Raw Pressery is a new health juice brand that has specialised in cold-pressed vegetable and fruit drinks. These drinks eschew preservatives, chemicals and sugar. Raw Pressery was started by Mumbai-based AnujRakyan who isa fitness crusader behind Raw Pressery. He started to get the juicing habit that he developed when he was working and stayingin New York from 2000 to 2002. We are all aware of the American juicing bug. It essentially involves drinking instead of eating each person’s daily requirement of vegetables and fruits. Although Mumbai has not reached this stage yet, Rakyan feels that health juices will be just as popular here if they are more convenient to prepare or made much more accessible. To ensure that Rakyan consulted with popular nutritionists who measured out the requisite quantities of vegetables and fruits to finalize the recipes for each of the Raw Pressery’s six juices. The ingredientsconsist of kale, beetroot, spinach, carrot, and apple. All these ingredients are transported from farms across Maharashtra to Thane at Raykan’s factory. In the factory they are cold pressed. This is an old process that is used to make cooking oil. Cold pressing a method of grinding and pressing vegetables, fruits, and seeds. This is done without introducing heat and air which can definitely not be avoided while using the mixer at home. This helps to preserve the natural aroma and also the health-giving living enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. They also do not sacrifice the taste of the raw pressed juices just for the sake of nutrition. Unfortunatelythis is bound to happen with the super concentrated green juices that we have occasionally tried to make at home. Raw Pressery’s Trim is a tastymixture of super greens like spinach, kale, doodhi, amla, cucumber, and celery.

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