulging, you need to give your stomach a break. It would be a good idea to wait till the hunger pangs strikes and then have a fiber-rich breakfast. This is to get your digestive system back on track. The mild flavors help in stimulating taste buds and don’t cause sensory overload. Adding pear would be a good antioxidant and high water content always helps.
Opt for an orange, a bowl of muesli, and skimmed milk if you are not into oatmeal, but remember, it’s the best option.


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A green salad topped up with leftover chicken, or anything that is left over from the veggie platter would be nice. Make sure the salad dressing is low calorie and a small whole grain roll won’t hurt. Other options include sub sandwiches. They are full of healthy veggies, go easy on the sauces again and make sure you keep the quantity lesser than what you ate for breakfast.

Note: As you proceed with every meal in the day, make sure that it is lighter than the last one. That is why having a heavy breakfast is of utmost importance.


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Here, you can continue with mixing some of the leftovers with some healthy ingredients. Keep about 500 calories for your dinner. For instance, if you have a salad or another small sandwich, it leaves you with enough calories left to have a glass of wine. Hence, you don’t have to give it all up in one go. Heaved a sigh of relief there, didn’t you?


Sources: www.bakeryandsnacks.com & www.fitlista.com

Don’t forget to eat your snacks between the three meals mentioned above. You are detoxing, not trying to become a supermodel. The snacks could be anything from an ounce of almonds, air-popped popcorn or an apple. You could also go for other dry fruits like raisins, dates, etc but don’t go overboard as not all of them are low on calorific value.


a. Coffee

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Order your coffee with nonfat milk rather than with cream and sugar. Add some artificial low calorie sweetner if you must, but avoid sugar.

b. Ditch The Chips

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Avoid any kind of chips, no matter what is written on the label. Diet chips don’t exist, almost not. If they do, you are really have to hunt them down. But till then, popcorn to the rescue, ofcourse, no butter goes without saying.

c. No Top Bread For Your Sandwich

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Opt for an open faced sandwich, remove the top loaf. An open faced sandwich is just as satisfying as the one with double the quantity of bread. Isn’t the filling the best part after all? Now you get to have it without the top bread coming in your way.

d. Swap The Mayo With Mustard

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We know everyone loves mayonnaise, but how good is it with 90 calories per tablespoon as opposed to mustard with 10 calories per tablespoon. It also adds a spicy bite, and it is yummy as hell.

e. Cut Down On The Rice Servings

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Usually one ends up taking two rice servings with things like a stir fry, dal, bhajiya, or even a favourite vegetable. Cut that down strictly to one serving a day and you will notice that you feel lighter than usual. Stick to one serving at dinner and spend those calories on other yummy things later.

f. Comfort Food

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Comfort food is a must have, isn’t it? No amount of weight gain can make us not want it. So we go for some healthier comfort food instead. Like fried chicken? How about oven frying it instead? Baked potatoes on bread topped with cheddar cheese are fine too, but make sure you have a salad to accompany that. Big fan of Italian food? Try oven baked lasagna with whole wheat lasagne noodles instead.

So that was our short roundup of everything you can do to detox after the overindulgence of the holidays. Hope this article helped. If you have any more tips to share, please do comment in the section below. We would be glad to have your feedback.

Style Diaries: The Best Dressed Divas Of Filmfare 2016!!

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The holiday season in the last few months of the year, that leads up to the party season, is the most buzzing time of the year. The 61st Annual Britannia Filmfare Awards took place last Weekend and It’s that time of the year when our stars come out in full force.

The Filmfare Awards are hailed as Bollywood’s most glamorous night, which makes it obvious that the celebrities will give each other stiff competition to make it to the best dressed list. Agreed, every star who turned up at the Awards night looked stunning, but there were those too whose fashion sense remained unsurpassed. There were some serious va-va-voom moments at the award ceremony.

Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Athiya Shetty, Sonam Kapoor and Aditi Rao Hydari were all flawless in gowns that went well with their signature styles.

Here’s a look at some of the most SPECTACULAR appearances at the Filmfare Awards 2016.


