Bridal Mehendi Feet

Significance of Mehendi in Indian Wedding

Mehendi has great significance in Indian culture; it is an auspicious tradition and is prevalent across all Inidan regions.

Some of the popular beliefs are:

  • It is believed to be a symbol of fertility
  • There is an age old saying that the darker the mehendi the deeper is the love between the groom and the bride
  • It’s a belief that the longer the mehendi stays, more auspicious it is for the couple

These days the custom of “sangeet” and mehendi has spread in South India too. It is celebrated as a pre wedding ritual. Thanks to Bollywood and the small screen soaps the hype of Mehendi is huge and so are the celebrations around it.

It’s a great cooling agent and therefore distress the bride and the groom from the stress caused by hustle and bustle of the wedding. It also protects the bride and groom from any viral diseases because of its medicinal properties.

These days it’s a much more than medicinal value. Today mehendi is jewelled up too! It comes in different colours to match the outfit of the bride, you can also embed stones , crystals and beads to deck up the palm.

Best Bridal Mehendi Designs For Feet

Wedding day is a big day for every woman. Sarees, jewellery, accessories, footwear and what not. And what better way to describe an Indian bride than the beautiful, fragrant mehendi on her hands and feet. If you thought mehendi was just for your hands, read on to find out how it can sparkle your feet too. Here are some of the most beautiful, unique and intricate designs to make your d-day more special and a memory of a lifetime.

Upto The Knee
For all those of you who thought mehendi is just about decorating your hands, here is a beautiful design for your feet too. Check out the most exclusive motifs that adorn this design. Don’t miss seeing the checked design on the sides. A unique aspect of the design is about it being well spaced that gives good visibility of your feet as well. Toes being completely covered with mehendi, adds to the beauty.

Elegant Bridal Feet Henna
Mehendi as we all know is all about beautiful and intricate designs. Here is one such piece. Beauty clubbed with style. A sweet peacock crowns the top of the design. The motifs are a mix of checks, art and a specially crafted square shape design in the form of dots, within the checks. The fact that the nails are left plain, gives you an opportunity to either paint them or to try some nail art.

Beautiful Bridal Mehendi For Feet
This is an absolutely classic and stunning design to enhance the beauty of your feet on your special day. An elegant mix of beauty, art and motifs. A tinge of golden nail paint as in the picture, adds to the design’s glory. The design patterned in a step by step sequence gives clarity and increases character.

Intricate Excellence
Intricate Mehendi
If you are innovative and creative, there are tons of mehendi designs that can be made. Check out this finely done up design on the feet coupled to complement the design on the hands. It is very interesting to spot the groom and bride’s faces merged in the design. The design allocates enough space for a number of motifs like peacocks, checks, diamonds, flowers and many more. Get your man to spot himself in your hands!!!

Matching Matching
This design is an example of how you can have a pattern to follow and match the designs in your feet and hands. This design has both the combination of intricate as well as spaced feel to it.

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