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Clothes absolutely reveal power .However, there has been a lot of confusion regarding power dressing. Over the last decade couture designers focused on non-working women. They did keep the idea of power in mind but failed to create anything practical to match the designs .It resulted in provocative clothing. Power clothing should never objectify women- It should symbolize comfort, functionality and character.

So let’s first understand what are the design don’ts to follow:

Women In Office Wear

  • Respect your business acumen .Don’t wear clothes that are too low cut, tight or provocative.
  • Wearing a jacket or dress that does not fit, makes the person look unimportant , out of place and totally insignificant. No matter how good a presentation, the substance of the presentation will be lost if the appearance does not command attention.
  • Do not wear crumpled outfits.The outfit should be neat, well ironed and organized.
  • Do not wear splashy prints or distracting patterns .A lot of pattern and design details may over power. Remember less is more as far as prints are concerned for office wear . The cleaner simpler the design, more powerful it is.
  • Your hair should not be messy as it looks disorganized.

Perfect Office wear

Shoes are important – open toe, sandals and sport shoes are not appropriate for business meetings. Check out shoes that do not create noise while walking- it causes disturbance. Peep toes is a good option, a two inch heal is always welcomed with most formal clothing for office wear.

Do not wear jewelry that dangle or something that makes noise and can be distracting. Restrict ornaments to simple style. Avoid chunky jewelry on office wear, unless it’s the only piece of jewelry you are wearing and the dress absolutely complements it.

Power dressing isn’t about competing with men’s clothing .So you really do not need to think about navy blazers , grey trousers or shirts with bow ties and try and fit into something that’s not you .Think beyond , think feminine yet classy combinations .Here are some tips that inspire dressing for success.

The Do’s
  • Remember to always dress for your audience .You should always understand the mood,ambiance and the occasion before choosing your attire .Your clothing should not be a reason of conflict to create an opinion.
  • Understand what goes well for your structure. Refrain to wear something that you aspirational clothes knowing that it’s not ideal for your body type. You do not want people to judge you as a confused wannabe. Eg: if you fit in “L” size comfortably, don’t squeeze yourself into a ‘M’.
  • Simplicity and solid colors are always the best choice. Choose the fabrics intelligently and select colors that will looks best on your skin.
  • High collar, shorter fitted jackets, frame the face well and create a powerful look .So think of keeping one for special events.
  • Make sure the hair is styled well as in business, people focus on the face.High ponytails, gelled or a neat hair bun will always go with official attire.
  • Keep nails well-trimmed, manicured and colored in a subtle color.
  • Invest in simple exquisite jewelry as good jewelry denotes success.
  • If you want to experiment with new look keep a pair of specs handy. Keep the frame trendy yet a common base for all your outfits. A pair of specs acts as a insta make over and gives you the professional look.

Office outfit for woman
So go ahead, and declare your arrival ..Display the right amount of confidence and flair through that perfect attire.

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