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Our Mastani and Best Actress award winner Deepika Padukone looked hot and sexy in a fire- engine red Ralph and Russo outfit embellished with sequins and a long train which she paired with minimal jewelry from Anmol. The open cowl-back was the star feature of this gown and she looked RED HAWT. She finished her look with a bold red pout and stylish updo. She was such a stunner!!


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Remember that Kareena Kapoor scene in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham? It seems like Alia Bhatt had a similar moment at the Filmfare Awards. Well if you look at Alia’s feet, you will know what we are talking about. She wore a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps-two different color on each feet — and yet walked out as a head turner.

Alia looked oh-so-gorgeous in her pretty floral printed high- low hem gown by Sachin & Babi which had a youthful spunk to it. She rounded out her look with some lovely waves in her hair. Alia looked striking with strong brown-black smokey eyes. She completed her look with a touch of coral-pink lipstick. She looked like a doll, absolutely perfect!! That was some ‘wow’ styling, isn’t it?


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Wearing an Anamika Khanna ensemble second year in a row to the Filmfare awards Sonam Kapoor stuck to her signature style and looked ethereal. She teamed her vintage inspired Lehenga along with a statement emerald neckpiece from Heeramaneck & Sons and looked magnificent. She complemented her look with chic updo and a pale pink lip. She was styled by her sister Rhea Kapoor and the make-up was done by her loyalist Namrata Soni. We love her demure avatar.


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Here’s another star who was back with a vengeance, and she slayed the red carpet with her style. This time it was a black Shivan & Narresh waist cut-out gown with a thigh-high slit for Parineeti Chopra. And it seems like the gown was tailored to complement her new avtaar. She added sparkle with a “Relax” slogan Silver clutch from Judith Leiber. She accessorized her outfit with Steve Madden gladiator heels and earrings from Isharya. She completed her look with a sleek ponytail and nude makeup. Her fitness regimen has quite evidently helped her a lot and she looked so sexy.


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Tinsel town’s new fashion girl, Athiya Shetty has some true gems in her style archives, and she made a mark yet again!! She looked resplendent in a teal blue Esmeralda gown by Monisha Jaising. A vibrant color on a classic silhouette, that’s what this ensemble was about. She did not go overboard with accessories or make-up! She looked pretty with side-swept hairdo. Don’t miss to notice her palm cuff/ring by Yoube Jewellery. She was styled by Ami Patel.


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The ‘Wazir’ actress Aditi Rao Hydari looked ethereal in the mint gown by Gauri & Nainika that featured sweetheart neck. Her looks were not less than a princess as she looked gorgeous in the Gown. The magnificent earrings from Isharya and dark maroon lipstick with a light makeup further enhanced her looks. She paired this outfit with a messy side pony and looked every bit stunning!!

Our Celebs were dressed to impress and make your jaws drop with their style, glamor and panache they brought to the Filmfare 2016. Here was a quick peek at the some of the leading ladies and their fashion. Watch out this space for the remaining ones and how they decided to dress up and do let us know who your favorite one was.

8 Crazy Yet Beautiful Ways To Display Your Accessories – DIY

An organized room or a dresser tends to add that sense of finesse which you just can’t miss. In case you were thinking that a revamp project could cost you a bomb, you were really wrong. You just need to give room to your creative side. And as the latter begins to breathe, you will begin to see things differently. In other words, you will automatically be able to come up with ideas on displaying and organizing little things at the same time.
Before you begin wondering where to start, take a hint from our accessory-display ideas.

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Knotted chains and necklaces, lost ear-studs and screws, disappearing hairpins, hard to find bracelets, broken charms. Yes, we all have been through that more than once. And most likely, we all go through it even now, every other day. And frankly, we do try multiple ways of sorting out our jewellery. The idea is to turn those ways more interesting.

Be Creative With A Kitchen Staple

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Use a grater to hold your earrings in place. That way, nothing will get jumbled up. You can even paint it or decorate it with your favourite stickers or embellishments. Artistic, fun, simple and extremely useful. Forget about losing any earring, you now have them all at one place to choose from.

