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Say Hello To Good Hair Days: Hair Serums

Say Hello To Good Hair Days: Hair Serums

In today’s hectic world, we are always rushing from one place to another. Our hair is exposed to pollution, bad weather, sun and poor eating habits. Many a times we look into the mirror and wonder what can we do to maintain a good hairstyle throughout the day.

That is the point where Hair serums come into the picture. Hair serums are a sweet and simple solution to Good Hair days.


What Is A Hair Serum?

A hair serum is a silicone-based product that provides a smooth and lustrous texture to your hair. Unlike oil that seeps into the scalp, Hair serum works more on a superficial level. It just gives a shine to your hair, protecting it like a plastic wrap. It helps keeping the scalp dry protecting it from bacteria, dandruff and so on.

Hair serums

How To Apply A Hair Serum?
  1. Wash your hair like you do regularly
  2. Let them dry. Never apply serum on dripping hair. Damp or dry hair is the best option
  3. Take some serum on your palm and apply it on your hair using your fingers. Steer clear of your scalp. Never apply serum on your scalp as it can cause dryness. Apply it on the end of your hair and other parts
  4. Let it dry for sometime and then comb through your untangled smooth hair
How Does A Hair Serum Works?

Hair Serum Has A Lot Of Advantages

  1. Blocking Sunrays: Hair serum creates a protective shield around our hair, thus saving it from harmful sunrays. Less exposure to sunlight automatically leads to healthy and shiny hair
  2. Shine: Hair serum contains certain nutrients that make our hair shine. Hair serum is generally recommended to people who people who have dry and frizzy hair. This gives them a smooth texture
  3. Nourishment For Damaged Hair: Hair serum works really well on hair that has been exposed to chemical treatments or styling damages. It not only covers up for the damage but also nourishes our hair
  4. No Sticky Feeling: Contrary to the effects of oiling, serum can act as a good conditioner. While oil tends to give a greasy look to your hair, a serum effortlessly solves that problem
  5. Styling: Many people apply serum before styling hair. As serum is known to protect hair from getting over heated. Many stylists commonly use serum for this very purpose. Moreover, it keeps the hairstyle intact

Things To Keep In Mind


  1. Overusing anything is never good. Over dose of serum can lead to some sever scalp dryness and damage.
  2. If you want to apply serum on a daily basis, make sure you use a small quantity everyday
  3. Make sure that your hair serum is on the same lines as your shampoo and conditioner. If the hair serum is not working out for you, invest in some other brand
  4. No matter how expensive they are, a good quality branded hair serum cannot be compromised for a cheap one. Bad serums can lead to sever hair damage. Sometimes, the damage is permanent
  5. If your hair serum makes your hair brittle or very dry, you should see a doctor. There might be other reasons causing the dryness
  6. Make sure that you use mild shampoos and conditioners. At the end of the day, all of it is a chemical. Too much of chemicals can cause permanent hair damage
  7. While the serum may give you the effective shine and luster, you still need to maintain a proper diet in order to have naturally strong and shiny hair
  8. While you can use your fingertips to spread the serum, it is advisable to use a paddle brush

Well that pretty much sums up all the information that you need to know. We hope you feel more confident about using a serum now. Do make sure that you read about the contents of your serum and make a wise decision. Shine on.

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