Tired and bored of your long hair look, so why not go for a short hair style this season?

Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. Apart from scoring high on versatility and manageability, short hair can actually spice up your look if you choose just the right style that suits your facial shape and hair texture. Many renowned celebrities are opting for short hair these days, as it is one of the most popular looks of the year.

A short or a cropped hair style is adopted by many working females also who are not being able to give much time to manage a long mane, are daring enough to experiment and want something short and manageable yet stylish and sexy.

Styles that best suit your face

Since short hair styles mostly enhances your facial features it becomes necessary for you to go for a cut that flatters your face and does not cover or hides your best features.

bob cut look
If your face tends to be in square shape, then ask your stylist to cut out that long locks for a bob look that ends at your chin. Make sure that bob cut is shorter at back and angles are longer towards the front.

pixie hair style
A person having a round face can go for sexy pixie short hair styles. It is one of the most popular hair styles among celebrities. It is a short haircut that end 2 inches above the jaw line giving you boyish yet a feminine look that looks extremely charming and sensuous.

blunt cut
For a long face cut i.e. having a high forehead, you may just experiment with a long bob look. It should be shorter in back and cover up your forehead with a blunt cut in front. It gives you a fringe look by slightly covering your forehead.

Once you have determined your hair cut according to your face, the next step is to have a detailed discussion with your hair stylist. Let him or her know the options you have short-listed and ask them to come up with more suggestion as they know the best in this field.

Another important thing is to know that which cut needs less maintenance and which one needs more of your time and patience. Though we know managing short hair is quite easy and less time consuming but it is still important to style up your short hair every day to avoid a ruffled and a messy look.

Different Short Hair Styles Popular This Season

Go For BOB Look
bob cut
Bob look is one of the popular looks for this season and can never go out of style, but if you are daring enough to go for an extremely short hairstyle then you can experiment with a bob cut otherwise just avoid.

Talking about hair texture, bob hair cut looks best on thin to medium hair. If you have curly hair then don’t forget to add layers at back to your bob hair cut to look perky and elegant. The biggest mistake woman do after a bob hair cut is adding volume at the crown, avoid it as it tends to look old fashioned.

Try For Short Edgy Cut
edgy cut
It takes real guts to go for short edgy cut, as it really depends on your personality type and how you carry the entire look. It’s a very trendy and funky cut and so one needs to be careful, you might end up getting a real bad haircut. This style can be done in any kind of hair texture.

If you have thin and fine hair you need styling products to manage this kind of hair cut and if you posses curly hair then this cut can puff up if not styled properly.

Choose A pixie Hair Cut
pixie style
One of hot favorites is the pixie hair cut is traditionally short all over, but the modern pixie is choppy and have longer bangs, for trying different styling options. Hair texture needs to be thick and wavy for a pixie hair cut.

The bottom line is that short hair styles look glamorous, perky and sophisticated. Just find a right hair style cut according to your face and the right person or a stylist to give you the required look.

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