Repurpose Old Sports Gear

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Old badminton and tennis racquets can be put up on the wall. The net can be used to hang all those stray jewellery pieces, pendants and even ornamental keychains.

Ways To Display Accessories

Wall Mount A Handful Of Door Knobs

Source: www.easymoda.com

Pick a handful of good-looking door knobs from a nearby store. Get them mounted interestingly, on the wall. Your jackets, stoles, hats, scarves and even handbags now have a better place to be exhibited.

Reuse Empty Glass Bottles

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Old wine bottles, vinegar and oil dispensers can be washed and painted. But did you know they can also double up as a holder for your cuffs, bangles and bracelets? Just put the bottles on a shelf or on your dresser and slip on those accessories easily.

Creative Ways To Display Accessories

Add a more creative and interesting twist to your accessories display project. And we suggest you try these inexpensive and attractive ways for sure. Compliments are guaranteed if you do it right. After all, we are talking of being crazy yet beautiful, remember?

Bring In The Wild

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Collect sturdy tree branches from the yard or get them home from a hike. Yes, we mean it. Actual tree branches that may be fallen and lying waste somewhere. All you have to do, is attach them to the wall and put on several hooks for a stylish space to accommodate your belts and neckpieces.
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You can also use branches to make a jewellery tree of your own. Just make sure to give the branch a strong base first.

Un-Horror A Thing, Or Two

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Get a skull made in acrylic. Or grab a skeleton hand from a medical store. You can even order these online. And use them to display your glasses, watches and other accessories. The elements that are usually associated with horror can now become a funky display in your room.


Furniture. In Parts

Source: diyforlife.com

A second-hand furniture shop or your old attic can be the right places to look for stuff. It’s time to put abandoned drawers to use. Clean them, decorate them and fix them as shelves to the wall. Keep your room clutter-free by tossing all accessories in these, when you are in a hurry.

Experiment With Empty Tin Boxes

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Chocolate boxes, cookie tins and crates that give you a pang while you try to part with them, can serve a better purpose by acting as your accessory organizers. Keep them in your wardrobe to store statement rings, collars and even broken gemstones that you feel can be reused.

8 Fabulous Long Skirt Styles For Plus Size Women

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Versatile and sassy. Trendy and pretty. Yes, that’s exactly what long skirts are! Apart from being one of the most versatile trends, they are also extremely fun to team up with various other clothing items. They definitely look great on thin and lean women, but the advantage of them being so versatile is that they also look great on plump and plus size women. For all the full figured women out there, here are some remedies on how to wear this long skirt style and look absolutely fab!


Source: http://www.gurl.com/

One hell of an effective way to wear a maxi skirt is to team it up with a cropped blazer. A block colored skirt in pink or yellow worn with a black tank top tucked inside, and then with a printed blazer worn on top can look amazing. Make sure you go for shapes like strips or circles, etc in the prints rather than florals and other common prints. Vertical stripes work best as they will make your body look longer.


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Denim never fails to work its magic. The same tank top and skirt combination can work beautifully with a denim jacket as well, preferably sleeveless. Make sure the skirt is in a dark color though, black would be safest.


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It is absolutely okay to take risks once you have gotten comfortable with maxi skirts or any kind of long skirts for that matter. This can be done by teaming it up with a simple lace top maybe? But as long skirts are flared, it would be advisable to go for sleeveless and fitted tops rather than ones which are loose or have flared sleeves.


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Beside the fact that it is extremely comfortable to wear, a wrap maxi skirt can work wonders as it cinches your waist and makes it seem thinner. Pair a pop colored skirt with a nice print on it, and wear a crop top with it. Make sure the crop top is a color close to one of those on the skirt.


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A printed skirt which is fitted till the thighs looked really great if worn with a pop colored top, sounds good right? Well, it looks good too. This is one combination that only the bold dressers out there should try out but.


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A horizontal stripped skirt will look amazing if teamed with a simple plain colored top, preferably white or black only. Let the skirt take all the glory. A high bun hairstyle would look awesome with it, and some cute ballerinas.


