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Eco Friendly Beauty Products for Women

Are you an Eco-friendly person? Are you the kind who would prefer Eco-friendly products over the rest? Then you can also try switching to Eco-friendly beauty products and get rid of the rest from your make up kit. Here are a few things you can stock up for a start.


Albabotanica moisturizers are 100% vegetarian and packed with skin-healthy veggies. You can also use juice beauty stem cellular cc cream containing certified organic fruits and vegetables . Cream alone is packed with grape seed oil as well as apple, lemon, and white grape juices.

Nail Colors

Scotch Naturals water based line of nail lacquers are non toxic and comes in a wide range of colors. Gloss naturals nail lacquers are available in Barrier reef and Wild mustard.


For a change , you could go for the tarte power plumper lip crayons which has a minty scent and available in the most feminine colors. The lip bar lipstick, containing shea butter , is a good option to naturally smooth lips.Kat Burky glossy lip treatment cream gives you the natural softness after during harsh weather.

Hair Care

If Traditional shampoos and conditioners don’t work for you, it’s high time you switched to natural products. Jason glutten free shampoo is made of floral extracts and citrus acid with essential oils. Avalon Organics Olive and Grape Seed Conditioner is also an organic product aiming at quality.

Cleansing Products

Nature’s Gate Rice Bran Cleansing Milk is free of all animal derived ingredients. Josi Maran cleansing oil coming in a pretty package has all-natural Argan oil, leave your skin soft and smooth.

Eye Make up

Physician’s formula organic wear mascara and Kajol is 100% natural, glutten free and recyclable.

There are also plenty of face masks, face washes, body lotions and hand creams now available in the market focusing on the idea of eco friendly. The transition at this level is quite fast and paced as the world is quickly accepting Eco-friendly products at all levels. Anything natural and harmless attracts us, especially beauty products.

The world seems to be considering safety over price. Eco friendly gadgets and even clothing are on the rise now. Preserving our health and the eco system is going to be the hot strategy in business and marketing for the future, as well as the key ingredient to our personal interests of choice.

Eco Friendly Clothing and Accessories

This is the era of eco-fashion and e-couture. You can find the word ‘green’ before almost every product. The trend is taking a fast pace in the fashion and accessory segment where garments/accessories are sustainable or recyclable. Sustainable fashion followed the sustainable design concept and can be seen to recur over multiple seasons in the future.

It’s hard to pick up a few brands or entrepreneurs focussing on eco-fashion and lifestyle. I just happened to tumble over the story of Synergy organic clothing. The company has been providing fashion forward apparel and focusses on using organic cotton and low impact dyes while sourcing from Nepal. They have made sure that their clothing is made with fair labour practices, promoting higher social and environmental standards.

The eco chic lifestyle online platform serves all sorts of eco-friendly and sustainable products. It’s not a rare sight to see sustainable fashion in all forms online. Keren Mekler eco-friendly jewellery, for eg, recycles bike tubes into unique and fashionable jewellery. Amorosa is yet another ethical fashion accessory brand promoting contemporary designs,handicrafts and ethical fashion.

It’s not an uncommon sight to watch garments being over powered by recyclable materials such as paper, thermoplastics, jute etc. Designers have moved their interest in the ethical fashion direction since quite some time. Now the trend seems to submerge in all directions of fashion following the sustainability concept.

Let’s hope that the eco-friendly movement keeps growing in different perspectives and effectively helps in business and in saving our environment.

Floral print trend for men

Time has been proving that there are no clear cut boundaries between feminism and masculinity, especially when it comes to fashion. But floral print for men? Isn’t it too loud, too vibrant and most importantly, contradicting the dominant, mature and bold image that men have been conventionally carrying in their appearance. The answer is no, at least for the present generation, it will be no. Well, it might be too unprofessional though- and just as I’m thinking this, my colleague walks in wearing Nike shoes, blue shaded jeans and a solid black t shirt with golden floral prints on it.

What you wear reflects who you are, and the uniqueness in what you wear is what style is all about. Floral prints, from being feminine, have turned into being stylish, sophisticated and smart. The floral trend may not take a fast pace in 2014, but it has become quite a trend to add a floral tie or a watch to the mundane look of a plain suit. Floral shirts don’t have to typically reflect a Hawaiian holiday image; Men have started to challenge the usual by carrying the whole floral print to a smart and trendy level. Fashion is all about experimentation and boldness, and men who think they can keep up the boldness with floral prints and vibrant colours are going to take the whole ‘typical feminine look’ to a new generation myth. It is still too early to decide how well men are going to take the floral printed shirts or jackets into their daily wardrobe, but this trend curve is definitely in the positive direction.

If subtle shades, masculine shoulders and straight cuts give women the unique and bold look, then the same uniqueness and boldness is reflected in a man who effectively carries off a floral printed garment or accessory. No matter how slowly the trend curve grows, it repeats, and it is going to repeat with brighter colours in the years to come.