Rules For Wearing Leggings In Different Styles

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Are you bugged up wearing your leggings in just one style? Pairing it with Kurtas and that’s it, having no other style to follow! Leggings are one of the biggest fashion trends now days, the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear in summers and winters too. It is versatile apparel which can be worn in many different ways, So here are some tips to follow to stun the people out there with your leggings looks.

Wear Leggings With The Correct Top

Leggings with correct top
Most of times we tend to pair leggings up with kurta or a short top, in former case it give you a usual feeling whereas in latter case it’s a big no. Whenever you pair a top with legging make sure your covers your rear, as legging is well fitted attire, it shows woman as an anatomy it not concealed appropriately.

You can easily pair up your leggings with –

  • Long tops which are often times referred to us Tunics
  • Long knitted Sweater or a Cardigan
  • Dolman sleeve tops
  • Short cute dresses which should particularly be knee length
  • Sweater dresses
  • Loose fitted Chambray top
  • Shirt Dress
  • Longer asymmetrical pieces
  • Flowy tops
  • Jumper suits

Lots of layers on top is a fashion trend now days, for instance leather leggings aren’t going a great option this season and so you can try it out with a layer of tops such as patterned sweater with monochrome button top and a over sized jacket over it.

Pair Legging With a Cute Short Skirt

Leggings with short skirts
Leggings can look great with a short skirt for any evening event. Try pairing up your favorite leggings with a short skirt and a top. But following are the big no while trying it out:

  • If your pairing a patterned skirt, then go for a plain leggings and vice versa.
  • Try using distinct colors for a skirt and a legging, so they don’t blend with each other.
  • If you are thinking to wear a loose skirt than pair it up with tight shirt and an ankle length legging so that you don’t have too much material shown off.
Pair leggings With Shorts Or Hot Pants

Leggings with shorts
This is one of the cutest and casual look you can try. Pair up your leggings with cotton shorts or denim hot pants to look different from usual. You can also put on a long jacket or a tunic.

Not To Go Wrong With Footwear While Wearing Legging

leggings with different footwear
Wearing high heels can be an option if you are going for a party. You can try out leggings with much different footwear such as:

  • Knee High Boots
  • Sandals
  • Ballets which are flat
  • Moccasins
  • Low Cut Boots
Go For Different Length Of Leggings

Different types of leggings
Now a day leggings come almost in all length, from churidar leggings, to straight fit ankle length and Capri. Ankle length is much in trend this season, but other two can also be worn with a perfect match up top. Keep in mind one thing that Capri looks gorgeous.

Moreover you can try out different styles of leggings such as:

  • Printed
  • Cut Out
  • Accent
  • Denim (jeggings)
  • Subtle Patterned Leggings
  • Animal print

Always pair your legging with the right top. All this kinds of leggings looks good, if paired right.

You can be safe by wearing a black or any solid color legging. Try out animal print if you’re adventurous. Give your denims a break and try pairing your tops with leggings. An ankle length legging will make your look way different than you can imagine. You can “arrive” at a party with glittery finish leggings.

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