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You don’t have to stop at the top and skirt combos, but how about throwing on a plain silky jacket in a color that is a shade lighter or darker than the one of your skirt, or a complimentary color even? See how great it looks in the picture above for yourself.


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Most combinations that we gave above focused on how to hide the tummy well, but one such combo is still left. How about you wear a large belt to cover up the tummy further? Not only is it extremely stylish, but does the job well too.

10 Diet Secrets For A Glowing Skin This Winter

The dry, harsh and chilly winter season can take a heavy toll on human skin. Dullness and dehydration often seizes the healthy summer glow. Thus, the urge to pile on cold cream or reach out for a heavy moisturizer often, can be huge. But apart from these external skin treatments, diet plays a significant role in improving skin health. Winter is when your skin needs most of the vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Sources: beautyhigh.cm, divinecaroline.com

10 Winter Diet Secrets for glowing skin:

1. A Fishy Diet

Source: awesomecuisine.com

Fish is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, that helps lock skin moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties. People prone to aczema should try to eat fish at least 3 times a week. And oh! Eating fish is said to improve mental health too.
Don’t like fish? The answer is fish oil supplements.

2. Colorful Fruits And Berries

Sources: cookingclassy.com, pinterest.com, tourismandfood.com

A daily bowl of fresh, colorful fruits works like magic pills and is a must for any long-lasting skin-care routine.

  • Amla (gooseberry) is high in vitamins and aids in collagen synthesis, thereby promoting youthful skin. Is it any wonder that ancient Hindu scriptures considered amla a sacred fruit that sprang from drops of amrit (holy water)?
  • Grapefruit, besides its rich vitamin C content, has lycopene, potassium, amino acids and a unique phytochemical known as naringin that imparts a healthy skin glow
  • Avocados work wonders for the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and healthy mono-unsaturated fats
  • Anti-oxidants rich apples help prevent skin cell damage
  • Papaya has an enzyme call papain that aids in the removal of dead skin cells

3. Crunchy Vegetable Salad

Sources: skinnytaste.com, fluxiontour.com

Pamper your skin with a bowl of colorful fresh vegetables!

  • Carrots contain carotenoids, beta-carotene and lycopene that give skin a breather from sun-damage. It also helps combat uneven skin-tone, wrinkles and dryness
  • Beetroots are rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent pre-mature skin ageing and clears complexion
  • The slightly acidic property of tomatoes helps tighten skin pores and fight pimples

4. Dark Green Vegetables

Source: flouronmyface.com

Have steamed/roasted or blanched dark vegetables to get your daily dose of B-vitamins and nutrients.

  • Spinach contains iron, vitamins A, C, anti-oxidants and other nutrients. These help strengthen skin tissues, flush out toxins improve blood circulation and fight sun damage
  • Broccoli is packed with skin boosting essentials like vitamins A, C, B and natural estrogens that protect the skin cells

5. Sprinkle Some Pumpkin Seeds

Sources: shewearsmanyhats.com, thegunnysack.com

These little seeds are packed with zinc, a vital component for skin cell renewal. The results are-clear complexion, improved skin tone and oil control.

6. A Drizzle Of Oil

Source: everydayhealth.com

Add some olive oil to your salad to prevent premature skin ageing, improve skin elasticity and protect from free radical damage.

When it comes to cooking, consider coconut oil to bid goodbye to dry, dull skin. Yes, the trusted coconut oil is again, the answer to all our beauty woes.
Flaxseed oil and rice bran oil are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that improve the quality of the blood and skin.

7. A Handful Of Almonds

Source: slunecnyzivot.cz

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants. Regular consumption makes the skin healthy, nourished and youthful.

8. A Cube Of Dark Chocolate

Source: popsugar.com

Flavonols, found in dark chocolates, are a powerful anti-oxidant that protects skin from UV damage, free radicals and improves blood circulation. Eat a small square or two of this delicious chocolate, that with at least 70% cocoa content, everyday for radiant skin.

