As the harsh winter months are coming to an end, there seems to be a good amount of celebration and laughter in the air. With all the excitement and planning for spring and summer, here is a quick guide to dress up sharp and sassy for the party nights.

Dazzle like a Diva
Dazzle Like A Diva
Dazzle Like A Diva
  • Parties are reminiscent of glitter and shine. Dazzling outfits should form a part of your look during parties
  • Beautiful sequinned dresses and embellished tops will instantly set you into the party mood.
  • In case you prefer a no fuss no nonsense appearance, even then you must add some shimmer to what you wear. A glitter nail polish or temporary body art could really make a difference.
  • You could also opt for skirts in shiny satin as a way to add oomph to your appearance.
    In case you have to attend a party immediately after work, dress smart, safe and wear a metallic or glittery lipstick just before you step into the celebrations. Don’t forget a sparkling pair of party shoes!
  • Get noticed with jumpsuits

    Get noticed with jumpsuits
    Get noticed with jumpsuits

    Who could have thought that the casual and comfortable jump suit could become an ideal party dress? Pick up a stylish and chic piece that is matches the party mood in terms of fabric and cuts.
  • Beaded or sequined jumpsuits look great and are easy to carry without the need of wearing jewellery of any kind
  • Keep your hair loose or roughly tied and avoid any over the top accessories as these would tend to make you appear gawdy. The jumpsuit is already embellished enough so you don’t really need any more of that shine and shimmer

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Shorts in velvet!

Velvet party shorts
Velvet party shorts

Give a new twist to your party attire by wearing a velvet shorts. These are soft and add the perfect uniqueness to your appearance.

  • If you have well-toned legs then these shorts would be an interesting way to flaunt them. Choose one in an attractive colour or one with intricate lace trimmings that give an edge to the garment
  • Pair up these velvet shorts with a blazer or party jacket. Turtle necks, baggy tops and crop tops all look great with velvet shorts
Lovely lace
Lace with another fabric
Lace with another fabric
  • Lace is feminine and elegant. Do choose an outfit that is either entirely made in lace or is decorated with lace work
  • The combination of lace and any good fabric also looks classy
  • Think of a little black dress in lace complimented with some nice ornaments
  • Cocktail dresses with lace detailing on the shoulders and dark evening gowns paired with lace shrugs will also look amazing
Jewels of joy
Black with yellow
Black with yellow
  • The most fashionable women are those who know the trick of dressing great within their budget. Your party wear does not have to be elaborate and expensive but can still reflect an aura of sophistication and vogue
  • Dress up in monochrome shades of champagne, caramel or chocolate and then use it as a canvas to flaunt the most lavish looking piece of jewellery you have!
  • You can also wear an old black dress and enhance it with yellow or golden accessories
  • This style would completely transform your appearance, adding just the right amount of drama and intensity

Sleek Silver

Black dress with silver clutch
Black dress with silver clutch

Silver is chic. Silver is elegant. It is the one element of fashion that works with almost everything and almost on every occasion.

  • Do it right by making sure that the color of your outfit goes well with your silver jewelry or silver colored footwear and accessories. Try some flirty pink or classic black to complete the look
  • Or you could complete transform yourself into a glamourous fashionista by wearing party trousers and a formal shirt and then carrying a huge silver coloured envelope clutch
The glamour of gold
The glamour of gold
The glamour of gold
  • Make a statement during a party by pairing a knee length golden skirt with a plain and dark full sleeved top. Gold jewelry, belts, bags or shoes would be an ideal choice to pep up an almost dull and formal set of clothes
  • Also, you can try nudes with gold, a completely golden dress with plum colored beads, a snow colored blazer with a set of golden cigarette trousers or a sleek golden clutch to match a contrasting attire

In keeping with this year’s trends in party wear, it is advisable to avoid wearing too much color or print at once. Pastels and monochromes with a combination of proper surface ornamentation or jewelry are the best options. Look for interesting silhouettes and trendy textures. Opt for an affordable holiday shopping by grabbing festive discounts, clever mixing and matching of old and new and DIY experiments!

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