9. A Cup Of Yoghurt

Source: madaboutscience.com

Yoghurts have healthy gut bacteria that help fight indigestion, acidity and low immunity. Gut health is closely related to skin health. Yoghurt with fruits and berries – a yummy skin food!

10. A Cup Of Tea

Sources: tasteofhome.com, cakewiz.com

Enjoy the benefits of healthy skin while blissfully sipping on warm cups of tea.
Green tea is rich in antioxidants and daily consumption benefits your skin health.
A cup of strong milk tea, to many, is a regular routine which just cannot be replaced. Want to get glowing skin? Have masala chai. Add few cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, bay leaves or ginger while preparing the regular milk-tea. This fragrant concoction boosts blood circulation and instantly wakes up the skin.

Tips to get rid of Post-Holiday Blues

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Post Holiday blues is something that you feel once you have spent an amazing vacation on a far away land and then have to return to your everyday life.

Believe me, its traumatic. The pictures have been uploaded, the stories have been told, and suitcases have been unpacked. Now you have a nostalgia trip. You reminisce about that wonderful vacation, and somehow reality becomes a troublesome task.

Say hello to feelings of sadness, being lost and feeling low all the time.

Here are some effective ways of returning back to your everyday life. In other words- recovery from Post Holiday Blues.

Source: www.youtube.com

    You may be jetlagged or used to a certain climate. Your sleep and waking patterns change drastically when on a vacation. Take some time out to adjust to your regular routine
    Returning to work may get a little tedious if you write down all the exciting things that are coming up. You can also look forward to taking up new classes or courses in photography or cooking. Anything that caught your attention while you were on the trip. This will help you deviate from the gloomy feelings
    Give yourself time. Think about the vacation, the happy days, the relaxed period. Revisit those memories, discuss them. Time heals you know
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    Think about that time when the digital world was not constantly beeping through some amazing moments of your life. Think about those feelings of tranquility and peace you felt sitting on the beach. Pick up some good things from your vacation and try incorporating them in your life. Create a digital free time or a free time for introspection
    Recreate the holiday magic through a photo album, photo collage or a detailed blog or write-up about your trip. Mention your experiences and feelings. Relive all those moments once again that are now somewhere frozen in time
    This will help you feel good and positive all over again. Being around your loved ones and discussing your amazing vacation is always a great idea. Who knows, maybe new plans will crop up
Source: huffingtonpost.com
    So what if the trip is over, your fascination doesn’t end there. Read up on places that you would like to visit in the future. Read up on cool festivals and other things that happen all around the world. Follow a travel blog or subscribe to a travel magazine
    Don’t let the sadness get to you. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and go out more often. Soak in all the sunshine and fresh air as much as you can
    This is our most favorite alternative and I am sure you all must agree. Planning another vacation always helps. Though you must maintain a fine line between drifting completely into a dream world and managing your real life. But planning a new holiday gives you hope and immense joy

So, now you know how to deal with the post holiday blues. Try these out next time and let us know what worked for you.

How To wear Skirts In Winter

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Winter is one of those times when everybody loves to dress up in cozy coats, woolen scarves and cute beanies. Not to forget, we love skirts too. They look oh so chic with cozy tops right? Also, the amount of combinations you can try with short skirts are infinite. But then there’s the winter weather to think of, you don’t want to freeze in the name of fashion! So we decided to give you the lowdown on how you can wear short skirts without freezing for almost any occasion in winter.


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First of all, it is extremely important that you stock up on stockings and skinny leggings for the winter as these will come handy in a lot of ideas that we are about to give you. If you have a party to attend, we suggest a blingy skirt with a simple top, preferably lace or sheer. To top it off, put on a simple but chic coat in a complimentary or similar color to that of your skirt. A great bag and some stylish pumps will make your look even more fab!


Source: www.pinterest.com

Yeah, we aren’t over that trend yet, are we? But the one way we can succeed in not overdoing it is by wearing it in the form of a short skirt. Keep the top extremely simple, preferably long sleeved. And to add the oomph factor, throw on a thick woolen scarf in the same color as a the top. We promise you are going to be turning heads with this one.


Source: www.pinterest.com

If you are plan on keeping it down for the day, then you should definitely try this simple combination of pastels. Make sure that you go with a white for the woolen top mostly, and the skirt can be a cute pastel shade. Add a bib or statement necklace to add some glamour to the outfit and you are good to go.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Be the rockstar that you are in this blazing outfit. Go for printed stockings with cute hearts or polka dots on them, paired with a plain ruffled skirt and and a heavy woolen top. And then add the rockstar leather jacket to make sure all the attention stays on you!


Source: www.pinterest.com

Stockings, short skirt and a plain top with some basic stuff written on it. Add to that a strong woolen scarf and a long oversized coat. WOW. This outfit really nails it doesn’t it? Make sure you go for the same color family for this one, keep it in simple shades.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Who said that short skirts have to be only in thick fabrics? Ruffle it up with this frilly skirt of mesh and net fabric. Add a simple beige oversized woolen top, full sleeved if possible. Add some stockings and some killer pumps and be ready to be the new fashionista in town.


Source: www.pinterest.com

You don’t need to stick to pastels all the time. If you go for plain colored skirts rather than printed ones, then jazz it up by adding a printed scarf. It will definitely add that required glamour to your outfit. Throw on some classy accessories and you are good to go!


Source: www.pinterest.com

A nice block colored blazer along with a simple print skirt and a matching red belt looks amazing doesn’t it? The top should be kept a plain white for obvious reasons of not overdoing it. We hope you love this idea as much as we do.


Source: www.pinterest.com

A fitted leather skirt goes a long way certainly. Pair it with a textured woolen top and a brilliant colored round scarf like in the picture. Make sure the scarf color really pops out. The gloves won’t be necessary in Indian weather.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Chequered tops are definitely not going out of style anytime soon, because they are so very versatile. The checks can be of just about any color, but be sure to keep the skirt and stocking a plain black. You are experimenting with your style enough with the top, so keep it simple otherwise. A black beanie would be nice as an addition if you must add something.

So, these were our top picks on how to wear a short skirt in this weather and pull it off with elan!

9 Dressing Styles Short Girls Should Avoid Completely!

Source: bloglovin.com, thehansolo.com, laceandlocks.com
People come in all shapes and sizes; some are of average height while some are taller or shorter. For girls of short height, a major concern while dressing up is of clothes overwhelming their small frame. Above all, retail shopping can seem limited for they go by sizes. A beautiful crop top on a model can very well end up looking like a normal length top. So how do you exactly pick clothes and style to flatter your height?

Dressing Styles to Avoid and their alternatives

You’ll be surprised to find how many of your favourite style icons like Shakira, Lady Gaga, Mila Kulnis are actually shorter than they appear. Take a cue and flaunt it, albeit with some clever style tips.

1. Avoid pants that bunch up at the bottom

This is a common problem considering the limited shopping options.

Source: bloglovin.com

Alternative- Alter the length. If not, wear with knee-high boots or cuff and wear with ‘pointed’ shoes.

2. Avoid wide-legged trousers

The opposite of skinny jeans, wide-legged pants draw attention and add bulk to the lower body. Best avoided, especially those with heavier bottoms.

Source: bloglovin.com

Instead- try clean, straight-cut trousers.
To rock wide-legged trousers, get the length right, wear with a well-fitted top and with heels in neutral/matching shade.
A stylish statement neckpiece will help draw attention away from the lower body.

3. Avoid big prints and patterns

Clothes with such big prints look busy, more so on petite women and can end up swallowing the height.

Source: extrapetite.com

Instead– Opt for smaller prints.
To wear bold prints nevertheless, compliment them with earthy/subdued shades. For instance, bright printed dress with a nice solid jacket will create a good balance.

4. Avoid OTT multi-color clothes

Too much color can create a distraction from the normal body proportion.

Source: helloframboise.com, glamradar.com

Instead-Stick to one or two shades if you’re going bright.
When in the mood for multi-colors, layer with a neutral shade. And use color-blocking, a stylish trend, to clever advantage.

5. Avoid too much layering

Multiple layering, if not done well, tends to break the body proportion.

Source: extrapetite.com, wendyslookbook.com

Instead– Go for simple one/two layering that creates a good balance.

6. Avoid Chunky belts

Chunky belts will eat up your petite torso, it is best avoided.

Source: gurl.com, glamradar.com

Instead– Opt for classy slim belts.
If you do want to wear broad belts, decide on a shade that matches the top/dress/skirt.

7. Avoid heavy ruffles

Ruffles add bulk. The more ruffles, more heavy the frame appears.

Source: wendyslookbook.com

Instead– Go for small, dainty ruffles.

8. Avoid tops with drooping shoulder sleeve

The shoulder sleeve of the tops/blazers should sit correctly. Anything slightly big will end up drooping at the shoulders-a very unflattering look.

Source: alterationsneeded.com

Instead– Get the top/blazer tailored. No time? Create an illusion of fitted tops/blazers by simply pushing up the sleeves.

9. Avoid broad strap shoes

Chunky ankle-strap heels or flats break the leg’s proportion, often making one appear squat.

Source: shopdailychic.com, cuteandlittle.com
Source: shopdailychic.com, cuteandlittle.com

Instead– Try thin strap shoes.
To wear broad strap shoes, opt for one in nude tones.

10. Avoid ill fitted clothes

Anything boxy, oversized or with excess fabric can be very overwhelming, doesn’t matter how skinny one is.

Source: www.extrapetite.com

Instead– Wear well fitted clothes, always the best option!
To wear oversized styles, balance out with skin-tight clothes. Camouflage ill-fitted tops by layering with a fitted cardigan/waistcoat.

10 Clever Myth-busting Style tips:
Source: bloglovin.com, thehansolo.com, laceandlocks.com
  • Skeptical of midi-lengths? Try a high-waist midi-skirt paired with fitted top and pointy heels
  • That one shouldn’t wear maxis if she’s short is passé. Just pick a maxi style that suits your body type. But yes, make sure the hem doesn’t drag
  • Cuff long sleeves or tailor them to your correct length
  • A voluminous skirt or top can actually be flattering when paired with structured/fitted clothes
  • There is no saying that you shouldn’t wear flats or platforms. Just try pointy-toed instead of square/round-toed shoes
Source: wendyslookbook.com
  • Short skirts look great, a few inches above the knee is the best length. Choose the skirt-style according to body type
  • Go half-tucked in with oversized tops
  • Wear a fitted camisole underneath a cropped top to lengthen the torso
  • For relaxed-fit dress, clinch the waist with a slim belt
  • Throw in an unbuttoned jacket or kimono to create an elongating vertical line

Priyanka Chopra Dazzles At ‘People’s Choice Awards’ For ‘Quantico’

Priyanka-Chopra-tscBollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, is currently in the US for ‘People’s Choice Awards’ where she was nominated in the Favourite Actress category for American thriller TV Series Quantico and thus became the first South Asian actress to win a PCA. And with this, her International fame graph has surely gone skyrocketing!!

The actress walked the red carpet for the awards ceremony and looked absolutely gorgeous in a Vera Wang sequinned dress. She paired her outfit with Jimmy Choo shoes and a clutch. The actress finished her look with nude makeup, brown lips and a tied up hairdo.

Priaynka shared her picture with the award on Twitter! She tweeted…

The actress stunned the entire crowd at PCA in her shimmery outfit. Way to go Priyanka!!

Ravishing Madhuri Dixit in Yellow Anarkali

Madhuri-tscThe dhak dhak girl of B-town Madhuri Dixit was recently spotted shooting for her upcoming project ‘Dance With Madhuri’. During the shoot, she wore a bright yellow Anarkali designed by her stylist Ami Patel.

Madhuri finished her look with a beautiful pair of Chaanbalis and donned her hair in soft curls. The actress looked elegant and beautiful in that ensemble. She never fails to mesmerize her fans ever. Her flawless beauty has won millions of hearts, time and again.

So, how many marks will you give to Madhuri’s dazzling attire?